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The photo below is pure inspiration. Dressed head-to-toe in black, the greatest Olympic champion in history poses with his treasure trove of gold medals.


Michael Phelps Photo

Is this actually a picture of swimming god Michael Phelps, or merely a wax replication of the unbeatable athlete known as the Baltimore Bullet?

You decide in another edition of Real or Wax ...


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And if the Olympics taught us anything, it's that what Michael Phelps wants, Michael Phelps takes. No please or thank yous will be exchanged.

This amazing caught-in-the-act picture by Radar Magazine shows Michael Phelps in hot pursuit of another world record (piece of booty) at the Playboy Club at Las Vegas' famed Palms Casino recently. Looks like the desired result was attained.

Michael Phelps Photo

The eight-time gold medalist was "massively skeeving on girls" and accompanied by "an entourage of striped-shirted schmucks," one of whom had the responsibility of turning a flashlight on anyone attempting to photograph the swimmer.

That such a photo was obtained despite the efforts of his posse illustrates Radar's dedication to in-depth reporting. Well done, Radar. See below ...

Michael Phelps definitely deserves a gold medal ... in ass-grabbing.

Guess after being falsely linked with everyone from Stephanie Rice to Carrie Underwood and Nicole Johnson, Phelps decided he'd actually seek out some tail. Hard to blame him, but come on, Mike. Don't be a d-bag. Be a little discreet.

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Michael Phelps is not dating Stephanie Rice.

And rumors linking him to American Idol champion Carrie Underwood appear to be fleeting.

Michael Phelps Photo

The latest possibility for Phelps' girlfriend, thereforei, is Nicole Johnson, a former Miss California USA runner up. While she told People Magazine, that she and the Olympic icon are just friends, Phelps said:

"I never said I have a girlfriend, and I never said I don't have a girlfriend. My public and private life are separate. I keep my private life to myself."

Mickey Mouse is one of the only celebrities not to have been linked romantically to Michael Phelps.

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It seems evident at this point that Stephanie Rice is not dating Michael Phelps.

But Carrie Underwood might be!!!

Reportedly, the American Idol champion has referred to the Olympic icon as "cute" and the pair is planning a “quiet first date” near Carrie’s home in Nashville, Tennessee.

According to sources, the swimmer texted the singer, remarking on plans for said first date: “I’m not so sure you’d want to see me eat! It might not make a great first impression.”

A friend of Underwood's isn't a fan of this possible couple The National Enquirer:

“Carrie needs someone who is going to stick by her. She was devastated when her relationship with Tony Romo broke. The last thing she needs is a relationship with another high-profile celebrity who’s going to end up loving and leaving her.”

Way to steretype all athletes, random anonymous source person!

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Stephanie Rice may be holding up a pair of commemorative underwear below - received upon her return to Sydney, Australia after her impressive performance at the Beijing Olympics - but she denies having ever seen Michael Phelps in his skivvies.

When asked about the rumored romance and tongue tying session she and Phelps shared together at the Games, Rice replied:

Michael Phelps at the ESPYs

“No, it was just really great to meet him... and people that you usually see on TV, like [Rafael] Nadal and [Roger] Federer. To me Michael Phelps is a huge inspiration and someone I really look up to."

Well, sure. It's easy to look up to the guy when you're on your knees.

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Michael Phelps may not be dating Amanda Beard.

But a different gold medal swimmer is making waves in the media for getting cozy with the iconic Olympian this week.

Michael Phelps at the ESPYs

Her name is Stephanie Rice, she's Australian and she holds the world record in the 200-meter and 400-meter individual medley for women.

As Aussie news outlets are reporting, the two world class athletes are seen here at the recent Speedo Athlete Media Day. They look mighty happy together, don't they?!?

When asked if he were dating anyone, Phelps replied:

"Part of my life is kept to myself. I'm able to relax and be with my friends. Those pretty much are the only people who really know the answer to that."

Not if we can help it, Michael.

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It takes a lot to impress Lindsay Lohan.

Okay, we're lying. For awhile there, a guy just needed to be able to tie one of his shoelaces correctly before ending up in bed with the mediocre actress.

Lindsay Lohan at Fashion Week

Lohan has calmed down a bit over the last few months, though, as her relationship with Samantha Ronson actually seems to have mellowed Lindsay out. These two seem like a regular, happy couple.

Still, when asked what she thought of Olympic icon Michael Phelps, Lindsay told Access Hollywood via text message: “Tell him he’s f*cking amazing, and I want to meet him.”

Look out, Samantha! Between the breast stroke and the butterfly, Phelps could teach your girlfriend things in bed even she doesn't know.

Samantha Ronson won't be smiling after she hears what Lindsay Lohan thinks of Michael Phelps.

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Michael Phelps is not seeing Amanda Beard nude.

At least not more than anyone who hasn't bought that swimmer's Playboy issue.

With rumors swirling about these Olympians' activities out of the pool, Beard joked around with 93.7 KRQ Tucson's Johnjay and Rich in the Morning yesterday. Asked to classify her relationship with Phelps, Beard said:

"I am not dating Michael Phelps," adding, "Come on, I have really good taste."

Now, though, Beard is catching flak for her flippancy. She's been forced to clarify her remarks to a sensitive public:

"Everyone who knows me knows I can be a jokester, but I guess I took it too far," the four-time Olympian said. "I never meant to say anything rude about Michael. I am 100-percent sorry for what I said. I take full responsibility for it."

With that out of the way, let us know who you'd sleep with first: Michael Phelps or Mark Spitz?

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Earlier today, we published reports that Michael Phelps might be dating fellow Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard. Or British model Lily Donaldson.

Heck, he could be dating both of these beauties and he'd still need to add six girlfriends in order to match his gold medal haul from Beijing last week.

Truly amazing stuff. The only man even close to equaling Phelps' accomplishments in the water is Mark Spitz, who took home seven golds in 1972. Still, it's unlikely Spitz could defeat his Olympic counterpart in a head-to-head race.

But can he defeat him in a match-up of who could bed the most babes?

Take a look at each of these swimmers shirtless and let us know who you'd rather, well, you know ...

  • Michael Phelps Photo
  • Mark Spitz Golf Photo


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As Michael Phelps was breaking seven world records and earning eight gold medals at last week's Beijing Olympics, The Hollywood Gossip staff avoided covering his feats for two reasons:

  1. They defied comprehension to such an extent that they left us speechless... which is saying a lot for a group of writers that can fill paragraphs picking apart the latest Brooke Hogan fashion disaster or critiquing the so-called "music" of Heidi Montag;
  2. As impressive as it is, swimming faster than any human being that has ever lived does not exactly fall under the category of "celebrity gossip."

Now, though, as rumors about which beauty Phelps is dating become a hot topic, we're ready to dive into the dating pool with the star athlete!

Michael Phelps at the ESPYs

Reports out of Great Britan have narrowed down the possible lucky ladies to a pair: U.S. swimmer Amanda Beard or British fashion model Lily Donaldson.

Beard, of course, is known for being a former Olympic swimmer herself (as well as posing nude for PETA and Playboy), while Donaldson has replaced Kate Moss as one of the faces of Burberry.

Reportedlty, either Amanda Beard or Lily Donaldson is having her breasts stroked by Michael Phelps.

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