The Lost star made his mark on Party of Five.

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Matthew Fox was definitely NOT drunk when he posted for his mug shot in his DUI case. We know this because he had the booking photo taken June 29, nearly two months after his arrest (May 4) and one month after his plea deal (June 1).

The cops' camera was broken May 4. Seriously. So, for posterity:

Matthew Fox Mug Shot

Fox returned to the Deschutes County Adult Jail in Bend, Oregon, to produce this insane celebrity mug shot for the county's files, even with his case settled.

The actor struck a plea deal with prosecutors, pleading no contest to DUI and agreeing to drug and alcohol treatment in exchange for not serving jail time.

If Fox complies with the court's orders, the entire case will go away. In addition to mug shots, you can also see Fox in the upcoming Alex Cross trailer.

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Matthew Fox has been involved in a number of bizarre, potentially dangerous incidents in the past year, and it may land the former Lost star in rehab.

The actor accepted a plea deal that will allow him to avoid jail time in his Oregon DUI case if he successfully completes a "court diversion program."

He pleaded no contest on June 1 to one count of driving under the influence of intoxicants, and will be forced to treat his apparent alcohol issue.

Matthew Fox and Margherita Ronchi

Matthew Fox and his wife, Margherita Ronchi.

"He has to go to an evaluator for alcohol [abuse] and complete any recommended treatment program," Deputy District Attorney Cliff Lu said of Fox.

If that means in-patient rehab, then that's what he'll do, based on the evaluator's recommendation. Only then can the DUI charge be expunged.

If Fox completes the terms of a diversion program within a year, the DUI charge, which could mean jail time, "is certain to be dismissed," says Lu.

Going to rehab might not be the worst thing. Last summer, Fox was accused of crotch-punching Heather Bormann, the driver of a party bus.

She dropped her lawsuit recently, but Fox's image took another hit when his former co-star Dominic Monaghan said he beats women, often.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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On balance, it was a pretty decent week for Matthew Fox.

The former Lost star's crotch-punching accuser dropped her (yes, her) case against him yesterday, and today, he struck a deal to avoid jail for DUI.

On the downside? His Lost co-star Dominic Monaghan said Fox beats women. Often. And stood by the comment. Not good PR there. Hey, 2-for-3.

Matthew Fox, Goatee

Fox was pulled over in Bend, Oregon, on May 4. Police observed the actor swerving out of his lane, decided Fox was intoxicated and arrested him.

In exchange for serving no jail time, Fox pleaded no contest to one count of DUI. The star's driving privileges have been revoked for one year.

He also can't drink alcohol during that time period, and must complete a drug and alcohol treatment program. If he does, the case disappears.

Whether his reputation recovers is a more open question.


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Point, Matthew Fox?

The same week this former Lost star faced extreme accusations from former colleague Dominic Monaghan - who Tweeted that Fox often beats women - he received good news in the case of a lawsuit filed against him by Heather Bormann, a female bus driver who alleges Fox punched her in a private area last summer:

It has been dismissed with prejudice, meaning Bormann cannot file again.

Photo of Matthew Fox

Bormann's attorney, J. Norman Stark, tells TMZ, the actor did not pay his client any kind of settlement. Instead, he actually admits to parting ways with Bormann due to her difficult attitude.

Fox, in response, has dropped his defamation suit against Bormann.

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This might make all future reunions of Lost cast members a bit awkward...

In response to a follower yesterday asking Dominic Monaghan to encourage former co-star Matthew Fox to join Twitter, the man behind Charlie Pace replied: "he beats women. No thanks."

  • Dominic Monaghan Picture
  • Fox, Matthew

Was this simply a reference to the drunken incident from August 2011 when Fox was accused of punching a female bus driver? Nope. Elaborated Monaghan to another Twitter fan:

"you don't know either of us. he beats women. not isolated incidents. often. not interested."

