Stop! Hammer time! MC Hammer rose to fame and helped put rap on the map in the early 1990s. Then he fell from grace almost as fast,...

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In many ways, rappers are like professional athletes: 

They're fiercely competitive; many view their talent as their only way to escape awful circumstances; they often experience success at a very young age...and they're frequently broke before they hit their mid-twenties.

And we're not even talking about the Vanilla Ices and MC Hammers whose riches to rags stories have become industry-wide cautionary tales.

Lil Kim
There's nothing lil about Kim's debt. The legendary femcee owes more than $2.5 million to her former record label and $1million to the goverment.

Many rappers who are still bragging about their wealth in club-banger verses have squandered sums greater than the GDPs of some small island nations.

Naturally, lots of celebrities go broke as their star begins to fade and they struggle desperately to continue living the lavish lives to which they've become accustomed, but rappers seem particularly vulnerable to the "spend fast, go bankrupt young" mentality.

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MC Hammer was arrested Thursday for obstructing a police officer - and launched into a series of Tweets denying wrongdoing and alleging profiling.

First, the officer's side of the story:

MC Hammer Mug Shot

Law enforcement officials in Dublin, Calif., said Hammer was in a vehicle with an expired registration and he was not the registered owner.

"After asking Hammer who the registered owner was he became very argumentative and refused to answer," police spokesman Herb Walters told CNN.

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Yesterday was PSY's 35th birthday, and one the Korean rapper will never forget.

As December 31 drew to a close, PSY and special guest Hammer reprised their epic American Music Awards performance with another joint effort in Times Square.

Watch the awesomely odd couple's Gangnam Style / 2 Legit 2 Quit mashup:

Two main takeaways from their New Year's Rockin' Eve 2013 performance:

  1. Hammer is 50! And still has pretty unreal dance moves and pants.
  2. PSY's semi-botched English interview was awfully endearing.

If he is retiring the song after this, he went out on a positive note.

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The 2012 American Music Awards saved the best for last Sunday.

No one can deny the ubiquity of PSY and his infectious hit "Gangnam Style," making the Korean rapper the perfect choice to close out the 40th annual AMAs.

The entire night led up to his performance, and amazingly, it exceeded the sky-high expectations. He can thank MC Hammer - the one and only - for that:

Halfway through PSY's performance - one not lacking for strobe lights, backup dancers, bedazzled pants and sunglasses - the stage went black.

All that was heard were two familiar words: "Stop. Hammertime."

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Look out, Google. Step off, Yahoo. Take your Bing promos and shove 'em, Vampire Diaries and other CW shows who plug that for reasons unknown.

MC Hammer is ready to dance all over the search engine world.

Yes, seriously ... we couldn't make up something this absurd.

Hammer, who took hip-hop by storm in the '90s, is hereby looking to do the same with the Internet world. He may be a few decades late, but hey.

MC Hammer Time!

STOP ... WIREDOO TIME! MC Hammer's gonna strike it rich!

"Yo man, I'm gonna WireDoo that," would be the catchphrase.

The WireDoo project has been in the making for two years now and will offer users a "deep search" ability (as opposed to ... whatever Google offers).

Hammer explains that the search supplies not just direct results, but info on possibly related topics. Its tagline is, "Search once and see what's related."

"It's about relationships beyond keywords," Hammer said, according to Mashable.

WireDoo is currently still in pre-beta and letting people sign up to test the search engine when a beta release is ready, so it's officially launched. Yet.

Try to contain your excitement in the meantime, and think of your best MC Hammer / search engine joke. 2 Legit 2 ... Search Only Keywords? #FAIL

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Rumors have been running rampant across celebrity gossip sites this week that MC Hammer is dead. Well, we're pleased to report that Hammer's time has not come.

Apparently, the rapper, whose real name is Stanley Kirk Burrell, is very much alive. His rep says someone else named Stanley Burrell died in the recent past, and rumors spread like wildfire confusing the two.

Phew! Aside from the family of the other Stanley Burrell, everyone is happy to hear this news. And have no fear - Britney Spears' career is still dead.

MC Hammer on the cover of his hit album, Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em.

The Hammer is best known for selling over 10 million albums in the early 1990s and forever changing the perception of rap in popular culture.

But like his contemporary, Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer soon faded from the spotlight and became a punchline, blowing more than $30 million in earnings, filing for bankruptcy and pretty much resorting to payday loans to keep the lights on.

He has since become an ordained minister and lives in Tracy, Calif., with his wife and six children. No word on whether he still wears those pants.

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MC Hammer Time! Stop! Hammer time! MC Hammer rose to fame and helped put rap on the map in the early 1990s. Then he fell from grace almost as fast,... More »
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