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Viewers were treated to a double dose of Melanie Amaro on The X Factor last night.

With the show asking contestants to perform a pair of covers - first, a dance remix; then, a song of their own choosing - the season's favorite took full advantage of her time in the spotlight, mixing up Adele's smash "Someone Like You" and then slowing it down for a version of "When You Believe."

Even LA Reid has to give props for the former, telling Melanie: "The only thing that bothered me about it was that it was really good."

He's just so encouraging, isn't it? Watch both performances now and sound off: How can Amaro not win?!?

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Melanie Amaro is no stranger to Michael Jackson.

During an X Factor theme night that honored this iconic artist - someone Amaro had previously covered this season via "Man in the Mirror" and "Will You Be There?" - the top contender for this competition's crown brought the crowd to its feet with her version of "Earth Song."

"I forgot that we were in a competition and I thought we were in a Melanie concert," LA Reid said in response to the performance, while Simon Cowell kept his praise short, sweet and accurate: You were amazing, he told his charge.

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Melanie Amaro accomplished the impossible on The X Factor last night: she forced L.A. Reid to offer up words of encouragement.

This judge is so focused on being negative and on creating some kind of feud with the other mentors that he even admitted at one point this week that he goes into each performing looking for faults. But what am I supposed to say? he asked Melanie after she covered R. Kelly's "The World's Greatest." I cannot criticize it.

Amaro, meanwhile, broke down in tears following the audition, leading to Nicole Scherzinger also breaking down and giving the finalist a hug. It was a sweet, vulnerable moment from the number-one contender for The X Factor crown. Watch the performance now.

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Melanie Amaro has forced many comparisons on The X Factor.

Over the last few weeks, our favorite contestant has covered Beyonce and paid tribute to Michael Jackson. Last night, Amaro performance a R.E.M. ballad, "Everybody Hurts," prompting Simon Cowell to compare her to a pair of other mega stars.

"That reminded me of Adele and Alica Keys," Melanie's mentor told her. Is the praise too strong at this point in the competition? Or is it spot on? Listen to the finalist's latest below:

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Give Melanie Amaro credit: The X Factor front-runner is unafraid to tackle history's most iconic artist.

For the second time this season, the aspiring singer belted out a Michael Jackson cover, following last month's "Will You Be There?" with last night's "Man in the Mirror." How did she fare?

Simon Cowell found his protege to be "bloody fantastic," though L.A. Reid was a bit more pointed in his critique. He praised Melanie's voice, but referred to the song itself as not "that inventive." Watch the rendition now and then sound off: is Amaro still the favorite? Or is Rachel Crow making major progress?

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The X Factor has been renewed for a second season, so allow us to make a suggestion: Can we just fast forward to that second season now? The first season title is wrapped up!

Melanie Amaro Promi Pic

Okay, we exaggerate, but not by much. Once again, Melanie Amaro put on the best performance of the week last night, standing still on center stage and belting out an a capella version of "Desperado" that received nothing but praise from every judge. How good is Amaro?

Even Paula Abdul makes sense when gushing over the singer, saying in this case that her voice is akin to "fine china. Just bring it out for the most special occasions."

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Melanie Amaro can be forgiven for a lack of originality.

The X Factor finalist - she advanced to the top 12 on the first-ever live performance show - covered a Whitney Houston classic last night, belting out her take on "I Have Nothing," a song with which any loyal singing competition viewer is familiar.

But Amaro made the track her own with an incredible rendition, leading L.A. Reid to state simply: "We really did save the best for last because, honey, you were unbelievable."

Is there any doubt we're looking at the current favorite?

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The finalists have been announced. The live performances kick off on Tuesday. And the bets are being placed.

On which X Factor contestant should you lay your money? Bodog, one of the Web's leading gambling destinations, has released the following odds, ranking each remaining act. Who has been installed as the favorite? The answer should come as no surprise to any loyal viewer...

Melanie Amaro: 9/2
Drew Ryniewicz: 7/1
Rachel Crow: 7/1
Stacy Francis: 8/1
Chris Rene: 9/1
Marcus Canty: 9/1
Simone Battle: 15/1
Tiah Tolliver: 15/1
Phillip Lomax: 18/1
Brian Bradley: 20/1
The Brewer Boys: 20/1
Lakoda Rayne: 20/1
InTENsity: 25/1
The Stereo Hogz: 25/1
LeRoy Bell: 30/1
Dexter Haygood: 35/1

Who do you think has the best shot to win? Vote in the polls below now and let your voice be heard!

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They've made it. They can take a breath, at least for a brief moment before the live performance begin.

But 17 acts were named to The X Factor finals last night, many of whom have given official statements on the achievement and posed for fun new promotional photos for Fox...

Rachel Crow Promo Pic
  • Josh Krajcik Promo Pic
  • Phillip Lomax Promo Pic
  • Tiah Tolliver Promo Pic
  • Drew Ryniewicz Promo Pic
  • LeRoy Bell Picture
  • Simone Battle Pic
  • Melanie Amaro Promi Pic
  • Dexter Haygood Picture
  • Stacy Francis Photo

Melanie Amaro: "The whole process is just mind boggling. It’s so amazing.”

Simone Battle: “I am blown away by how much talent there is in the girls’ category. At this point, it’s not about impressing the judges, it’s about impressing the world and everyone who is watching.”  

Drew Ryniewicz: “The girls in my category are nothing but amazing, every single one. From the start I have loved them all.  We are almost like a big family."

Tiah Tolliver: “I am extremely happy to have him [Simon Cowell] as my mentor because he fought for me. I feel like he is going to lead me in the right direction and I sincerely believe him when he tells me stuff.”

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Melanie Amaro covered a Michael Jackson classic on The X Factor last night, a track whose title asks a simple question: Will You Be There?

Following another sterling audition, this 18-year old from Sunrise, Florida has certainly made one thing clear: yes, she'll be there. In the next round of the singing competition, that is.

It's still very early, but Amaro has emerged as the favorite through two solo auditions, first wowing the judges with a Beyonce number and here leaving Simon Cowell practically speechless. Watch the talented young singer in action now:

Also impressive last night: Brennin Hunt and Josh Krajcik.

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Melanie Amaro Photo Melanie Amaro is an 18-year old from Sunrise, Florida. She originally auditioned for The X Factor with Beyonce's "Listen" and then... More »
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