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The Gossip has learned the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has gone after the deputy who arrested Mel Gibson... with a vengeance.

At the same time, it appears little has been done to determine if top brass gave the drunken anti-Semite special treatment and deceived the media.

No Contest

Sheriff's sources confirm to, the site that initially broke the Gibson story and alleged cover-up, that the Department obtained a search warrant and raided the home of Deputy James Mee on September 13.

Deputies went inside and took Mee's computer, phone records and other documents. Sheriff's Department sources say the Department got the warrant because officials believed Mee leaked four pages of the original arrest report. The Sheriff's Department claims it's a crime for a law enforcement officer to leak confidential documents.

The warrant is still sealed and the results of the search have not been made public. Mee's lawyer, Richard Shinee, would not comment.

The Sheriff's Department claims it is still investigating charges that its officials gave Gibson special treatment and lied to the media the day of the arrest. The day Gibson was busted, and called a female officer "sugar tits," Sheriff's officials told TMZ and other media that the arrest occurred "without incident."

Nothing could be further from the truth. An apologetic Gibson acknowledged as much on Good Morning America this week.

Also on the day of the arrest, Sheriff's officials told TMZ that the story it was about to publish documenting Gibson's arrest, remarks and vulgar conduct was "absolutely false." Only after TMZ obtained portions of the arrest report did the Department change its story, ultimately telling TMZ the entire report would be submitted to the D.A.

It should be interesting what the investigation turns up. Meanwhile, Joy Behar, a well-known comedian, based Mel again today. She's Jewish, and is upset that she feels Gibson dislikes her because she's Jewish, along with everyone else on earth who is Jewish. You know, standard.

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In an interview airing on Friday's Good Morning America, Mel Gibson spoke out for the first time after being arrested for drunk driving.

The actor-director, who has struggled with alcoholism and drug abuse in the past, was pulled over shortly after 2 a.m. on July 28 in Malibu, Calif., for speeding. He proceeded to unleash an anti-Semitic tirade during and following his arrest.

Poor Insane Mel

After providing us with some classic Mel Gibson pictures, the actor later pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of driving with a blood-alcohol level of 0.12 percent and was sentenced to three years probation.

Gibson talked to ABC News' Diane Sawyer in an exclusive interview that his inflammatory statements were "just the stupid ramblings of a drunkard."

What else does he say? Here's a quick preview:

On what's next:

"What I need to do to heal myself and to be assuring and allay the fears of others and to heal them if they had any heart wounds from something I may have said. So, this is the last thing I want to be is that kind of monster."

On people in Hollywood refusing to work with him after his anti-Semitic comments:
"I feel sad because they've obviously been hurt and frightened and offended enough to feel that they have to do that. It's their choice, and there's nothing I can do about that."

On his plan to continue making movies:
"I'll always continue to work. I've never much depended on anyone but myself, as far as that goes. And, hey, I'm not under the illusion that everything's just going to be hunky-dory work wise forever. I've never been under that illusion. Things could go away tomorrow."

On not having had a drink in 65 days:

"No, nothing. It's... it's poison."

On sobriety being a constant struggle:
"A couple of times, you know, it was like oh, man, the hell with it, you know. But you don't, because I have friends and people that care and, you know, you'll fortunately be at the right place at the right time to, you know, reach out and ... And many people have reached out. My goodness. I mean it's ... I've been overwhelmed."

On starting to drink again a few months before his July arrest:
"Years go by, you're fine. And then all of a sudden in a heartbeat, in an instant, on an impulse, somebody shoves a glass of Mescal in front of your nose, and says, 'It's from Oaxaca.' And it's burning its way through your esophagus, and you go, 'Oh, man, what did I do that for? I can't put the toothpaste back in the tube.'"

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"It was just the stupid ramblings of a drunkard, you know and... I need to heal myself and to be assuring and allay the fears of others and to heal them if they had any heart wounds from something I may have said. So, this is the last thing I want to be is that kind of monster."

-- Mel Gibson, to Diane Sawyer in a pre-taped interview, scheduled to air Thursday and Friday on Good Morning America

Oksana and Mel Picture

Sounds like this will be quite the interview.

