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Lindsay Lohan and Max George are NOT dating, The Wanted singer wants to make that clear … he's totes getting a$$ from her, though, and she's cool with that!

George completely denied their relationship on Twitter this week, because as far as she's concerned, what's to deny? No one's dating anyone here, guys!

Lindsay Lohan and Max George Photo

After Lindsay posted the above photo on Instagram, Max's fans erupted, threatening him with insane (but sort of understandable) comments such as:

"If you date Lindsay, I will die!"

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Lindsay Lohan and The Wanted singer Max George, who she's long had a thing for, are totally dating now - and maybe even somewhat seriously at that.

He just took her home to meet his parents in the U.K.!

AND it didn't even end in any drunken debauchery!

  • Max George From The Wanted
  • Hot Mess Anonymous

Lindsay and Max have been (unofficially) been dating since that night in November when she punched Tiffany Mitchell in the face at a club and got arrested.

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