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And by raking in the cash, we mean not, obvs.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Vick has a monthly income of $277.69 - not including his paltry prison paycheck - while monthly bills to maintain just one of his Virginia homes total approximately $12,225.

Basically, a math major would say Michael Vick is operating in the red at this point.

Too bad Bad Newz Kennelz had to fold, bet that cash could come in handy now.

OUCH: Michael Vick gets a look at his monthly budget on Excel.

Vick filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last month - and it doesn't look like the extra 12 cents an hour he's making in the slammer is helping.

In case you missed it, the former Virginia Tech and NFL star is serving a 23-month sentence for his role in operating a dogfighting ring.

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Incarcerated NFL star Michael Vick is playing some football again, albeit with slightly lower stakes and with guys who are a bit less talented.

Falcons owner Arthur Blank has been communicating by letter with Vick, who is being held at the United States Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas.

Michael Vick Image

Blank told the New York Daily News that the disgraced football star wrote that he is washing pots and pans for 12 cents an hour. Michael Vick was sentenced to 23 months in prison after a guilty plea to federal dogfighting charges.

In a scene straight out of The Longest Yard, Michael Vick is playing football at Leavenworth. That's one way to pass the time and keep his arm loose.

He's probably the first player picked when the inmates are choosing up sides or the guards are choosing up sides for them, don't you think?

Michael Vick is staying in shape as QB of his prison's football teams.

"He's staying in shape," Blank told the Daily News. "Apparently, there's a prison football team and he plays quarterback for both sides." It's only fair.

Hopefully O.J. Simpson suits up for this team soon.

Anyways, Blank says Vick wrote him first and they've opened a dialogue by mail. He says that Kevin Winston, the Falcons' director of player development, has visited Vick several times in prison. Blank says he has no plans to.

Vick's life has taken quite a nosedive from his days as a star QB in the pros. He can be comforted by Judge David Doty's ruling in Minneapolis in February that he can keep a pretty nice $16.25 million of his $20 million bonus, at least.

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So many celebrity mug shots, so little time. Some of 2007's sensational arrests of Hollywood stars were so memorable, it feels as though they happened yesterday.

Well, with the exception of Michelle Rodriguez, none of the celebrity mug shots in our growing gallery were actually taken yesterday. But let's take a look back at some of the best booking photos from 2007. You'll see some themes developing ...

Ho Train Edition

What it year it was for the club circuit. Paris Hilton. Lindsay Lohan. Nicole Richie. Three of Hollywood's biggest celebrities (and wastes of space), all arrested in a 12-month span. Britney Spears is all that's missing from this Ho Train police lineup, after somehow managing not to get busted in '07. Opening odds for '08 - 9:8.

  • Paris Hilton Mug Shot
  • Nicole Richie Mug Shot: Reloaded!
  • Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot

Reality TV Edition

Former American Idol reject Jessica Sierra not only got arrested this year, but she is apparently pregnant, and starring in a sex tape. That's one way to get back in the celebrity gossip magazines! Meanwhile, former Laguna Beach stars Jason Wahler (assault, assault) and Jessica Smith (DUI) both had their share of legal woes...

  • Jessica Sierra Mugshot
  • Jessica Smith Mug Shot

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Michael Vick was sentenced to nearly two years in prison yesterday, but two of his former Atlanta Falcons teammates let him know he is not forgotten.

Before Monday night's 34-14 loss to New Orleans, DeAngelo Hall took the field holding a poster of Vick and played with "MV7" written under both eyes.

Michael Vick, Eagles

Late in the first quarter, wide receiver Roddy White pulled up his jersey after hauling in a 33-yard touchdown pass from backup quarterback Chris Redman, revealing a black shirt with the words "Free Mike Vick" in white letters.

"That was homemade. I did that myself," White said.

"It ain't too much to say, you know. The team misses him and we really need him this season. There ain't too much more to say about it."

Federal laws be damned! The Falcons are 3-11 this year! Get Michael Vick back on the field so Atlanta can win more football games, Roddy White urged Monday.

White, Hall and the rest of the Falcons players said they wanted to show they were thinking of Michael Vick as more than a football player.

"We did that for the simple fact we wanted to let [Mike] know we're still thinking about him," Hall said. "That was my personal thing for doing it."

Vick was sentenced to 23 months in federal prison Monday following a guilty plea to myriad dogfighting changes. He will miss at least two full seasons while serving his jail time and is unlikely to play again for the Falcons.