Stay tuned for more on this story as it develops this week. Good ol' Mel will be back in the news on Apology Tour 2006 and T.H. Gossip will be following the every move of the always-entertaining, often-offensive, occasionally violent and hammered lunatic, director and actor.

In the meantime, do enjoy these terrific Mel Gibson pictures.

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Mel Gibson is supposedly on the road to sobriety, but we had no idea that hanging out in bars is one of the 12 steps.

Maybe he's just putting his self-control to the ultimate test. The troubled actor and director was spotted in an Austin, Tx., bar Friday night hanging out until 2:30 a.m. -- and according to a witness, he was "only drinking water" and not flirting with women.


Mad Mel was in the Lone Star State making the rounds for his upcoming Mayan epic, Apocalypto, when a reporter discovered him playing pool at a local joint called the Side Bar. Even his rep acknowledged that the description was apt, saying that "sounds like Mel."

Meanwhile, the kerfuffle over Mel's remarks at a press conference down in Austin -- where the drunk-driving lunatic compared Mayan culture just before its collapse and America today -- is just scraping the surface of what he actually said.

"I just wanna draw the parallels," Gibson told MSNBC. "I just looked at it, and thought, we display that stuff here. I don't wanna be a doomsayer, but the Mayan calendar ends in 2012. So have fun!"

Yikes. Better start stockpiling booze now.

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Slowly, but surely - and, hopefully, soberly - Mel Gibson is stepping back into the spotlight.

First, the Jew hater walked his daughter down the aisle. Now, he's been seen and heard visiting two towns in Oklahoma and a film festival in Texas last week to screen a rough cut of his weird film, Apocalypto.

Mel Gibson Outside Court

While Gibson didn't make public appearances in Oklahoma, he did stop by screenings at Cameron University in Lawton on Thursday and the Riverwind Casino in Goldsby on Friday, the Associated Press reports. At the former, he showed up wearing a mask and wig so he wouldn't be recognized.

Maybe Karrine Steffans should try that. Oh, wait, no one knows who she is, anyway.

Jhane Myers, an Oklahoma City-based publicist who worked with Gibson during his visit to the state, said in a statement that the actor and director was "deeply touched by the warm reception he has received while in Oklahoma."

A rep for Lindsay Lohan, meanwhile, said the actress is often deeply touched by guys.

On Friday, Gibson made a surprise appearance at the Fantastic Fest, an event devoted to science-fiction and horror movies in Austin. There, he took questions from the audience after the screening of Apocalypto, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Gibson drew parallels between the collapse of the Mayan society, dramatized in his film, and present-day America.

"The precursors to a civilization that's going under are the same, time and time again," he told the audience. "What's human sacrifice if not sending guys off to Iraq for no reason?"

Zing! What would President Bush have to say about that? We'll ask him if he ever stops admiring Matt Lauer.

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Personally, we love it when celebrities get busted. It makes us feel less bad about our own previous arrests. To all police officers in a certain small town that hosts a certain liberal arts college that will remain nameless -- we did not know you could be charged with DUI while cruising around town in a golf cart. And we're kind of sorry.

From good ol' Mel Gibson's recent drunken rampage to the famous exploits of music mogul/thug Marion "Suge" Knight and that freak Michael Jackson, there's always a celeb getting nabbed for something -- and T.H. Gossip will be hot on the trail each time.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

Special thanks to TMZ and the other sources who contributed to our Celebrity Mug Shot gallery. Follow the link to view the full collection, which we assure you is still growing. Below are a couple of our personal favorites. Enjoy them. Ridicule them.

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According to TMZ, Mel Gibson came out of seclusion Saturday... not to the sounds of police sirens and drunken belligerence but to the chiming of wedding bells. The actor/director proudly walked his 26-year-old daughter Hannah down the aisle as she married blues guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd.

Hannah is Mel's only daughter and the oldest of his seven offspring. A lavish ceremony was held at Holy Family Catholic Church in Agoura Hills, Calif., a venue Mel built using his own personal fortune. The Catholic ceremony was reportedly performed entirely in Latin. Did anyone else know Mel was religious? Wow!

