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On The Bachelor last night, host Chris Harrison informs the girls that there will be one group date and two one-on-one dates. If the lucky lady does not receive a rose on her one-on-one date, though, she will immediately be sent home.

Holly is the first to receive an invitation to a private date with Matt - a private premiere of the new Patrick Dempsey movie, Made of Honor.

Before they could head in to watch the movie, they faced an onslaught of faux celebrity news media, answering questions and posing for pics.

The two cuddled in the theater. After the film, Matt Grant took Holly back to a hotel room where he tried to get a handle on her feelings for him.

Matt worried that they were too comfortable with each other and maybe, were even missing a spark, but a little later on, they ended up in the hot tub together where they made out. Matt Grant gave Holly a rose. HOT!

Ten women find out that they'll be heading on a group date to play rugby. The only woman not invited was Shayne Lamas, who got a one-on-one date.

Matt was impressed with how the women played and invited them to his place for a party. There, Matt spent some time with Robin and kissed her in the hot tub. He also made his way into a room with Kelly, where he got a massage.

Grant. Matt Grant.

At the end of this sexy night, Matt Grant decided to give out a rose to Robin, for impressing him both on and off the rugby field. Nice!

Next, Matt headed out on his one-one date with ca-razy Shayne, where she finally revealed that her dad is Lorenzo Lamas (and brother is AJ Lamas)!

Matt Grant said he has concerns that because she's an actress, her intentions are not sincere. Shayne Lamas changed his mind and the two kissed.

Ultimately, he gave Shayne Lamas a rose, meaning Holly, Robin, and Shayne are already safe pre-ceremony. Matt Grant hands out the remaining roses to:

  1. Amanda
  2. Ashlee
  3. Kelly
  4. Chelsea
  5. Noelle
  6. Marshana

Kristine, Erin S., and Amy are eliminated from The Bachelor at this time, their dreams of marrying a trophy husband shattered on national TV. Sad.

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All reality TV show contestants entertain us in their own ways, but we may truly have something special and unique in Shayne Lamas from The Bachelor.

She's Lorenzo Lamas' daughter, for one, but it goes beyond that. There is a longing, a desperation to be famous lingering deep within Shayne Lamas that defies even the lofty expectations set forth by appearing on The Bachelor at all.

She made her mark early on this season, emerging as one of the more insane assertive girls during the cocktail party premiere of The Bachelor.

That was just her getting warmed up.

During Monday night's episode, Shayne went all-in at a competition in Las Vegas in which the girl who won the most money got a date with Matt Grant.

She lost all her money instantly. Then cried about it.

Shayne Lamas complained, fighting back tears all the way, about how she's having such a hard time sharing Matt Grant with all the other girls.

She even pulled Matt aside and whined about how awful it is - it's just breaking her heart, people - for her to share a man. *whimper*

A man she's talked to for about 14 minutes in life. On a reality show.

She decided she's going to stay on the show, because she "might have feelings" for Matt Grant. She definitely has them for fame.

We salute you, Shayne Lamas. Keep up the good work

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On the second episode of this season of The Bachelor, the first group of women receive a date box and find out they'll be going to a runway show.

When Ashlee, Kristine, Marshana, Noelle, Michelle, Amanda, Erin H, and Holly arrive at a destination, they find out they'll be the ones modeling the clothing.

The next group of ladies - Amy, Carri, Chelsea, Erin S., Kelly, Robin, and Shayne Lamas - head to Las Vegas. Matt Grant tells them that they have 30 minutes to gamble and win themselves as much money as possible.

The woman with the most money wins a 30-minute date with Matt Grant.

How did Matt Grant make his decision and pare down the field?

Did Shayne Lamas make it? Who was this week's Stacey Elza?

Continue reading after the jump and find out!

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Stacey Elza, who was rejected on the season premiere of The Bachelor on Monday, nonetheless made quite an impression on Matt Grant and viewers.

But she says she didn't give Matt her "real" panties.

On Monday's The Bachelor: London Calling, the Chicago graduate student, 26, slipped Grant, 27, her underwear "to spice things up a little bit."

