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The debate between LeBron James and Michael Jordan was settled perfectly by Jason Segel's character in Bad Teacher. One basketball legend has six championships, the other zero. Case closed.

But the debate between Savannah Brinson and Yvette Prieto is just getting underway.

The former is the mother of LeBron's two children, as well as his new fiancee, following an early Sunday morning proposal. Prieto, meanwhile, is a Cuban/American model who agreed to marry Jordan last week. Compare the beauties below and decide:

Which would you rather back down in the post... if you know what we mean?

And the Winner is?

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His Airness is once against set to be Her Husbandness.

A publicist for Michael Jordan has confirmed a report first released by WCNC in Charlotte: he proposed this week to long-time girlfriend Yvette Prieto... and she said yes!

Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto

The greatest basketball player to ever live and the Cuban/American model have been dating for three years and the engagement took place over Christmas weekend. No wedding date has been set.

Jordan, the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats has three kids with Juanita Vanoy. They were married in September 1989 and got divorced in 2006.


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The world is well aware of the fuel that burned inside Michael Jordan on the basketball court. But what about the passion within his teenage heart?

Somehow, a 1980 letter from the NBA legend to high school girlfriend, Laquette Robinson, was obtained and sold at auction, then leaked online.

The text of the letter is rather uninteresting, but the love note was a sensation in large part because it showed a side of Jordan we hadn't seen.

However, the woman-in-question says she has no idea how the letter ever went to auction, and may take legal action against those responsible.

Why? Because she suspects a family member took the letter and sold it to the auction house, and she would never try to capitalize off of MJ.

"It was mine, it was private," Robinson told CNN, saying it was taken "without my knowledge, without my permission, and it really upsets me."

Again, the letter itself is innocuous. But if Laquetta is serious that it was stolen from her and sold off, somebody could be in for a fat lawsuit.

As for how she can prove she wasn't behind the leak? She's got a bunch of other ones like this, she says. Why sell just one for a few grand?

Follow the jump to read what Michael Jordan's love letter said ...

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Lisa Miceli, the Pennsylvania woman who says Michael Jordan fathered her kid despite two DNA tests to the contrary, has been legally barred from any contact with the NBA legend, his family or any of his representatives.

Judge Gordon Miller granted a permanent injunction against Miceli, 35. She was thrown out of the courtroom after speaking out several times.

Earlier this year, Jordan filed a lawsuit to enforce a 2005 agreement that required Lisa Miceli to stop contacting him after a pair of DNA tests that year proved he was not the father of her four-year-old son.

Lisa Miceli has been barred from any communication with Michael Jordan.

Jordan's lawyers asked for the injunction, saying Miceli has continued to send hundreds of e-mails and make calls to Jordan and his reps.

The judge said Lisa Miceli apparently doesn't understand that the issue is the no-contact agreement that followed the paternity tests.

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Would somebody tell Britney Spears to move over. The troubled singer may need to prepare for some company in the ol' looney bin.

Lisa Miceli, a Pennsylvania woman, has been bombarding Michael Jordan with hundreds of threatening calls and e-mails over the past few years.

The NBA legend claims this in a lawsuit against the alleged mistress.

Michael Jordan Golfing

Michael Jordan is seeking an injunction against Lisa Miceli, a Crawford County, Pa., woman who claimed in 2004 that MJ is the father of her son.

Jordan took two DNA tests in 2005 proving he is not the dad.

Still, Lisa Miceli has continued a full-court press of "hundreds" of calls and e-mails to Michael Jordan - and now things are getting "violent and threatening."

A lawyer for the alleged Michael Jordan mistress has not commented.

However, a website entitled "Lisa Miceli's Official Blog" shows that if this is the same person we're talking, she may be more than a little insane.

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