Lucia Gibson Picture

After the ceremony, the happy couple was promptly whisked away in a black limousine, as both cameras and well-wishers looked on. Shepherd, 29, has several platinum albums to his credit, along with Grammy nominations for both his "Trouble" and "Live On" records.

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Wondering what it feels like to be Mel Gibson, speeding drunkenly down the Pacific Coast Highway, getting busted by cops, babbling uncontrollably and making ethnic slurs? Well, you can experience it for yourself... kind of.

Good Old Mel

"So You Think You Can Drive, Mel?" is a Flash-based game created by (right) that recreates Mel's drive in animated form, replete with tequila bottles, state troopers, and Star of David-slinging rabbis. Really.

Players maneuver (or try to maneuver) a drunken Gibson's Lexus into the path of tequila bottles, which get Mel more and more loaded, which in turn makes the car harder and harder to control. Standing in the way are stern-looking sheriffs, and running into five of the lawmen -- which splatters the poor smokey all over the road -- ends the game.

Further complicating the path from A to B is a rabbi standing on the side of the road chucking Stars of David at the Lexus, all to the tune of "Hava Nagila." In fairness to Mel, he did not actually run over any sheriffs that, or any other night. He did, however, berate "Sugar Tits."

At the game's end, players get an official blood alcohol measurement, and some driving advice along the lines of "Let go of your Lethal Weapon and keep both hands on the wheel" or "You and Mel should carpool to rehab."

As required by his probation, Mel can't actually drive for a couple more months, but maybe the game will satisfy any hankering he has to get behind the wheel until then.

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If this keeps up, The Gossip won't have our favorite foils to mock for much longer.

Last week, Tom Cruise actually went over to Brooke Shields' home and apologized for berating her over her use of anti-depressants last year. Guess that was a nice thing to do.

No Contest

Now Saddam Hussein Mel Gibson has gone out his way to make up for the way he treated three police officers during his arrest.

For example, Gibson sent the female officer he referred to as "sugar tits" that night a $500 bouquet with a note offering his "sincere apologies." He also invited all officers involved in the incident to the premiere of his new film, Apocalypto.

It's about ancient Mayan culture and is entirely in sub-titles. We're not sure if this is part of an apology or punishment.

A source close to the female police officer said:

"Mel has sent her the biggest bunch of flowers she's ever seen with a note. She was quite touched and I'm sure that the two arresting officers will take him up on his invitation."

This is terrible. What's next, will Britney Spears go back to being a non-pregnant sex goddess?

Will Ashlee Simpson consume a meal?

Will Matthew McConaughey put on a shirt?

The possibilities frighten us. Let's not talk about them anymore.

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An apology for making drunken anti-Semitic remarks isn't enough to redeem Mel Gibson, at least in the eyes of actor-director Rob Reiner (left).

The actor also must acknowledge, and work to rectify the fact that his work reflects anti-Semitism, particularly the 2004 hit movie The Passion of the Christ, Reiner told the Associated Press.

  • Rob Reiner Photo
  • Poor Insane Mel

"When he comes to the understanding that he has done that, and can come out and say, you know, 'My views have been reflected in my work and I feel bad that I've done that,' then that will be the beginning of reconciliation for him," Reiner said.

Some critics vehemently attacked Gibson's movie as portraying Jews as evil. Supporters said the movie was merely being faithful to Gospel accounts of Jesus' arrest and crucifixion. A call to Gibson's publicist seeking comment was not immediately returned Friday.

Gibson publicly apologized for an anti-Semitic tirade he unleashed when he was arrested for drunken driving in Malibu on July 28. He has called the remarks "despicable." Earlier this month, Gibson pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge in a deal that calls for alcohol rehabilitation, fines and probation.

Reiner, however, said Gibson also must do some soul-searching.

"It's not a matter of just apologizing for some words you've said. It's to really understand why it is you're anti-Semitic and where those feelings came from," said Reiner, a solid Jew. "I believe that people can be redeemed and people can change, but that's going to be a very long process."

As for Saddam Hussein's shot at redemption? Reiner had no comment.

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