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Wade Robson is not backing off his crusade against the Michael Jackson Estate, demanding to see alleged evidence that the singer molested others.

  • Wade Robson and Michael Jackson
  • Wade Robson Photo

The choreographer, who claims he was repeatedly molested by Michael Jackson as a child, wants to take the late pop legend's estate to court over it.

Wade is seeking damages for the trauma and suffering he endured, even though in 2005, he defended MJ adamantly at the star's criminal molestation trial.

Now he's saying that was all the result of brainwashing, however, and wants the Estate to cough up any evidence they have of Michael molesting boys.

Robson, who officially filed a claim with the Estate last year asking for money as a result of allegedly being molested from ages 7-14, is demanding:

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Is Bruce Jenner suffering from the same dangerous addiction to plastic surgery that Michael Jackson infamously fell victim to over his troubled existence?

According to family sources cited by TMZ today, you bet.

He's not changing his identity, just in the midst of a severe mid-life crisis and is becoming addicted to plastic surgery, to the chagrin of the Jenner and Kardashian families.

  • Happy Bruce Jenner
  • The Late King of Pop

There are rumors that Bruce's escalating interest in surgery - most recently getting his Adam's Apple removed - is part of a plan for gender reassignment.

The family isn't buying the Bruce Jenner sex change rumor, but fears his new look is part of an ongoing, "Michael Jackson-like obsession with plastic surgery."  

They say Bruce, 64, is struggling to regain his youth.

After being married to Kris Jenner and having the life sucked out of you for over two decades, you can understand that to a point ... but is he going too far?

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Billy Joel once memorably sang that "Only the Good Die Young."

While his point was that you should live your life, not be consumed by preconceived inhibitions, the phrase certainly still rings true in modern day Hollywood.

Be it from substance abuse or other tragic circumstances, some of the world's most beloved stars have met an untimely end long before they should have.

From Philip Seymour Hoffman's heroin overdose and Paul Walker's fatal car crash to some whose deaths remained shrouded in mystery, it's a long list.

Scroll through The Hollywood Gossip's gallery of 21 shocking celebrity deaths below as we look back on some of the brightest stars who we lost too soon.

They may be gone from this world, but they are not forgotten:

Philip Seymour Hoffman
Philip Seymour Hoffman passed away at the age of 46. He was found with a needle in his arm and had a history of drug abuse.

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Celebrities love plastic surgery. Although in many cases, they probably should have just loved their original appearance more before they got work done.

There are always exceptions, and some stars certainly go more overboard than others. Not everyone is Heidi Montag (thankfully). But by and large?

Plastic is not as fantastic as it seems, people.

Desiring to appear younger, hotter or tighter - whatever you want to call it - is human nature. Getting surgery to make you look like a wax figure of yourself?

Not so much. Not so much at all.

Behold, 25 examples of celebrities who went under the knife in hopes of improving their bodily appearance ... often with unintended, downright scary results:

Heidi Montag Boob Job!
The queen of plastic surgery. It's shocking how different Heidi Montag used to look and how badly this obsession turned out for her.

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For the first time since his arrest in Miami early yesterday morning, Justin Bieber has spoken out.

And managed to sound both confusing and totally pompous in the process.

The 19-year old artist took to Instagram this afternoon and posted a photo of himself sitting atop a car moments after he made bail and left prison.

He then posted a picture of Michael Jackson making a similar gesture alongside it and wrote as a caption:

"What more can they say."

Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson

Ummm... we have no idea, Justin. What more can they say?

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Michael Jackson's three children had a "secluded" childhood when the King of Pop was raising them, they admit in a rare new interview with ABC News.

Prince Michael, 16, Paris, 15, and Blanket, 11 are opening up about their lives with their famous dad in a new documentary Remembering Michael.

They had little idea of what went on outside the walls of Neverland, and to hear Paris Jackson tell it, that was largely by design, as Michael saw fit.

"There are a lot of bad people out there ... [but he] always wanted a taste normal life," she said, for better or worse. "We didn't know a lot of kids our age."

"We were more secluded, we never left the ranch that often."

"He promised he would teach me how to moonwalk but never got around to it. I really hope his legacy lives on forever. I will never forget him ever. He was amazing."

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Kicking off the western leg of his "The 20/20 Experience" tour at Staples Center in L.A., Justin Timberlake busted out Michael Jackson's hit "Human Nature."

Of course, Justin performed a deluge of his own smash hits, including "My Love," "Holy Grail" and "Sexy Back," but the MJ tribute was an instant smash.

Here's a brief clip, courtesy of Instagram, of the reaction:

Celebs including Matt Damon, Amy Adams and Justin's former Lance Bass (with his special "friends and family" VIP pass) packed the house for the show.

No NSYNC reunion on stage this time, unfortunately.

Undoubtedly influenced by Michael like so many artists, Timberlake undoubtedly would've made Jackson proud by riffing on one of his best songs live.

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Michael Jackson's family is, understandably and not surprisingly, far from pleased with Dr. Conrad Murray and his recent interview with the Daily Mail.

Among other things, Murray claimed that Jackson was incontinent and that he used to hold Michael's penis every night to fit a condom on him.

In the interview, he protested: “You want to know how close Michael and I were? I held his penis every night. I had to put a condom catheter on him."

"Michael dripped urine. He had a loss of sensation and was incontinent," Dr. Conrad Murray added. "It was the most intimate thing but he trusted me.”

The claims have incensed the legendary Jacksons and the singer's friends.

This serves as more evidence that the late singer’s former personal physician had questionable medical practices, and morals, the family believes.

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Debbie Rowe believes Dr. Conrad Murray is asking for an early demise at the hands of Michael Jackson fans, and she's not exactly broken up about it.

In fact, she says that after his latest stunt - talking about holding Michael's junk and trashing her in an interview with the Daily Mail - she'd buy the bullet.

Rowe is "disgusted" by Murray's remarks, alleging that Michael never slept with her and that he and MJ joked that they would never want to sleep with her.

Contacted for her reaction by TMZ, she did not hold back. At all.

Rowe believes that within 18 months, an irate Jackson fan "will shoot him dead, and I'd buy the bullet ... I wouldn't shoot him but I'd buy the bullet ... a hollow-point." 

A hollow-point bullet is a particularly lethal type of ammunition.

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Dr. Conrad Murray says that he and Michael Jackson were once so tight, he would hold the late music icon's penis for him. Like on a routine basis.

Murray tells The Daily Mail, "You know how close we were? I held his penis every night to fit a catheter." The reason? "He was incontinent at night."

  • Bad Doc
  • Michael Jackson Trial Pic

"He wore dark trousers all the time because after he went to the toilet, he would drip for hours. [He] didn't know how to put a condom on, so I had to do it for him."

Murray also told the newspaper that he believes Michael Jackson killed himself. He claims when he walked out of Michael's bedroom the day he died:

"I believe that [Michael Jackson] woke up, got hold of his own stash of Propofol and injected himself. He did it too quickly and went into cardiac arrest."

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