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Yesterday was PSY's 35th birthday, and one the Korean rapper will never forget.

As December 31 drew to a close, PSY and special guest Hammer reprised their epic American Music Awards performance with another joint effort in Times Square.

Watch the awesomely odd couple's Gangnam Style / 2 Legit 2 Quit mashup:

Two main takeaways from their New Year's Rockin' Eve 2013 performance:

  1. Hammer is 50! And still has pretty unreal dance moves and pants.
  2. PSY's semi-botched English interview was awfully endearing.

If he is retiring the song after this, he went out on a positive note.

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The 2012 American Music Awards saved the best for last Sunday.

No one can deny the ubiquity of PSY and his infectious hit "Gangnam Style," making the Korean rapper the perfect choice to close out the 40th annual AMAs.

The entire night led up to his performance, and amazingly, it exceeded the sky-high expectations. He can thank MC Hammer - the one and only - for that:

Halfway through PSY's performance - one not lacking for strobe lights, backup dancers, bedazzled pants and sunglasses - the stage went black.

All that was heard were two familiar words: "Stop. Hammertime."

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