Meredith Vieira is now a host on Today. She used to be on ABC's The View.

Well, this is one way for The Today Show to bolster ratings.

In preparation for an interview with Al Roker this morning, Meredith Vieira dropped her note cards coming back from commercial and expressed her irritation the way many of us might: by dropping the S bomb.

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The Today Show said goodbye to co-anchor Meredith Vieira this morning.

With everybody from co-host Matt Lauer to production assistants wearing custom “We Heart Meredith” t-shirts, there wasn’t a dry eye in Rockefeller Plaza.

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Jane Fonda may be ancient, but it looks like she could still use a good spanking and have her mouth washed out with soap!

The 70-year-old actress and political activist used a... um, vulgar word to describe a female body part on Thursday morning's Today show.

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It finally arrived. A week after Katie Couric debuted to mixed reviews on the CBS Evening News, her replacement greeted morning viewers on the Today show.

Yes, those who tuned their TVs to NBC yesterday before work glimpsed Meredith Vieira in the co-host chair. She seemed comfortable right away, remarking on how nice it was to be "sitting next to the cutest guy."

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Meredith Vieira is now a host on Today. She used to be on ABC's The View. More »
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