Moreover, the actor isn't afraid of any kind of legal retaliation by Fox because "an accusation is when you 'claim' someone did something wrong. i know," Monaghan wrote. "And it's very difficult to sue someone for speaking the truth."

Wow. Somewhere, Fox must be seething. And Team Breezy members must be lining up to defend him.


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Matthew Fox has run into more problems with the law and with alcohol.

About nine months after allegedly attacking a female bus driver in a drunken rage, the former Lost star was arrested for DUI in Oregon on Friday.

Matthew Fox, Margherita Ronchi

Police sources tell TMZ that Fox was booked at 3:23 a.m. local time, taken into custody and released later that day. Not many other details are available, but a passenger was reportedly in the car as well.

Fox, who lives in the local city of Bend, was on his way to a fast food joint for a very late-night bite, insiders tell the site.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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Actor Matthew Fox is off the hook for an early morning incident in which he allegedly and randomly attacked a female party bus driver in Cleveland last month.

The Prosecutor's Office reviewed the case, but decided not to charge Fox.

Heather Bormann filed a complaint against Fox on August 30, two days after the Lost star allegedly punched her repeatedly outside a Cleveland nightclub.

Matthew Fox, Goatee

The fight started when Fox, walking in the street, tried to board her bus, which had been rented for a bachelor party that he was not part of, she said.

Fox had one leg in the bus and one on the ground when she warned him to step off. Bormann said he refused, then started throwing punches at her.

"He got me pretty good," said Bormann, who adds she sustained an injury hitting back. "He was swinging at my legs, my chest and ultimately my crotch area."

No word if she plans to pursue a civil suit against the actor.


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The Cleveland party bus driver who claims Matthew Fox assaulted her is not backing away from the allegations. In fact, she's definitely pressing charges.

Heather Bormann says Fox "smelled like a bar" and was likely drunk when she warned him several times to stop trying to get on the party bus Saturday.

But, says Bormann, the Lost actor was undeterred, and "just stepped in for a right hook to my pelvis area and started wailing on me like I was a man."

Heather Bormann Picture

The chick Matthew Fox allegedly Lost it on.

Heather says she fought back in self-defense, landing a left to Matt's jaw at one point and showed off what she says are her battle scars in Cleveland.

Sporting some nasty bruises and a bandaged-up hand, she was definitely in altercation with someone or something, whatever happened with Fox.

Bormann plans to meet with prosecutors today to press charges.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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Matthew Fox has problems that extend beyond his unflattering facial hair below.

The former Lost star is under investigation for assault, as authorities tell TMZ the actor allegedly attempted to invade a party bus in Cleveland last night, only for the female driver, Heather Bormann, to block his path and for Fox to reportedly respond with a punch to her private parts and "stomach area."

Matthew Fox Photograph

Fox was handcuffed and detained. He was then released later in the night without a formal arrest being issued, although an investigation is ongoing.

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Rumors surfaced in February that Matthew Fox pulled a Josh Duhamel and cheated on his wife with some random stripper. Pretty wrong if it's true.

But Fox has finally broken his silence to say that it's not, and there was no such railage of Stefani Talbott at Stars Cabaret club in Bend, Oregon.

Fox has been married to wife Margherita for over 18 years, and in an interview with Playboy, he denied any sort of cheating on his better half.

Mysteries of the island remain, however (see Lost review from last night).

Matthew Fox, Wife

Matthew Fox and wife Margherita Fox.

"The story is not true, and I’m not going to comment [further] on it," he said. "Margherita and I have been best friends and best lovers."

"She's the love of my life."

"We have managed to both be intensely independent and maintain strength in our relationship. I am a man, and I am an appreciator of women. At the same time, Margherita is the s—. I can honestly say we're good together."

"We've been together for 23 years, so let's leave it at that."

Well, that settles that. Hopefully Fox is telling the truth and we can leave it at that, and he isn't hopping aboard the Jesse James Express to marriage exile.

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