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Porn star Alex Torres, a.k.a. Voodoo, claims to have had a wild night of sex with Lindsay Lohan while her father, Michael Lohan, was asleep in the same house.

Surprising? Not really.

Torres talked with The Jim Richards Show on Newstalk 1010 in Toronto on Friday when he divulged his A-list romp after being told MiLo would be on the show.

"Ask [Michael Lohan] if he knows about that night I had with his daughter while he was sleeping upstairs," Voodoo told Richards. "I'm not joking!"

Lindsay Lohan Rack

He also made it sound like she paid him: "Many of these Hollywood celebrities pay me a high price dollar to come and satisfy them. I'm not joking!"

To clarify, host Jim Richards says, "So you're saying you've had relations with Lindsay Lohan?"

"I'm saying that," Voodoo confirms.

Photographer Terry Richardson also had an intimate encounter with the Mean Girls star, according to Radar, and she heavily pursued him afterward.

He's "just not interested," however, which is sad for her and all ... but it appears Lohan is fully back on her original team, if you will. Nice.

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What do a former Real-Housewife-turned-stripper, an ex-Charlie Sheen play thing and someone who had sex with Hugh Hefner have in common?

They can all be found at Dial-A-Star!

Yes, this new service gives regular folks the chance to speak with Z-listers such as Danielle Staub, Capri Anderson and Crystal Harris on the phone, for as low as $10/minute!

  • Danielle
  • Crystal Image
  • Diva Dina
  • A Mike Lohan Pic
  • Dirty Little Hamster
  • Tila T.

According to founder Gina Rodriguez, the celebrities are in charge of their rate and no one is doing better than Staub, who has reportedly raked in $1,000 in an hour.

"I think recording artists will do really well," Rodriguez tells The Huffington Post. "Imagine if Lady Gaga did it."

So, how much are these nobodies bringing in? Tila Tequila asks for $20/minute; Dina Lohan $18/minute; OctoMom $12/minute and Michael Lohan $10/minute. AND PEOPLE ARE PAYING IT!!!

Which, of course, forces us to ask: which of these "stars" would you most want to chat with on the phone?


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Michael Lohan has been ordered to get a job ... and he's willing to do almost anything.

Lindsay Lohan's dad initially applied to Burger King (seriously) but has decided to pass on the gig ... because instead, he's accepted a job at a radio station.

Why, you ask? The treatment center where Lohan is seeking court-ordered counseling told MiLo to get a job to help transition back into functioning society.

He was ordered to complete treatment as part of his plea deal in his domestic violence case. He was arrested late last year for assaulting Kate Major.

A Mike Lohan Pic

At the WiLD 95.5 radio station in Palm Beach, Fla., he will primarily take on the grunt work ... but come on, he's gotta make it onto the air at some point.

It's Michael Lohan, after all. Guaranteed to get some phone calls, good or bad.

The pay: $8.25 an hour ... 50 cents more than he would've made at BK! In a class move, he's said he will donate it all to charity. What a human being!

As for Kate Major ... she is very possibly an even bigger psycho.

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Lindsay Lohan's estranged and equally troubled father Michael Lohan was taken back to the hospital early Friday morning after experiencing chest pains.

MiLo was transferred from a rehab facility in Palm Beach, Fla., after doctors found blood clots and put him on medication to try and break them up.

Doctors feel they don't need to perform surgery, but they want to keep in the hospital for a couple of days to make sure Mike's medication works.

Fist-Pumpin' MiLo!

This is the second time in less than two months Lohan has been hospitalized for recurring heart problems. He collapsed at an AA meeting the last time.

He had surgery to repair a blockage back on December 5.

Lohan is due to be released from rehab on March 16. It's unclear whether that will be pushed back due to this and previous hospital stays.

We wish him a fast recovery in any case.

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The Lohan family members like to live on the edge.

Lindsay Lohan’s troubled father Michael has been in and out of the hospital, and his court-ordered rehab facility, since his two arrests in one week late last year.

“I don't know what God has in store for me, but it must be BIG. I should've been dead five times already,” Michael reflected of his numerous health woes.

When you collapse at an AA meeting, times are tough.

It's Michael Lohan

MiLo says he’s finally on the road to recovery, though.

“It’s by far the best treatment facility I have ever worked with or have been to,” he said about A New Day treatment center in North Palm Beach, Florida.

“A little longer and the blood clot would have taken me out.”

Separated from his four children over the holidays, Michael said his treatment is finally improving their relationship, especially with his eldest daughter.

“The whole thing has made me look at life differently and brought me and my entire family closer, including Lindsay," he said in a chat with Radar.

Michael was sentenced to 90 days in rehab and will be out in a few months to entertain us once again - hopefully in good health for years to come.


