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The Ohio State University marching band celebrated the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson's album Bad at last weekend's game, it was pretty darn impressive.

Performing a tribute to the late King of Pop, the ensemble played "Thriller," "Bad" and "The Way You Make Me Feel" and other MJ hits for the massive crowd.

It was the choreography that really made it, though.

In addition to reenacting some signature Michael Jackson logos, while playing "Billie Jean," the whole band MOONWALKED ... in the shape of a giant MJ.

Complete with white glove, no less. The moonwalking madness starts around the 4:00 mark, although the entire halftime performance is worth watching:

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A new collaboration from two music icons of different generations, Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson, called “Slave to the Rhythm,” has hit the Internet.

Listen to the mysterious new song from JB & MJ below:

Minds? Officially blown. So what's the deal here?

“Slave to the Rhythm” was a little-known Michael Jackson song that made its way online after his death. Michael’s vocals and lyrics remain intact here.

A heavier dance beat and Justin Bieber's contributions have been added, of course, making for a monster collaboration of unknown origin and authenticity.

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New Michael Jackson material may be released this fall, according to reports, along with new material from the late Freddie Mercury of Queen.


Michael Jackson and Freddy Mercury

Three unearthed tracks Michael recorded with Freddie back in 1983 in what was supposed to be collaborative effort are apparently set to be released.

Initially, the collaboration fell apart due to the "constraints" of the two music superstars' busy schedules, as well as creative differences (so to speak).

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Today, the 25th of June, is Michael Jackson's death anniversary.

The King of Pop died four years ago at the age of 50 from cardiac arrest, for which Dr. Conrad Murray was eventually found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

Michael may be gone, but four years later, his legacy lives on.

While his demise introduced a new generation of fans and reinvigorated his loyal followers to his musical greatness, he has not rested entirely in peace.

The Moonwalk

The personal problems and eccentricities that dominated news when he was alive have continued to do so in the aftermath of his tragic passing.

Jackson’s children, Prince, Blanket and Paris Jackson, who he worked so hard to ensure would be normal and well-adjusted, have had a tough time.

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Ola Ray, the girl who played Michael Jackson's date in the famed "Thriller" music video (below), has settled her lawsuit over payment for her role.

Three years after filing suit, and 29 years after starring in it.

Ray sued MJ and his production company in May 2009, the month before Jackson died, claiming she was owed royalties from the 1983 smash.

The video was perhaps Jackson's biggest career highlight.

The former Playboy Playmate sued Jackson for breach of contract, insisting that she was still owed a massive share of "Thriller" profits.

Terms were not disclosed, but the out-of-court settlement implies Ray was paid in some way, rather than the court tossing her complaint.

"Thriller" video director John Landis has filed a similar lawsuit against MJ Estate, with both sides still trying to negotiate a settlement.

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Jamie Foxx has signed on to perform live in Wales at the October concert honoring the late Michael Jackson, according to reports. Big get for the show.

Foxx joins Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Smokey Robinson and others set to perform at the event, a point of contention among MJ's own family.

We already know Jamie can moonwalk ...

Show organizers are also pumped up about Beyonce's performance, saying that she has not withdrawn despite her recently-announced pregnancy.

Beyonce is recording a "unique, never before seen performance" that will be played at the show. It's not clear what that is, but sounds awesome!

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Beyonce is pregnant, but that isn't about to stop the singing sensation from paying respects to the late Michael Jackson October 8 in Wales.

She'll perform live at his tribute concert then ... via satellite.

Reps for the controversial concert have confirmed that Beyonce is still slated to sing, saying the "pregnancy will not affect her performance."

Pregnant Beyonce

Beyonce is rumored to be nearing the four-month mark in her pregnancy.

If that's true, she'll be around 5-6 months along when she performs her favorite Jackson 5 song for the concert honoring the late King of Pop.

They say women who were physically active before pregnancy should be good to continue with moderate exercise throughout the pregnancy.

Most women aren't powerhouse performers like Beyonce Knowles, though ... nor are they carrying possibly the most talented fetus of all time.

Here's hoping she continues to remain in perfect health!

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So much for "I Kissed a Girl" making her a one-hit wonder.

Katy Perry and Michael Jackson may not have much in common, but they're the only artists in music history to post five #1 hits from the same album.

Perry is therefore, obviously, the first woman ever to achieve the feat thanks to hits from Teenage Dream. "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" is now the fifth.

  • Hot Smurfette
  • The Late King of Pop

Interestingly, Michael's iconic album Thriller didn't achieve the feat, but its follow-up Bad, with hits like "Man in the Mirror" and "Smooth Criminal," did.

Jackson spent a total of seven weeks at the top with his Bad songs, while Perry has occupied the top spot now for a record cumulative 18 weeks.

[Photos: WENN, Fame]

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After three years of marriage, Jay-Z and wife Beyonce remain very private, but that doesn't mean he's not willing to gush about her occasionally.

Forget Watch the Throne, his smash, acclaimed new album with Kanye West. In Jay's estimation, the biggest star around is the woman he married.

Why does he liken Beyonce to the greatest entertainer ever?

"What I've learned from her is similar to what I learned from Mike [Jackson] - I know that's blasphemy to compare the two because Mike was such an innovator - but I think she's like the second coming," Jay-Z told Miamia's 99 Jamz.

"You know, the hard work and dedication that she puts into her shows. It just makes you want to work harder at your own craft. She's like a machine."

No question, she's one of the hardest working and most successful figures in music today. Jay-Z knows a once-in-a-generation talent when he sees it.

What do you think? Is Beyonce worthy of MJ comparisons?

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Michael Jackson's mother, Katherine, has reached out to some of the biggest stars in music in hopes that they will perform at a tribute show for her son.

Jay-Z, Kanye West, Cee Lo, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Christina Aguilera, Usher, Bruno Mars and others have received invites (below) from Katherine.

Katherine Jackson is asking them to perform 1-2 of their favorite MJ songs in Cardiff, Wales on October 8, promising "first class travel accommodations."

MJ invite

So far, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars have respectfully declined due to scheduling conflicts, while Christina and Kanye are leaning towards going.

Cee Lo Green, meanwhile, has already committed.

Tickets to the event have not gone on sale yet, but it's still very early. Promoters say they will become available once a complete line-up is booked.

It should be a memorable night, to say the least.

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