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They've gone through some rocky times - are they divorced? are they not divorced? - but Matt Lauer and his wife, Annette, are now happy and healthy ... with a new born baby at home.

Matt, Annette Lauer

The couple's third child, a son named Thijs, was born earlier today.

"The baby was born this morning at 9:37 a.m. in New York City. He weighed 7 lbs., 4 oz.," Today spokesperson Megan Kopf said. "Mom, Dad and baby are all doing well."

The baby's unusual name - pronounced "Tice" - is a shortened form of Matthijs, which is Dutch for Matthew. No, it doesn't make sense for us, either. How normal does Jayden James Federline sound now?

"Annette is Dutch and in following with her heritage, the baby was given a Dutch name," said a source. Or maybe we should say, "a thsource."

Thijs joins brother Jack, 5, and sister Romy, 3. Despite the name mockery, we are very happy for Lauer and the Mrs. We hope they're as happy as Petra Nemcova and James Blunt.

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You loved the use of their current and former talk shows in that headline. Admit it. Here at THG, we do more than report on Lindsay Lohan car crashes. We like to keep it interesting and diverse, which leads us to the (hot) image below:

Kate Upton on Ellen

In an unexpected showdown of sexy talk-show gods (and goddesses), Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira go head-to-head, holding huge portraits of themselves in suggestive beach poses. Ellen DeGeneres is also in this picture, but not holding a similar shot of herself. Which is okay. She looks a little too much like Owen Wilson for our taste.

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Just when rumors of their romance had quieted down, Mario Lopez and Eva Longoria have seemingly let the cats out of the bag again. So to speak.

Yes, that is the pair dressed as a couple of supposedly friendly felines for Halloween, but we have our questions:

Beautiful Eva
  • Where was Tony Parker?
  • Where was Karina Smirnoff?
  • Who actually dresses in as boring a costume as a cat these days?

It almost makes Leonardo DiCaprio seem creative with his outfit selection this year.

Meanwhile, in a battle of sordid Saved by the Bell alums, the Screech sex tape still trumps any dirty Slater shanningans. But we've got our eye on you, A.C. and Eva.

We've also got our eye on Matt Lauer. He looks incredibly similar to Johnny Depp in this Jack Sparrow costume. Now THAT's how you do Halloween!

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Is Matt Lauer leaving his wife for President Bush?

No, of course not. But that doesn't mean the Lauer union is going along smoothly.

Matt Lauer Loves Meredith

As they await their third child together, Matt and his wife, Annette, are trying to keep their marriage from dissolving.

On Sept. 13, Annette filed a petition in Manhattan Supreme Court seeking a split from her husband, but, according to Rush & Molloy, the former model is withdrawing the petition, and a rep for the couple says today that they're "not getting divorced."

Don't worry about the confusion, guys. Anna Nicole Smith didn't really get married, either.

Last spring, the Lauers separated, then reconciled. It's unclear when the baby is expected, but this much is certain: Lauer really IS frickin ripped!

Check out those goods again, Annette, before packing your bags.


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When it comes to Matt Lauer or Matthew McConaughey, President George W. Bush had made up his mind: he's voting yes ... on rock hard abs!

Before sitting down for an interview with the Today show host, President Bush shared his latest reading material with Lauer. And this photographer.

Matt Lauer: King of Cool

Stay the course ... of your workout regimen!

While Bush is yet to comment on the Suri Cruise pictures, we're sure that's next in line for the president as he aims to view anything that doesn't have "9/11 Commission" sprawled across the front cover.

We hope our Laguna Beach reviews are next!


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This isn't exactly a comparison we'd ever thought we'd make. Sure, the ladies swoon over a topless Matthew McConaughey. The man was once named by People as the Sexiest Man Alive. No surprise his torso draws attention.

But Today host, Matt Lauer? We didn't see that one coming! These two studs appear to have a lot more in common than just their first names, however. We're not even sure which image is more alluring.

  • Working Up a Sweat
  • Matt Lauer Gym Shorts

You tell us: Matt or Matthew?

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Katie Couric, what are you thinking?!? You had a seat every morning next to Matt Lauer and you turned that down just to report on depressing news every night?

Perhaps Katie never accompanied Lauer and his family to
Southhampton, New York, where this picture was taken. Looks to us like Matt would give Nick Lachey a run for his well-sculpted money:

Matt Lauer Gym Shorts