Hall said he wanted to send "a tribute to Mike" but wanted to avoid any thought that the Michael Vick sentencing affected the team's play.

"We're still blaming him for losses we're getting as a team and he's not even here to play," Hall said. "It's a catch-22 he can't win."

Indeed, DeAngelo. Indeed. That $130 million contract Michael Vick received a few years ago makes it impossible for him to ever win. So true, so sad.

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Michael Vick, one of the highest paid and highest profile players in the National Football League, was officially sentenced to 23 months in jail Monday.

The star Atlanta Falcons quarterback was given the prison sentence for his role in a dogfighting ring operating on his property in rural Virginia. The sentence was longer than the 12-to-18-month sentence recommended by the government.

Vick turned himself in three weeks ago, pending sentencing, to begin his term early. U.S. District Court Judge Henry E. Hudson was not bound by prosecutors' recommendations and could have sentenced Vick to five years in prison.

Michael Vick has to be wondering where it all went wrong.

Two of Michael Vick's co-defendants, Quanis Phillips and Purnell Pace, were sentenced earlier this month to terms of 21 and 18 months, respectively.

Vick is also facing similar dogfighting charges in the state of Virginia. The maximum penalty for those charges is up to five additional years in prison. The NFL star also violated the league's substance abuse policy â€" and the terms of his guilty plea in federal court â€" by testing positive for marijuana in September.

Outside the courthouse Monday, long before the sentencing began at 10 a.m., groups of animal-rights activists gathered to protest Vick's involvement in raising â€" and sometimes killing â€" pit bulls as part of Bad Newz Kennelz.

Michael Vick, the #1 overall pick in the 2001 NFL draft, has admitted to killing 6-8 dogs that did not perform well during testing sessions, as well as financing the operation as a whole and bankrolling / gambling on the dogfighting.

Continue reading the New York Times report on Vick's sentencing ...

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Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at The Hollywood Gossip. What would this traditional holiday be without family, friends, food, football and reflection upon some of the things we most appreciate in our lives.

For this celebrity news site, that means expressing thanks to some of the biggest turkeys we've come to know this past year. Below is a look at our staff's Top 10 (take a wild guess who was voted our Biggest Turkey of the Year) ...

Conservator and Daughter

10. Riley Giles. Not only does he give Lindsay Lohan a good stuffing, this clown is a meathead to the max. See mug shots. Yeah. Prime turkey material.

9. John Mayer. Makes the list in spite (or perhaps because) of the fact that he dates Minka Kelly. Guy's dome is also roughly the size of Plymouth Rock.

8. Michael Vick. Oh, wait, he's a dog.

7. Jan Adams. Worst. Doctor. Ever.

6. Brad Womack. Worst. Bachelor. Ever.

5. Dancing with the Stars judges. These losers really dropped the ball this season with some dubious decisions. Sabrina Bryan was robbed worse than Native Americans by the New World's European settlers. Close, anyway.

4. Spencer Pratt. The Hills villain sure can gobble up publicity.

3. Heather Mills. Imagine the kind of Thanksgiving feast you could throw after gold-digging your way to more than $50M of your ex-husband's fortune!

2. Blake Fielder-Civil. Raging alcoholism. Massive quantities of hard ass drugs. The surprise wedding. The bloody melee. A barroom brawl. Some witness tampering. This holiday, Amy Winehouse's husband should be thankful he's alive.

Fnally, The Hollywood Gossip's Biggest Turkey of the Year award goes to ...

1. Britney Spears. Talk about a foregone conclusion. Like the New England Patriots of the NFL, it was Britney Spears in her own league and everyone else playing for second. We raise a turkey leg (and some pork rinds) to you, Brit.

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The "deteriorating financial condition" of Michael Vick has prosecutors out to secure nearly $1 million now in funds set aside specifically for care of the pit bulls seized from his dogfighting operation, ESPN reports.

The federal government asked Judge Henry Hudson to issue a restraining order that essentially would freeze $928,000 to fulfill Vick's legal obligation to cover costs of caring for the dogs and finding homes for them.

Michael Vick is looking at a prison term of up to five years when he is sentenced December 10 on a federal dogfighting conspiracy conviction. He voluntarily turned himself in and began serving his prison term as of early Monday.