"I'm spontaneous, outgoing," she added, "and I figured, why not?"

It didn't work.

Matt Grant dispatched Stacey Elza as well as nine other would-be ex-fiancees Monday night, remarking that "I don't give a $h!t what country you're from, that is not cool." It's difficult to argue with that kind of logic.

Stacey Elza

Stacey Elza's creative move failed to woo Matt Grant.

But at least they were, um, washed.

"For the record, they were an extra pair," Stacey Elza added.

"They did not literally come off my body."

That's certainly nice to know... and at the same time a little disappointing. Oh well. Also on Monday, fortunately, Shayne Lamas made the cut.

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It wouldn't be The Bachelor without thoughts from ESPN's Sports Gal.

Well, sure it would, but it wouldn't be quite as funny.

Here's what she had to say about Monday's premiere. Sounds like The Sports Gal liked it, and is a pretty big fan of Matt Grant... who wouldn't be?


The Bachelor started Monday night, and it was, as usual, a competitive first show because girls were doing everything to impress the bachelor -  including singing, arm wrestling and playing the clarinet.

It was like a beauty contest for crazy people.

They always have one black contestant who makes it two rounds before she gets voted off. [Bill Simmons, aka The Sports Guy] always compares her to Gonzaga because she's an underdog who never makes the Final Four.

Granted ...

Anyhoo, this year's bachelor is A HOT GUY FROM BRITAIN [take a bow, Matt Grant] and seems to really like this year's black contestant, so maybe she will make the Final Four before Gonzaga does!

The other highlight from last night other than THE BACHELOR BEING REALLY HOT was a woman with fake lips who got tanked, fondled the bachelor's knee and gave him her panties before passing out face-first on a bed.

I love this show.

Ladies, did I mention that THE BACHELOR IS SMOKING HOT????

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Last night on The Bachelor, Matt Grant pared a very sexy field of gold-digging, fake seeming trophy wives down to 15. That's still too many for us to call any of them clear favorites, but one of them caught our eye - and his.

The hot blonde introduced only as Shayne is actually Shayne Lamas - the daughter of actor and action star Lorenzo Lamas, and a sister of former Lindsay Lohan boy toy A.J. Lamas. Small world, huh? Not that Matt Grant is complainin' ...

Shayne Lamas Picture

Shayne Lamas is one of 15 remaining contestants on The Bachelor.

Here's Shayne's official bio from The Bachelor homepage ...

Name: Shayne Lamas
Age: 22
Occupation: Actress
Birthplace: Malibu, CA
Hometown: Lake Havasu, AZ
Resides: Toluca Lake, CA

That's a lot of hometowns, but perhaps Shayne Lamas has another in mind... this season, of course, has been named The Bachelor: London Calling.

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The Bachelor returned to TV last night and when we first laid eyes on Matt Grant, we were go glad that jackass Brad Womack is officially Bachelor history.

The debonair Englishman - the first international star in 12 seasons of The Bachelor - didn't waste any time charming the panties off his 25 potential ex-fiancees.

In one case, literally.

The Bachelor debuted last night with a cocktail party starring the handsome Matt Grant - and as the 25 women arrived, they had no idea he was British.

Not that they minded. After a night of getting to know them, Grant cut 10 women and got ready to embark on a journey with his 15 favorites.

Grant. Matt Grant.

How did Matt Grant reach his difficult decisions?

One by one, the women got out of the limo to meet The Bachelor, Matt Grant. Of course, everyone was nervous but he tried hard to put them at ease.

Some girls were confused by the accent and asked him where he was from. He took it all in stride, joking and flirting with the women.

At first, Matt Grant seemed most attracted to blondes, but a few others, like Marshana and Robin, caught his eye as well.

The women stopped at nothing to make a great first impression. Chelsea arm wrestled Matt and faked a loss to appease her. That's a new one.

Michelle P. played the clarinet while Ashlee sang a song that she wrote especially for Matt. Denise sparked a political debate and Carri chewed through a tin can.

