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We know the headline above isn't exactly breaking news. You're probably thinking, "What's next, a story announcing that Ashlee Simpson is the worst singer in the world?"

This time, however, our staff isn't merely expressing our affection for Megan Fox; we're reporting a scientific fact.

Readers of FHM have voted the Transformers actress the Sexiest Woman in the World for 2008. You don't need to ask why, do you? Just check out the following Megan Fox photo now:

The Sexiest Woman in the World

Who else completed the top five in the poll?

We've listed them below, in order (left to right) of number-five through number-two. Click on the thumbnails now to get a clearer idea of which beauty is which, but here's a hint for one of them: Cash Warren must be proud.


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Jennifer's Body is Diablo Cody's follow-up to Juno.

The Oscar-winning screenwriter has reportedly penned a movie about a possessed cheerleader who murders her male classmates.

Sexy Signer

That sounds cool enough and, as fans of Juno, we'd likely line up to see the film when it hits theaters in 2009 no matter what. But after producer Jason Reitman went on The Howard Stern Show this week? We've never been more excited about a movie.

That's because, according to Movie Fanatic, star Megan Fox gets topless in a scene. Granted, Reitman added that Fox's hair covers most of her breasts, and that she's wearing a skirt.

Still, though: Megan Fox? Remotely naked? Sign us up.

Megan Fox doesn't need to take her clothes off to attract fans. But it can only help.


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We can't say we're big fans of the bathing suit Megan Fox is wearing for this retro photo spread in Allure magazine.

But we can say we're big fans of this gorgeous actress.

Megan Fox is Alluring

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We're not sure how many times we can say this, but it bears repeating. Again.

Brian Austin Green is the luckiest man in show business.

Fox Pic

Not only does the former Beverly Hills 90210 star get to date Megan Fox, but, well, take a look at her recent thoughts on sex below:

"I really enjoy having sex, and that's offensive to some people. Women are the quickest to call other women sluts, which I think is sad. I haven't met a lot of men who have said, ‘You like having sex? What a dirty whore you are,'" Fox said.

"I'm young and have a lot of hormones - I'm always in the mood! But I like sex with one person when I'm in a relationship. Sex with random people who I've met at clubs is not really my thing."

As you digest this incredible piece of information, take note: you can next see Fox in a movie in Diablo Cody's next project, Jennifer's Body.


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Let us get this straight:

Brian Austin Green gets to see Megan Fox naked on a nightly basis AND gets his crotch grabbed by the beautiful actress in public?!?

Megan Fox Clothed

Who'd have guessed David Silver would have a more luxurious lifestyle after graduating from California University than Brandon Walsh, Steve Sanders or Dylan McKay?


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We didn't think Megan Fox would ever be in our Celebrity Look-Alikes feature.

After all, who can match the intense sexiness of this young actress? While wannabe hotties such as Kim Kardashian give it a shot, they come across as more desperate and unnatural than attractive.

Bra Beauty

But now Sandra Nilsson has entered the (naked) picture. The model is the first Swede to pose for Playboy in over a decade, as she'll make men drool with her January 2008 centerfold next month.

Check out the resemblance between these two beauties below...

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We have no idea what the words on this issue of Rolling Stone from Japan say, but considering the photo they accompany, we can take a few educated guesses:

Megan Fox topless is hot!

Foxy on the Red Carpet

Megan Fox topless is sexy!

We wanna make sweet, sweet love to Megan Fox!

In any language, there's no denying the beauty of a Megan Fox naked picture.


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As winter hits and snowstorms bury various parts of the country, The Hollywood Gossip staff would like to do whatever possible to keep our readers nice and warm.

Hence, this Megan Fox naked photo. We're working up a sweat just staring at it...

Megan Fox Naked

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Look closely, fellas.

While Megan Fox isn't exactly pouring out of her top here - like Jessica Simpson in pretty much every picture - you can spot a nipple if you want to badly enough.

Come on. Peer in. Get a bit closer to your screen. A bit closer. Closer... there it is!

Megan Fox Nipple Slip?

It may not be a Megan Fox naked pic, but a hint of a nipple is worth pointing out.


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We interrupt this flood of celebrity gossip news - Suri Cruise is holiday shopping? Cisco Adler is dating Lisa D'Amato? - to bring you a Megan Fox picture.

We're not sure where this photo is from, nor do we care. All we know is what Fox lacks in a bra, she makes up for in hotness...

Megan Fox, Tattoo Photo

No Megan Fox naked? No worries. The actress still makes us drool.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled Britney Spears gossip and mayhem.