Former Seinfeld star appears to be very racist.

If the recent Michael Richards saga has taught us anything... it's that Mel Gibson is probably the happiest person on earth right now.

Well, that's not true. Even Mel would probably be appalled at Richards' racist tirade from the other night at the Laugh Factory comedy club. But perhaps a small part of Gibson was pulling for something like this... just so he could shed the label of Biggest Bigot in Hollywood.

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Any fan of Seinfeld is dismayed over the news that Michael Richards is a raving racist. Kramer's pratfalls and goofy expressions might never seem as funny as they once were.

So you can imagine how former co-star and sitcom namesake himself, Jerry Seinfeld, feels about the hate-filled diatribe. Actually, you don't have to imagine. Here's his statement:

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Former Seinfeld star appears to be very racist. More »
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