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After first denying that she had appeared in the porn video that ended her reign, former Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King may subtly be admitting it.

She's been re-tweeting up a storm and dropping hints to that effect.

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She has not come out and said the alleged Melissa King video is her, however if you read between the lines of her Twitter feed, that's the clear implication.

One of the messages she posted: "Be strong, life has a funny way of working out. Kim K made it and now is one of the most powerful women in the US."

She also re-tweeted a message from Kim Kardashian herself.

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Melissa King, Miss Delaware Teen USA, has relinquished her crown amid allegations that she filmed a porn video just after her 18th birthday last year.

The story broke this week when a sex video on the "real amateur girls" website GirlsDoPorn (dot) com surfaced that allegedly starred Melissa King.

The site is very NSFW obviously, as is the video. The clip seen above is just King - or a King doppelganger - talking. No clothes are taken off here.

In the Melissa King video, she says she turned 18 three months ago - in March, her birth month - and is doing porn because she needed the money.

She then says that she participates in beauty pageants, though she doesn't reveal in which state (she also says she likes to be on top).

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Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King has resigned her crown after an explicit movie allegedly featuring the 18-year-old beauty queen surfaced online.

Melissa King Photo

Melissa King denies it's her in the sex tape footage, however the naked girl bears a striking resemblance to King ... and why resign if it's not really you?

The video, filmed in June 2012, features a girl addressing the camera and stating that she turned 18 a few months ago in March (King's birth month).

Always gotta clear that up, right?

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