Seriously, it had to be seen to be believed.

Stacey was craziest of all with a foul mouth, aggressive flirting, and the coup de gras - going Britney Spears style and removing her underwear in public.

She shoved it Matt's pocket. This pretty much punched her ticket home.

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They're hot and they're about to be two of the biggest stars on the reality TV scene. DeAnna Pappas, who was rejected by Brad Womack on the stunning finale of The Bachelor last season, returns this summer as The Bachelorette.

Starting this evening at 9:30 EDT on ABC, Matt Grant takes over for Womack as The Bachelor begins its 12th season. Heck, all the handsome Englishman needs to do is pick a damn winner and he'll be an improvement over that stiff Brad.

Who are these hotties? We'll have to get to know them better in the coming weeks and months to really answer that, but for starters, here are a few Matt Grant photos and DeAnna Pappas pictures to get you acclimated ...

Click to enlarge the pics of these possibly no-longer-available hotties!

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The identities of the 25 women who will compete for the affection of Matt Grant on The Bachelor: London Calling - the 12th season of The Bachelor hotness - have been revealed in advance of the season's March 17 premiere.

The 27-year-old "global financier" and Bishop's Stanford native represents the first international star of The Bachelor in the show's storied history.

Matt Grant is "totally charming and [a] witty English gentleman [who] works with millionaire businessmen, but he has something on his mind that is more urgent than any business deal - he wants to find the love of his life and to start a family as soon as possible," according to ABC's official bio of the stud muffin.

Monday, Matt Grant will get the ball rolling as he embarks on this quest by meeting his 25 hot, potential ex-fiancees during a cocktail party.

Matt Grant and Bachelor Women

Monday, these bachelorettes won't waste anytime in trying to woo Matt Grant.

Their methods are a bit bizarre - an aspiring singer croons him a tune she wrote just for him; a General Hospital actress starts boasting about her family's acting credits; a fashion designer models a handmade dress; and a graduate student takes off her thong and slips it into his pocket. And so on.

The 25 bachelorettes appearing on The Bachelor: London Calling have been revealed. Follow the jump for the complete list ...

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Matt Grant: I then dumped her three weeks after The Bachelor.

Just kidding. We think. Would it surprise you with the track record of this show? The Hollywood Gossip thinks that it would not.

In any case, Grant, the star of The Bachelor: London Calling, which debuts next Monday, says of his experience on the long-running reality TV show, "I definitely found love. It was incredible. I'm still buzzing from it now."

Matt Grant is the first international star in The Bachelor history, something he was worried about prior to meeting his 25 American suitors.

"I was concerned about how that would go down," said Grant. "Overall, it went down really well. But I won't lie, I was concerned for sure."

One thing Grant wasn't concerned about was The Bachelor trend in which the show's stars always dump their chosen females in real life.

Or, in the case of last season's star, Brad Womack, they reject both of the finalists in favor of no one. Because that makes a lot of sense.

Fortunately, one of last season's two spurned finalists, DeAnna Pappas, will return as The Bachelorette this summer. Yet the sting lingers.

It's a good thing Matt Grant is not fazed by the past.

"If you were to go by track records, life would be pretty dull," he said. "Those guys weren't me. I was confident that I could come onto this and be myself and I was hoping that there would be that one person that would stand out - someone with those unique qualities. I'm not too fussed about the track record of the show... As far as I'm concerned, [The Bachelor history] didn't bother me in the slightest."

Continue reading this interview with Matt Grant here ...

Matt Grant Biography

Matt Grant Bachelor Picture Matt Grant is the most recent star of The Bachelor, and from the very beginning, he was excited to take center stage and mack on all... More »
Hertfordshire, England
Full Name
Matthew Christian Grant

Matt Grant Quotes

I know when I look in those beautiful brown eyes that you'll always be there for me and I hope that you know that I'll always be there for you. "Shayne, I love you and I have something for you. Monkey, will you marry me?

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We sit down together and just laugh off all the ridiculous stories that get thrown our way. All things considered we are doing really well.

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