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Matt Lauer can't win these days.

The Today host is taking heat for his interview with Chris Brown, with some viewers saying he was too tough and others saying he wasn't tough enough.

Chris Brown and Matt Lauer

Some Chris Brown fans are angry that he even brought up the 2009 beating of Rihanna, and whether or not he'll do that again (Chris says he absolutely won't).

Brown’s detractors, meanwhile, believe that Lauer danced around the seriousness of the brutal attack by not referring to it directly or for long enough.

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Don't believe everything you read about Matt Lauer and Today.

So says executive producer Don Nash, who recently sat in on a focus group filled with women and heard their response to the question of what would cause them to stop watching the NBC morning program.

"Every one of them said, 'If Matt Lauer were to leave,'" Nash says. "Their opinions didn't square with what we had been reading in the papers and on websites."

Patient Matt Lauer

That's for sure.

Lauer has been under major fire over the past few weeks, from reportedly making sexist remarks about female producers... to being responsible for Ann Curry's firing... to apologizing to a former intern for not being very nice.

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Matt Lauer is not having the best week.

Earlier in the week he learned that his job may be in jeopardy, and that the Network has talked to Anderson Cooper about taking over The Today Show.

Now he has to deal with some Twitter haters!

Matt Lauer on NBC

Local Fox reporter Mark Zinni, who used to intern under Lauer, RT'd someone quoting him about his time at Today, including that Lauer was "not so nice."

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Just when you think things can't get worse for Matt Lauer...

According to the latest issue of Us Weekly - which features Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn on the cover - the embattled Today Show host was asked awhile back to help select one of three female producers to come in and turn around the program's dwindling ratings.

Lauer allegedly nixed all three and "told a senior staffer the idea of these women running the show reminded him of Lilith Fair."

Matt Lauer Today Show Shot

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A new cover story in New York magazine seeks to expose the mess that has led The Today Show to its lowest ratings in year.

And while author Joe Hagan reports that Matt Lauer nearly left for ABC last year, the most explosive passages document that anchor contentious relationship with Ann Curry.

Former Today Show Crew

"Everybody at NBC, everybody at the Today show, everybody understood that Ann was kicked out of her position because Matt didn't want her there," an important NBC staffer told Hagan for the story. "That's why it was so personal between Ann and Matt."

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As NBC considers whether or not to fire Matt Lauer, a new report states that the network was nearly rid of the anchor a year ago.

According to New York magazine, Lauer was ever so close to leaving for ABC last year once his Today Show contract was up.

He nearly bolted once news spread that Ryan Seacrest was up for his job.

Matt Lauer on NBC

Joe Hagen writes that Lauer learned of the Seacrest rumor "while being forced to stand outside the security gate at the White House Christmas party because Ann Curry had forgotten her driver’s license" and, as a result, grew especially bitter at NBC/

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With talk continuing to fly that Matt Lauer may be fired as lead anchor of The Today Show, a new report suggests that the reporter is being wooed for another high-profile job:

Host of Jeopardy.

Matt Lauer, Scarf

Alex Trebek is expected to step down from the iconic game show when his contract is up in 2016, and The New York Post claims Lauer is a leading contender to replace him.

Sony Pictures Television is also considering Anderson Cooper, according to the newspaper

Can you picture Lauer trying to stump contestants with trivia question? Would he made a good Jeopardy host?


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Today's edition of the Today mill focuses on Ann Curry and her alleged reaction to reports that Matt Lauer may be fired from the struggling show.

If you assumed Curry would be laughing all the way to the bank with her severance check, think again. She's more upset with NBC than anything.

Matt Lauer and Ann Curry on Today

While plenty pissed at her former co-host - who she wishes would just shut up - Curry places the blame on NBC for empowering Lauer in the first place.

According to reports, the powers that be have allowed him to become a diva, when they should've limited his power and kept him focused on journalism.

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Embattled Today host Matt Lauer may soon be fired by NBC if the tanking morning show's fortunes don't turn around fast, according to a new report.

Lauer’s popularity has plummeted in the past year, according to the New York Times, and execs met with the staff to discuss the show's struggles.

A Matt Lauer Pic

Staff members were alleged told that, “what matters most is the anchor connection to the audience; what we need to work on is that connection.”

“What they meant was Matt. But no one would say it,” one senior staff member told the Times about the meeting held to to discuss Today focus group data.

Lauer was not at that meeting.

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Ann Curry feels betrayed by NBC and Matt Lauer and just wishes her former Today colleague would shut his yap, according to a new tabloid report.

This week, he admitted the show messed up firing Curry - or at least how it was handled - but he also made other comments that were less flattering.

Ann Curry and Matt Lauer

He told the Daily Beast that she wasn’t his first choice to replace Meredith Vieira, and that he lobbied for Katie Couric to rejoin the show instead.

The two were even prepared to team up on a syndicated daytime show, but negotiations broke down and Katie went to ABC, while Matt stayed put.

Caught in the crossfire - as she was back then - is Ann.

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