We have no idea what the words on this issue of Rolling Stone from Japan say, but considering the photo they accompany, we can take a few educated guesses:

Megan Fox topless is hot!

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As winter hits and snowstorms bury various parts of the country, The Hollywood Gossip staff would like to do whatever possible to keep our readers nice and warm.

Hence, this Megan Fox naked photo. We're working up a sweat just staring at it...

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Look closely, fellas.

While Megan Fox isn't exactly pouring out of her top here - like Jessica Simpson in pretty much every picture - you can spot a nipple if you want to badly enough.

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We interrupt this flood of celebrity gossip news - Suri Cruise is holiday shopping? Cisco Adler is dating Lisa D'Amato? - to bring you a Megan Fox picture.

We're not sure where this photo is from, nor do we care. All we know is what Fox lacks in a bra, she makes up for in hotness...

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Megan Fox showed up at the premiere for Juno this week looking as gorgeous as ever.

The so-hot-it-should-illegal actress was on hand to support her friend, Diablo Cody, who penned the script for this critically acclaimed independent movie.

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Must you really ask why we felt the need to publish this Megan Fox picture? There hasn't been one on the site in weeks.

And that's far too long for the best looking celebrity this side of Jen Bunney. Just kidding. That spoiled co-star of The Hills sucks.

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Tara Reid may have some seriously plastic, misshapen giant boobs - but it's hard to deny that these snack treys make for solid cleavage.

We might have to rank them near the top of all celebrities, but another gorgeous actress and her lovely chest appear to have a lot to say about that.

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You can't blame Carmen Electra for trying to be sly like Megan Fox.

Considering how long it's been since the former has actually made celebrity news headlines, of course she'd simulate the pose of one of Hollywood's hottest actresses in order to get back in the spotlight.

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