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Kevin Federline's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is (K-)fed up with Britney Spears - and TMZ reports that he will be seeking sanctions against her.

Sources connected with the case say Kaplan is furious that Britney was too "sick" or "anxious" to give a deposition Monday - but not too sick to go party that evening.

Plans are underway for Kaplan to ask Commissioner Scott Gordon to bar Britney Spears from asking for anything more than she already has under court order.

This is - rather amazingly - the fourth (!) time Britney Spears has not shown up for her mandatory court deposition, and Kaplan feels the train wreck should not be allowed to have her pork rinds and them too. Well, so to speak.

In other words, she should not be allowed into court to ask for custody if she won't sit for a deposition to determine if she really is a fit parent.

Mark Vincent Kaplan could ask for other penalties, including attorney's fees. He could also ask that Spears be held in contempt, but he probably won't go there. Yet.

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With his custody battle over Sean Preston and Jayden James raging on, the great K-Fed has come under intense scrutiny for what many feel are ulterior motives in hauling his lunatic ex-wife's ass into court every other day.

Well, Federline's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, tells Us Weekly that his client is looking out for the kids and that reports he is going after Britney Spears just to increase child support payments for his own benefit are false.


Kevin Federline: It's not about the money, yo!

Saying that Kevin Federline cares only for the safety and futures of his young boys, ages 2 and 1, Mark Vincent Kaplan has released a statement on the matter:

"Every two months, rumors have been raised in the media that Kevin Federline's lawyers are about to go into court to get more money for child support. Persistent questions are again being raised about the timing of when that will happen."

"As I've said, I know where to find the courthouse and what to do when I get there. If Mr. Federline had wanted to increase child support payments, that would be very easy to achieve and would have been requested long before now."

"There has not been and is not now a request before the court for a modification of child support. Kevin Federline's purpose in bringing this action continues to be one that is based upon the best interest of the children as his highest priority."

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Lawyers for Britney Spears and Kevin Federline faced off and hammered out a holiday visitation schedule for their kids, Sean Preston and Jayden James.

Currently, Spears only has twice-weekly access to her sons, Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, including an overnight visit. No details of the visitation schedule for the upcoming holidays have been revealed to the celebrity news media.

The Circus Main Event

During Thanksgiving Day, Britney Spears took Sean and Jayden to the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills for a brunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

The alleged singer dropped the mistakes off at FedEx's home later that afternoon. She then went shopping with Sam Lutfi, naturally. What else is a girl to do.

Also at issue in the courtroom Monday was the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services' request for access to the former couple's case file - in particular documents, which have been redacted.

A lawyer for the county was present, and requested that media be removed before he addressed the court. Neither Spears nor K-Fed was present.

Lawyers Anne Kiley and Mark Vincent Kaplan ran the show in their absence. The couple's next scheduled hearing is set for January 23.

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Kevin Federline's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is speaking out about a recent report that Britney Spears has hired a private investigator to dig up dirt in their ongoing custody battle.

"I think that if that is what they need to do, or have to do, to have at it," said Kaplan. "I don't think it will, in any way, be a good use of funds. But I can't stop that from happening."

Mark Vincent Kaplan said it would be a waste of time for them to follow around K-Fed.

"I don't think he would be concerned about it, and I don't think he has to change anything he is doing in order to address that," the attorney added.

Meanwhile, Britney Spears' attorney, Anne Kiley, revealed Monday that Spears â€" who has been banned from driving with her kids in the car â€" has decided to hire a driver to avoid any dangerous incidents with the paparazzi.

Although Mark Vincent Kaplan said he hasn't seen proof that Britney Spears, 25, has hired a driver or read Kiley's statement, he said that "anything that puts the children in a car that reduces the risk ... I am all for that."

Kaplan said his client, Federline, tries his best not to take his kids out in front of the press: "He's pretty good about keeping the kids at home with him unless there is a compelling reason they need to be somewhere."

Hard to argue with that logic. Unless you're Britney.

It's been a tough day for Britney Spears, who we also learned lost her virginity to Reg Jones at age 14. But she's got George Clooney in her corner! The star commented on the celebrity news media following Britney:

"You look at the footage of Britney running that red light - there's eight guys with cameras at night in the middle of the street. There are no rules now," he told ET. "It's getting to a point where people that are not involved are getting hurt."

"What they're doing is dangerous and illegal," George Clooney added. "They are not trying to just catch me doing something stupid; they are trying to create something stupid. You don't get to break all these laws and then say, 'I'm just doing my job.' The guys that commit all these crimes are rewarded for it."

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As Britney Spears' parenting skills are coming under intense scrutiny, Kevin Federline's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, talked to Us Weekly about it.

In addition to having a cool sounding name, the attorney shed light on the couple's divorce, custody situation, and K-Fed's concerns about the safety of his children when with Spears.

Us Weekly: Is Kevin Federline happy with Monday's court proceedings finalizing the divorce?
Mark Vincent Kaplan: I think that he was pleased that that phase of the case could be finalized.

Us: How does he feel about the current 50/50 shared custody agreement?
Mark Vincent Kaplan: I think that Kevin would like to have as much custody as he could get because he feels that the children would benefit by that. I'm sure Britney Spears wants more custody as well. I don't think anyone should draw any presumption or conclusion from the fact that the judgment was entered on Monday, that everything is fine as of Monday.

Us: Is the question of custody still open?
Mark Vincent Kaplan: The judgment could be filed but it might not relate to the current circumstances, it might relate to prior ones, and there's always an ability to at least apply to the court that you need to change in the interest of the kids.

Us: What's Kevin like as a father?
Mark Vincent Kaplan: I don't want to talk about the kids, but I can say that he is a hands-on dad and I think that he is a very focused parent who believes that any kids, but especially kids of this young age, need to have structure and consistency and that he has always provided that and wants to make sure that they get the benefit of that as much as possible.

Us: Is he concerned when Sean Preston and Jayden James aren't under his care?
Mark Vincent Kaplan: Well I can't say how he feels about it, but I can say that all of these things that come out [about Britney], if true, are cause for concern to me. He is someone who has gone out of his way to protect his kids as much as possible. I don't recall ever seeing a picture of him with his kids in tow out in public because he feels that could subject them to an unnecessary risk and doesn't benefit them. His desire is that these kids have a chance to grow up free, in as normal an environment as possible. He's somebody that never has tried to boost his appearance in public through his children.

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