Michael Cera made us crack up in Arrested Development. Thanks to the movie Superbad, it doesn't look like that will change any time soon.

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Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Tim and Eric (from Tim & Eric Awesome Show) and Reggie Watts have launched a new, Google-funded YouTube channel, JASH.

Each of them will get their own section within the channel where they have creative control as well as production and editing equipment at their disposal.

The channel's name, "JASH," stands for "Just Attitude So Hey."

The channel is one of 60 Original Channels that are essentially a blank check to each individual or group, funded by Google, YouTube's parent company.

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The Jersey Shore cast has gone from a random, juiced-up bunch of ill-tempered meatheads to borderline celebrity status in a span of just a couple of weeks.

Now they're welcoming a new star into the mix.

Actor Michael Cera of Superbad, Juno, Arrested Development and now Youth in Revolt visited the cast and was given a full makeover - Jersey Shore style.

Michael's visit will be shown in series of promos this Thursday while a new episode of Jersey Shore airs. As you can see below, he channels Pauly D's hair.

Whether the lovable actor's hair can hang with the ultimate guido and "Rhode Island's most famous DJ" remains to be seen. Vote in our survey below ...

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  • DJ Pauly D Pic

Who's got the better hair?


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Those who saw the movie Superbad had to have seen this coming:

The three actors who starred in that raunchy comedy are seen below, drinking up a storm. And we think we know why:

They've tracked down Vanessa Hudgens naked pictures and are toasting to this 18-year old beauty. The same scene is most likey taking place around the nation this weekend.

Well, except at Disney.

When you're Superbad, you don't need an excuse to drink. But Vanessa Hudgens nude photos at least give you something to toast to.


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Really? You don't know who Michael Cera is?

Best known for the hilarious role of George Michael (NOT the singer/songwriter) on Arrested Development, Cera is now earning appreciation for his role in the upcoming movie Superbad.

Only 19, this young actor also appeared on Veronica Mars, but we think his best work lies ahead. Indeed, Will Ferrell and Andy Samberg may need to watch their backs with this talent on the rise. We wonder if there's room in the comedic world for all these personalities.


After all, there's room in the skanky world for Lindsay Lohan... Paris Hilton... Britney Spears... Kim Kardashian.

You get the idea.