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Mel Gibson is being accused of an attempted assault in Costa Rica, and remarkably, Oksana Grigorieva seems to have nothing to do with this story at all.

Nader Sharif claims Mel bilked him out of $200,000 by cajoling him into investing in a recycled rubber company. Obviously, who didn't see THAT coming?

Sharif filed a lawsuit in June, in which he also claims Mel Gibson tried to mow him down in July, after the two ran into each other at a Costa Rican bakery.

Mel: Troubled Fella

Mel Gibson accused of violence? Who'd have guessed!

Sharif says Mel got violent, calling him "vile and offensive names" and threatening him with physical harm if he didn't skip town - and it got worse yet.

Sharif alleges Mel stormed out of the bakery and got into his car, then "accelerated the car to a high rate of speed" and drove the car directly at him.

While giving him the finger, natch!

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Mel Gibson's Jewish film project stems not from an act of contrition but from a genuine appreciation of the central figure and themes, according to sources.

The controversial actor does not feel a need to bridge a gap between himself and Jewish communities, because he doesn't believe a gap exists or ever has.

Gibson is adamant that he does not hate or discriminate Jews, noting that his attorney, publicist, friends and employees practice the faith. So why the film?

Sexy Mel Gibson

Mel's wanted to produce the story of Judah Maccabee, a Biblical Jewish hero, for a decade, as he believes it is an important story of corruption in the church.

Gibson believes Maccabee's story parallels the modern church in a number of ways, and he thinks the movie will help force change that will benefit all religions.

As for Mel's insane anti-Semitic rant during his 2006 DUI arrest, Gibson has written two public letters of apology and also met with numerous Jewish leaders.

Beyond that, he has chalked it up to being the ramblings of a drunkard and while he is deeply sorry, those words do not reflect his true beliefs in any way.


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Two powerful organizations are far from pleased about recent news that Mel Gibson was cast in a movie about biblical Jewish hero Judah Maccabee.

The Anti-Defamation League has demanded that the producers pull Gibson off the flick immediately, sending a statement directed at Warner Bros.

Why are they fired up? Probably this incident, among others.

"As a hero of the Jewish people and a universal hero in the struggle for religious liberty, Judah Maccabee deserves better," the group said of Mel.

Mel Gibson Smirks

"It would be a travesty to have the story of the Maccabees told by one who has no respect and sensitivity for other people’s religious views."

Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder and Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, also had some harsh words about Gibson's role in the upcoming film.

The Jewish leader tells TMZ that casting Mel Gibson as a Jewish hero is "like having a white supremacist portray Martin Luther King Jr."

For those unaware, Judah, the brave warrior who drove enemies of Judaism out of Jerusalem, is a central figure in the story of Hannukah.

No comment yet from Mel's camp or WB.


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It finally is all over between Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva, who settled their custody dispute in court. But there is a lingering disagreement on one point.

Oksana's lawyers touted her music credentials in court, but Mel made it clear (a bit more eloquently than on his taped rants) he deeply regrets supporting her career.

Mel says he spent a small fortune to produce a CD and video, and even paid for a studio for the "horrible" singer he's now "embarrassed" to have promoted.

As he said in one of the tapes, she just can't hang. Take a listen below and see if you think Oksana sucks at singing as bad as Mel thinks she does ...

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It really is all over between Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva.

The epic, disturbing feud - which included taped rants, allegations of abuse, blackmail and other sordid deeds - came to an end in Los Angeles Superior Court today. It was decreed that Gibson must pay his former lover $750,000 over the next five years. Among other terms:

  • Mel, Lucia
  • Oksana's Loco
  • Grigorieva will continue to reside in a home owned by the actor in California. Gibson will then sell the estate when daughter Lucia turns 18 and turn all profits over to a trust in her name.
  • The parties will split custody 50/50.
  • Neither side is permitted to discuss the the other, or the relationship, in public. Judge Peter D. Lichtman specified that Oksana could not write a book about Gibson.