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Michael Lohan is battling health problems as well as legal ones.

The father of Lindsay and Ali Lohan collapsed during an Alcoholic's Anonymous meeting on Tuesday and was taken to the hospital, according to reports.

"Michael started to feel light headed during his meeting so he walked outside, and that's when he collapsed," a source close to MiLo told Radar Online.

The diagnosis came soon after: "He was taken in an ambulance to Palm Beach Gardens Hospital where doctors found another blood clot in his lung."

Michael Lohan in Action

Michael was given medication to break down the clot and the 51-year-old was given CAT scans and an MRI to make sure the clot hadn't spread to his brain.

Since Michael's hilarious arrest when he violated a restraining order and tried to flee police out of a window, he's split time between rehab and the hospital.

The ex-boyfriend of Kate Major had surgery to unclog his artery and repair blockage in his heart in early December, only to suffer from a staph infection.

He remains in the hospital now awaiting the results of a round of tests.

Whenever he's released, MiLo will be sent back to rehab, again.

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Michael Lohan is weighing in for the first time on Kate Major's possible pregnancy in a new interview ... apparently these two nut jobs only communicate via Dr. Drew.

MiLo says he's heard about it, but not much more than we have.

"I've heard about it ... When she left her dads house, she left some medication and her pills there and she was off the pill for like 4-5 days and of course we had sex."

"So there was a chance ... from what I understand now, she says she's pregnant or she could be. Evidently she is taking the test so she thinks she might be."

Riveting insight right there.

Michael Lohan and Dr. Drew

Asked about how he would react if Kate Major were pregnant, given that neither of them believe in abortion as a possibility, Mike told Dr. Drew the following:

"I would never, never, never want to let a child grow up without a father and a mother, so if she was pregnant, it would be something that she has to consider."

"Does she want to raise a baby on her own? I don't think so."

Michael Lohan added that his relationship with his children with Dina Lohan would improve as they get older and would not be affected adversely by this.

He also said that he has not seen any Lindsay Lohan Playboy pictures, nor will he be checking those out for obvious reasons, but he supports the career move.

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Michael Lohan is set to undergo heart surgery today. Not a moment too soon, because sources say he's having trouble breathing and speaking pre-surgery.

Lindsay's dad will have a stent inserted this afternoon. Sources close to Lohan say heart problems run in the family, and he's battled them in recent years.

Doctors feel Lohan, who usually makes news for his many arrests, should have had the procedure six months ago, and that's why he is in such bad shape.

Seriously, he does not look good lately. Check out this pic.

  • Michael Lohan Back in Jail
  • Michael Lohan in Jail

Get well, Michael Lohan. We need you back in good health so that you can finally turn your life around ... or so we may ridicule you with a clear conscience.

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The good news for Michael Lohan? He managed to NOT get arrested last night.

The bad news? He was rushed to the hospital with heart problems and will undergo surgery today.

MiLo Photograph

Lohan reportedly complained of chest pains while residing in a Florida treatment and, following a blood pressure reading of 200/110, was immediately taken to the hospital.

Doctors found a blood clot in one of Lindsay's awful father's lungs and will insert a stent into his heart this afternoon. Lohan also had surgery in February to fix an artery blockage.

We wish Michael a full recovery, we suppose.


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We often talk about how Lindsay Lohan beats the rap with pitifully short sentences for her numerous crimes, but she's treated like a serial killer compared to her dad.

Despite allegedly beating up ex-girlfriend Kate Major last month, repeatedly violating her restraining order, then contacting her while out on bail and resisting arrest, MiLo was not sentenced to jail time yesterday.

He got probation and rehab. Way to go, legal system!

Michael Lohan in Jail

Lohan pleaded no contest to four misdemeanors related to an incident at Kate's Tampa condo, in which he allegedly got violent when she refused to provide oral relief.

In exchange for no contest pleas, Lindsay's dastardly dad was sentenced to two years probation and ordered to spend four months at a residential treatment center.

He was also ordered to complete a domestic violence batterer’s intervention program and banned from all contact with Kate ... as if he pays attention to such orders.

Not to make Lindsay Lohan out to be a victim here, but her crimes have been non-violent offenses and she's at least required to show up in jail for a few hours.

If they had room to accommodate her, she might even be there right now. And yet MiLo goes free after his track record? It doesn't make any sense to us. You?

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Just like the [topless] Marilyn Monroe spread, Linds is my daughter and there are just some things a father doesn't want to see or hear, regardless of whether they are true or false.

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Michael Lohan: Maybe her mother's life revolves around the tabloids and reports, but mine doesn't. I am into setting a good example and doing good things that don't deceive or exploit my kids. But I will say this: While we were a family, you never even saw or heard a negative thing about any of us.

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