As part of his plea, Vick agreed to restitution for the care and placement of the 54 pit bulls confiscated from his "Bad Newz Kennelz" property. A number of issues threaten Vick's ability to make good on the agreement:

  • A lawsuit by Wachovia Bank claiming Vick and others defaulted on a $1.3 million loan for a wine store.
  • Royal Bank of Canada's lawsuit seeking payment for default on a $2.5 million credit line.
  • A lawsuit by 1st Source Bank of South Bend, Ind., seeking at least $2 million for loans involving a rental car business.

Michael Vick's troubles began when a drug investigation of his cousin in April turned up dogs and equipment used in dogfighting.

This summer, Vick and three other co-defendants pleaded guilty to dogfighting and conspiracy charges. Vick, suspended indefinitely by the NFL, admitted to helping kill 6-8 pit bulls and supplying money for gambling on dogfights.

The four men also face state felony charges. Vick has been charged with two state felony counts, punishable by prison - beating, killing or causing dogs to fight other dogs and engaging in or promoting dogfighting.

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Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick formally surrendered to U.S. marshals Monday, three weeks before his sentencing on a dogfighting charge.

Vick was scheduled to be sentenced December 10 on a dogfighting conspiracy charge, but turned himself in because he is anticipating the inevitable prison term, according to a court document and a U.S. marshall.

Officials are holding Michael Vick at least for now at Northern Neck Regional Jail in Warsaw, a U.S. marshall told The Associated Press.

The order filed in U.S. District Court said:

"Michael Vick has indicated his desire to voluntarily enter custody prior to his sentencing hearing. It appearing appropriate to do so, the U.S. Marshal is ordered to take custody of the Defendant immediately upon his surrender."

The order added that Michael Vick has been taken into custody "based solely on his desire to begin his period of incarceration prior to his sentencing hearing and not because of violation of any condition of his bond."

We can only hope O.J. Simpson follows suit.

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If O.J. Simpson can rake in $1.2 million over three years while being on the hook for a $33.5 million wrongful death settlement, there's no reason prison-bound Michael Vick can't buy himself a condo in South Beach.

Michael Vick may have had to sell off his multimillion-dollar mansion in Georgia, but the disgraced, dogfighting NFL star bought a pricey pad in the luxurious Icon South Beach high-rise, according to the New York Post.

A Miami neighbor tells the Post: "[Michael Vick] has bought [an] apartment. Since his indictment he hasn't visited, but his brother, Marcus Vick, who was released by the Miami Dolphins and has charges of statutory rape pending, has no problem partying it up with the ladies in his brother's pad."

What a disgrace: Michael Vick is staring at between 18 months and five years in federal prison after pleading guilty to bankrolling a Virginia dogfighting ring.

Young Marcus Vick, meanwhile, is being sued by a young woman who claims she had a two-year sexual relationship with him starting when she was 15.

Man, that makes Hayden Panettiere sound over the hill!

As long as they're not behind bars, Michael Vick and his brother have plenty of other sports stars to party with in the condo complex. Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade lives at the Icon, and Shaquille O'Neal visits a friend there "a lot."

Plus, Tara Reid's ex, Wayne Boiche, just bought a pad for $7.5 million. No idea who Wayne Boiche is, but he's lucky he's not with Reid. She sucks!

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Apparently going to a school in middle-of-nowhere West Texas means students have a bit too much time on their hands. And no class... although would do you expect from a place that actually hires Bob Knight as its basketball coach?

In an effort to poke fun at the Michael Vick dogfighting scandal and rile up rival Texas A&M, students at Texas Tech University created a t-shirt depicting a football player hanging a dog - with the slogan "Vick 'Em!"

Texas Tech and Texas A&M play this weekend. Fortunately, Michael Vick will be at home in Virginia wearing an ankle monitor and unable to attend the game.

The "Vick 'Em" slogan is in reference to the Texas A&M slogan "Gig 'em" and the dog being hung in the photo is A&M's mascot. The player doing the hanging is wearing a number seven jersey - the number of Michael Vick.

Sources say the shirts were actually created by the Theta Chi fraternity at Texas Tech in an effort to raise money for the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund. The fraternity was suspended, nevertheless, as a result of the shirts.

We can appreciate the pop cultural reference here, much like when Lauren Conrad made a reference to her friend flashing her "Britney" on The Hills.

Not sure how we feel about this attempt at humor, however. A more wholesome look at football in West Texas can be found in Friday Night Lights on NBC.

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