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Dear Today Show and Matt Lauer -

We know your ratings need a boost. And we know your reputation is in the drain and viewers need to see you as a fun-loving host, not someone who demeans your staffers.

But still. No. Just... no.

On The Today Show's Halloween spectacular this morning, Al Roker dressed as Mr. T and Kathie Lee Gifford was Wilma from The Flintstones. But the classic costumes were all a lead-up to Lauer coming out as Pamela Anderson from Baywatch.

We wish we were making this up. And we really wish we could un-see this:

  • Matt Lauer GIF
  • Matt Lauer Dressed as Pamela Anderson

Anderson, meanwhile, doesn't even look like this anymore, having just gotten a new pixie cut.

And forget Julianne Hough in blackface. This is FAR more offensive.

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Matt Lauer may be a member of the media, but that doesn't mean he's a fan of the media.

Asked in the latest issue of Esquire about Ann Curry's firing and the blame for it being placed at his feet, the embattled Today anchor could not hide his disdain for how the event was covered.

Relaxed Matt Lauer

"The way the media treated what happened with Ann Curry was a disappointing learning experience," he says. "I was disappointed by the laziness of the media, the willingness to read a rumor, repeat that rumor, and treat it as a fact."

Those rumors, of course, have not quieted for Lauer.

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Matt Lauer is not a popular man around The Today Show set these days.

That's been the case for a long time, of course, but Radar Online claims Lauer is especially under fire right now because nine employees were recently canned - and the anchor's alleged refusal to take a pay cut is being blamed for their pink slips.

Downtrodden Matt Lauer

“It has really irked the staff because Matt is the highest paid journalist in the business, and he only works four days a week!" the insider says. "If he had agreed to a one percent pay cut, those jobs could have been saved.”

Lauer earns $25 million per year, but rumors continue to persist that Today may fire its lead anchor.

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After bailing on the Today Show last Friday, Paula Deen appeared this morning in an exclusive interview with Matt Lauer, and emotions ran high.

Defiantly, and tearfully, she said she doesn't need to change when it comes to using offensive words - even if they got Deen fired by Food Network.

Paula told Lauer, who didn't throw her any softballs:

"If there's anyone out there that has never said something they wish they could take back, please pick up that stone and throw it so hard at my head that it kills me."

"I is what I is and I'm not changing."

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In an interview with Howard Stern that is sure to make his wife extremely pleased, Today host Matt Lauer says Katie Couric is "very attractive."

Like 9-out-of-10 hot. Maybe even 10-out-of-10!

Matt Lauer and Katie Couric

Guess that on-air chemistry that produced years and years of ratings wins - ones that seem like a distant memory for maligned Matt now - was real.

“She’s a very attractive woman, not only physically but her personality,” Lauer gushed of his former co-host. “If she’s a 9 or 10 physically, she’s a 14 overall."

"Because ... she’s just got a great personality. She’s fun.”

We have no doubt. But down boy. Cold shower time.

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Its no secret that Matt Lauer and Ann Curry did not get along well during the latter's tenure as co-host of Today.

But a new report suggests Curry has plenty of company in that regard, as an insider tells Radar Online:

“The way Matt treats staffers at work is so derogatory and dismissive... He is so demeaning to many people on the staff. He is cordial to his fellow hosts and the senior executives, but to anyone below him they say he treats them like dirt.”

Matt Lauer on Today Set

Dirt, of course, could also describe ratings for the program, which consistently now loses out to Good Morning America.

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PSY performed on the Today show this morning, treating the crowd to a live rendition of "Gentleman" and teaching Matt Lauer the moves to his new hit.

The last part was pretty awkward.

After the Korean rapper performed "Gentleman," the anchor showed off his dance moves with PSY on live TV, and it was a bit uncomfortable to witness.

Just skip ahead to the 8:00 mark:

On the plus side for Matt Lauer:

  1. Al Roker and David Gregory looked even more absurd trying to dance to "Gangnam Style," which happened later in the broadcast.
  2. At least this kind of bad coverage is a change of pace from his usual bad coverage, as it had nothing at all to do with Ann Curry.

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Matt Lauer now has at least TWO people in his corner.

A few days after Kathie Lee Gifford expressed her support for the embattled Today anchor - even offering to run a full page ad in USA Today signed by hundreds of show staff members - Meredith Vieira has now come out and done the same.

  • Meredith Vieira Red Carpet Pic
  • Matt Lauer and Wife

Asked by The New York Post whether she will read Brian Stelter’s “Top of the Morning," a book that exposes the ongoing mess at Today, the former co-host said no, adding:

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Hey, at least Matt Lauer has someone in his corner!

With the embattled anchor continuing to face criticism for Ann Curry's firing and for the faltering Today show ratings, Kathie Lee Gifford came out this week in support of her colleague.

  • Kathie Lee Gifford Smiles
  • What, Matt Lauer Worry?

"I don’t like somebody taking blame for something that they’re not responsible for,” Gifford said of Lauer and the many rumors that he pushed for Curry's ousting.

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Hosting a UJA-Federation of New York event celebrating Bloomberg Media Group CEO Andrew Lack this week, Matt Lauer got into one of pop culture's newest time-honored traditions:

Mocking Matt Lauer!

With Today ratings falling and rumors continuing to swirl that Lauer may be fired, the reporter tried to make light of his circumstances in front of attendees in NYC.

Matt Lauer and Chris Brown

Note to Matt Lauer: Do not stand next to Chris Brown if you wish to clean up your image.

"If you've been following the papers lately, you know it's been a bit rough for me," Lauer said. "These days, I only get asked to host dinners if polio is busy. Yup, I have a lower Q rating than polio right now."

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