In 2010, Oksana actually turned down a deal that would have given her $15 million. She thought she could earn more from the Oscar winner. She turned out to be very, very, very, very wrong.

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Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva have resolved their issues.

The custody battle and legal drama that has made headlines for two years appears to be kaput after they officially reached a financial and child custody agreement, ending the staggering fallout from one of the all-time worst celebrity breakups.

Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson Picture

Gibson's spokesman Alan Nierob tells E! News, "I can confirm the parties have settled the matter and we appreciate all the judge's help."

L.A. County Superior Court released a statement Friday reading: "As a result of a multiday settlement conference, the court announces that Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva have achieved a settlement in their ongoing dispute."

Terms and conditions of the settlement were not announced.

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The criminal case against him has been put to rest by his no contest plea, but Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson are still at war over other issues.

Oksana told a family law judge Friday that she wants half a million bucks for the alleged trauma she claims Mel caused her 14-year-old son.

Oksana Grigorieva, Son

She claims Alexander (aka Sasha), whose father is Timothy Dalton, was traumatized during the couple's infamous fight in January 2009.

One of the uglier celebrity breakups of all time.

In the fight, Oksana alleges Mel knocked two of her teeth out. Mel has disputed that claim, saying instead that he merely slapped her because she was hysterical, out of control and endangering their baby daughter, Lucia.

Oksana claims Mel was abusive to Sasha during the argument, calling him names and scaring the kid so much he allegedly hid under the bed.

Grigorieva also claimed on another occasion thhat Mel threw her son onto a table, but Gibson's camp has flatly denied that allegation as well.

Mediation between the two continues next week.

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Mel Gibson wants more QT with his daughter.

In order to get it, the actor, who's now five years sober (if not five years non-crazy) is demanding a change to his custody pact with Oksana Grigorieva.

Grigorieva On the Move

Mel has filed a request with the court for additional overnight visits with 1-year-old Lucia. He currently gets three overnights with her every two weeks.

Sources say a hearing is set for September to decide the details, but if a judge does grant Mel's request, he and Oksana may split custody nearly 50-50.

Hopefully, things continue to progress amicably for the pair after a relationship that ended in one of the nastiest celebrity breakups we can ever recall.

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Time flies when you're covering celebrity gossip.

It's hard to believe, but Mel Gibson's infamous DUI arrest was five years ago. It's also hard to believe that it was the last time the actor drank alcohol.

Classic Mel

Sources close to Mel say he's been off the booze ever since that incident, and even celebrated the five-year sobriety milestone with friends last week.

Mel was arrested on July 28, 2006. From that day forward, he hasn't taken a sip of alcohol, according to sources close to him. That's an impressive feat!

Gibson and some pals commemorated the occasion last Friday. Even though it's been a rough couple years, the actor is ultimately grateful for his arrest.

Somehow we doubt he feels the same about the leaking of those Mel Gibson tapes, but hey. Good for him for steering clear of alcohol all this time.

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Greek model Stella Mouzi says she's not Mel Gibson's new girlfriend, despite the fact that she's hung with the actor several times and "hit it off."

Eager to set the record straight after tabloid reports declared her Gibson's new fling, Mouzi tells People that there's nothing romantic at work.

"I came to the U.S. from Greece a few months ago and was charmed by the American hospitality. I have made many new friends including Mel Gibson, with whom I share merely a friendly acquaintance," Stella says.

Stella Mouzi Picture

Mouzi also addresses reports that she is a bondage/fetish model or "goth chick," as some sites have referred to her. She describes herself as such:

"I am a dancer, performance artist and a photographer – that is the extent of my life professionally. It has been difficult to be the subject of false rumors, which have also been hurtful to my friends and family."

As for Gibson, he's not dating anyone, says a close friend, who corroborates Mouzi's account. Says the source: "They're 100% just friends."

For the moment, the only lady in Mel's life is Lucia.

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