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Good news, Jessica Simpson: You aren't the only wasted celebrity.

In fact, any time you feel like boozing, there's a good chance Matthew McConaughey will join you. And God bless him for that.

Go UT!

The actor is seen here having a good time during a break from filming Fool's Gold, a movie co-starring Kate Hudson being shot in Australia. Patrons of the bar say the actor was enjoying the scene until around 3 a.m., at which point he and a brunette left to get a "kebob."

We're not entirely sure what that means. Maybe we should ask a nymph such as Keeley Hazell.

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As he promotes his '70s football drama, We Are Marshall, Matthew McConaughey isn't merely wearing a shirt. He's decked out in garish green and brown suit.

"The plaid suit helped me find the character. I loved it. Still wearing them," the actor said.

Bare-Footed McConaughey

But did he love such attire as much as he loves a certain bike-riding pal? Come clean, Matthew, what is the deal between you and Lance Armstrong?

"Lance has been a great friend. He's one of the great new relationships I've found in the last couple years.

"He's a great man. You look for people or ideas who are inspiring and he definitely is. His second chapter, now that he's not riding the tour, is to be the face and leader of cancer research. And he's attacking that just like he did the tour."

Okay, we believe you. Sounds like a normal, Oprah/Gayle-type of friendship to us.
Moving on. Let's talk about that sexy physique (seen here in a beautiful Matthew McConaughey picture). Just how much iron do you pump?

"I haven't been in a gym in years, but I'm in shape. I either run, dance, ride the bike or swim every day. Physically, spiritually and mentally, I try to keep in shape. I feel better and have better energy. I try to eat right."

It sure is working. Even through the actor is no longer dating Penelope Cruz, we're guessing she misses those pecs and abs. The two do remain friends.

"I just saw (her new movie) Volver, in fact," McConaughey told People magazine. "She's going to get an Oscar nomination â€" or she should. She's incredibly excited about that film."

Finally, how did Matthew lose the 16 pounds he put on for We Are Marshall? The new movie he's filming with Kate Hudson, Fool's Gold, forced him to get back into the shape we all know and love.

Presumably, without a shirt on.

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We often mock Matthew McConaughey for taking his shirt off a lot. The truth, of course, is that if The Hollywood Gossip had those abs and pecs, we'd never hide behind a monitor.

Now, though, props must be given to the chiseled actor for keeping all his clothes on in the face of a shady threesome. And, no, it wasn't with Lance Armstrong and his bike.

Magic Mike Cast

McConaughey recently told Loaded magazine the following story:

"Two sisters once offered themselves to me. But they weren't single and one wanted to get away from her husband. I don't jive with that. You don't sleep with someone's lady if they're married because it will return and bite you in the ass."

Amen, Matthew. We'd assume, of course, that the sisters in question were Paris and Nicky Hilton. But neither is married.

The same unwed status removes Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen from the running. So we give up.

Of course, this could've taken place earlier last year ... and Jessica Simpson was still hitched at that time ... and Ashlee likes to have fun ... and Crazy Joe Simpson might have encouraged the romp ...

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Matthew McConaughey
had plenty of reasons to celebrate over the weekend.

His good friend and rumored boy toy, Lance Armstrong, completed the New York City Marathon in under three hours. The actor also turned 37.

Shoeless Matthew

So there was every reason to party hard - but we're a little frightened. Why did the sexy Texan keep his shirt on? As you can tell by every other Matthew McConaughey picture out there, it doesn't take much for the We Are Marshall star to bare half of it all.

Was it cold at the celebration? Has McConaughey put on a few pounds and grown self-conscious? We hope you don't go Kate Bosworth on us, Matthew.

You're beautiful just the way you are.

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Move over, Oprah, you're not the only non-gay celebrity anymore.

In the November issue of Details magazine, Lance Armstrong sets the record straight (pun ... intended!) about his relationship with Matthew McConaughey.

Skateboarding Stud

While they do, in fact, have adorable manly nicknames for one another - "LiveStrong" and "J.K. Livin" - the two are merely good buddies. Not that the pair didn't think about more, Lance joked:

"We tried it. Wasn't for us."

The two Austin natives have been friends for years, but really started to bond, says Armstrong, when their respective relationships with Sheryl Crow and Penelope Cruz dissolved.

Now single, each deals with tabloid attention differently.

"He's all tin cans and yam," says Lance of the famously granola McConaughy. "I get s**t on my Blackberry ... My cell phone. Most of it is bulls**t."

Perhaps Armstrong should hire Rumer Wills as a personal assistant to deal with such nonsense.

Just a thought.

Elsewhere, Armstrong expresses shock that President Bush wouldn't fork over $1 billion for his charity - given that bird flu, he says, received $7 billion. And he sets the record straight about Jake Gyllenhaal portraying his life story: He's not.

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Sorry, ladies, you won't be treated to another topless Matthew McConaughy picture here. We've posted plenty of those for your viewing pleasure.

But if it's facial hair you're in the mood for, you're in luck. Four times over! A quarter of Hollywood's leading men have been sporting some serious beards over the last few weeks. For some, such as Matt LeBlanc, it's not like he had anything else do to.

Baby Was on Board

Check 'em out:

So, who do you think looks the best under all this hair? It's okay if the answer isn't Peter Sarsgaard; that guy just had a baby with fiancee, Maggie Gyllenhaal.

You won't be able to wipe the smile off his face no matter what.

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There's more to life than Lance Armstrong and running around with your shirt off.

McConaughey Clan

Despite the numerous Matthew McConaughey pictures you might come across to the contrary, this actor is aware of that. That may be part of the reason he immediately committed to a role in the upcoming film, We Are Marshall, after reading the script.

McConaughey plays coach Jack Lengyel, who took over the Marshall University football team after a plane crash killed 75 players, coaches and community members in November 1970.

"There's two scripts I've read in my career I've made 37 films that as soon as I finished the last page, I said, 'I'm in, no matter what,'" McConaughey said.

Those two? We Are Marshall and his first film, 1993's Dazed and Confused.

"I finished the script and I couldn't get it off my mind," he said. "I had emotions that I haven't had in a while. I didn't know this story."

McConaughey will be joined on screen by Matthew Fox from Lost.

The film tells the story of a football program's rebuilding. Lengyel was hired in March 1971, four months after the team's chartered jet crashed into a hill short of Tri-State Airport in rain and fog.

The school had to recover and Lengyel led the way. A slew of walk-ons joined the few returning players - who were not on the plane - and a group of freshmen who were not allowed to play the previous fall due to NCAA restrictions.

It should be a serious role for McConaughey, a slight departure from recent laid back fare such as Failure to Launch.

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In a week filled with celebrity break-ups (who could've seen David Spade and Heather Locklear not lasting?!?), this would be welcome news:

Working Up a Sweat

It looks as though Matthew McConaughey may be slowing getting over Lance Armstrong. The often shirtless actor was recently seen cohoring closely with ex-girlfriend - and Suri Cruise believer - Penelope Cruz.

The stars were caught laughing and looking like a couple during a romantic lunch at the Madeo Italian restaurant in Beverly Hills on Wednesday. They left holding hands and both got into McConaughey's car!

Check please, huh, guys?

Let's just hope Matthew didn't follow the Paris Hilton rules of the road.

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The Gossip isn't here to judge. If you wish to refrain from eating for weeks on end, star in your own version of Sex and the City, or sweat alongside a cycling champion, that's your business.

At least the following celebrities seem to understand their places in society. They're role models, whether they wish to be or not. Grow inspired by their hopeful messages ...

Just look at Kate Bosworth (can you see her?). The star of Superman Returns hasn't returned for seconds at a buffet in years. But she wants everyone to know that it's okay to be really, really thin.

Hot Kate Bosworth Pic

Then, there's Lindsay Lohan. Ms. Firecrotch wants to make it known it's her duty to roll over for every guy she meets. Or sees from across the room. Or looks up in the Yellow Pages.

Lindsay Lohan Bikini Photo

Of course, Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong don't have this problem. They don't need to search for love or affection. They've found both, with one another.

  • Lance Armstrong Running
  • Sweaty and Sexy

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This isn't exactly a comparison we'd ever thought we'd make. Sure, the ladies swoon over a topless Matthew McConaughey. The man was once named by People as the Sexiest Man Alive. No surprise his torso draws attention.

But Today host, Matt Lauer? We didn't see that one coming! These two studs appear to have a lot more in common than just their first names, however. We're not even sure which image is more alluring.

  • Working Up a Sweat
  • Matt Lauer Gym Shorts

You tell us: Matt or Matthew?

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