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South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford repeatedly asked his wife's permission to visit his lover, Maria Belen Chapur, in the months after she discovered his affair.

"I said absolutely not. It's one thing to forgive adultery; it's another thing to condone it," Jenny Sanford said in her first comments on the affair.

Jenny said that when Mark Sanford, inexplicably went off the grid last week, she hoped he was hiking on the Appalachian Trail, as his staff claimed at first.

That he had dared go to Argentina to see his mistress left her stunned.

"He was told in no uncertain terms not to see her," she said. "I was hoping he was on the Appalachian Trail. But I was not worried about his safety."

"I was hoping he was doing some real soul searching somewhere and devastated to find out it was Argentina [with Maria Belen Chapur]. It's tragic."

The Sanfords had separated about two weeks ago. Mark Sanford told the family that he wanted some time away to work on writing a book and "clear his head."

The S.C. First Lady said, "I had every hope he was not going to see her."

"You would think that a father who didn't have contact with his children, if he wanted those children, he would toe the line a little bit," she said.

Mark Sanford returned Wednesday to end nearly four days of speculation over his whereabouts, publicly confess his cheating and emotionally apologize.

Jenny Sanford, a Georgetown-educated, former Wall Street vice president, did not stand next to her husband Wednesday during his public confession.

She said she discovered her husband's affair with Maria Belen Chapur early this year after coming across a copy of a letter to her in one of his files.

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The only people happy about the cheating scandal surrounding South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford this week may be Jon and Kate Gosselin.

After all, Sanford's affair with - and racy emails to - his Argentine mistress Maria Belen Chapur have captivated scandal-crazed gossip readers.

A TV station in Argentina appeared to beat the paparazzi to the punch, said the New York Post, unearthing an older Maria Belen Chapur video.

Argentina's La Prensa claims the video of Maria Belen Chapur dates back to late 2001, when she was covering the one-month anniversary of the collapse of the World Trade Center twin towers during her brief stint as a TV journalist.

This is Mark Sanford's lover Maria Belen Chapur. Supposedly.

Little else is known about Mark Sanford's mistress, who's supposedly married  with two kids herself, lives in Buenos Aires and is "a beautiful brunette with big eyes who plays tennis on a nearby lawn and runs every morning in her neighborhood."

The doorman in her building describes her as very nice and "elegant" - she graduated from some of Argentina's finest schools. But for now she's holed up in her apartment, avoiding the legions of journalists standing sentry outside.

Meanwhile, other Maria Belen Chapur pictures have been revealed, but may or may not be of the same woman Mark Sanford had a relationship with.

For now, all we can do is make do with what we have - unless another political scandal breaks along the way and takes its risque place, of course.

Here's hoping.

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From a heated exchange between Perez Hilton and that led to a rumble, to another Real Housewives of New Jersey star hating Danielle Staub, to Terrell Owens being told off by a Playboy model, this week had some quality celeb feuds.

Oh, and don't forget Mark Sanford feuding ... with brainpower and morals during his affair with Maria Belen Chapur. Side note: Jon and Kate Gosselin have been removed from this list, as their "feud" ended in divorce. So it's over. With no winner.

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  • Joanna Krupa, Playboy Model
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Maria Belen Chapur is the mistress of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford.

This we learned earlier in the week when he admitted his extramarital affair with the Argentine woman - and Sanford's emails to her were hilariously published.

But little information about, and no photos of, Maria Belen Chapur have been available for us to learn anything about the latest infamous political mistress.

Until now.

For what it's worth (nothing), Maria Belen Chapur appears to be at least somewhat attractive, putting her several leagues above Rielle Hunter. Sorry, John Edwards.

Maria Belen Chapur is an Argentine woman who met Sanford seven years ago, and is 43. They were friends before she became his mistress, but the two have had a romantic relationship for a year or so. As we said, there are emails to prove this.

According to reports, she works for Bunge y Born, an agribusiness and grain trading corporation. She is fluent in English, as well as Portuguese and Chinese.

Chapur is also married, appropriately, and has two sons with her husband, with whom she lives in an upscale section of Buenos Aires. Some reports claim she is a former model, body builder and/or actress. Whether this is true is unclear.

Below are more photos of Maria Belen Chapur screen-capped from a 2001 video. Also included are pics of a Maria Shapur on Facebook who may or may not be the woman behind Mark Sanford's Argentine affair, but she has the same name!

What do you think? Are those other pictures even her? And what was Mark Sanford thinking getting caught up in this - and thinking it could be kept secret?

Here's a video of Maria Belen Chapur ...

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Jenny Sanford, the wife of embattled South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, told her husband "to leave two weeks ago," according to reports.

When she found out about his infidelity with Maria Belen Shapur, Jenny "worked immediately to first seek reconciliation through forgiveness."

At first.

Eventually, "to look my sons in the eyes and maintain my dignity, self-respect, and my basic sense of right and wrong, I asked my husband to leave."

Jenny says she asked Mark Sanford not to contact the family during their separation. She says she had no idea where he was the past week.

One can assume it didn't help when she found out he was having an affair in Argentina with his mistress after having gone off the grid for days.

Meanwhile, The State newspaper in S.C., which accosted Sanford at the Atlanta airport, thus blowing his Appalachian Trail hiking cover story and forcing him to admit his Argentine affair, has a series of emails between Sanford and his mistress.

The woman, identified as Maria Belen Shapur, refused to talk to one of the newspaper's reporters when approached at her home in Buenos Aires, but the governor's office doesn't dispute the content of the emails, which date back a year or so.

Warning: The emails after the jump are so cheesy, you may find yourself vomiting spontaneously, even if you are a loyal Days of Our Lives viewer.

Here's an excerpt of one Mark Sanford love email to Maria Belen Shapur:

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Mark Sanford, the Republican Governor of South Carolina, went AWOL this week, allegedly "clearing his mind" with some hiking on the Appalachian Trail.

Neither his wife, nor his four kids, nor his staff members, knew were he was.

This made no sense.

Then the enterprising State newspaper in Columbia, S.C., cracked the case of Sanford's whereabouts by staking out the Atlanta airport, where one of the paper's reporters confronted the absent governor upon his return to the United States.

From Argentina. Where he "went missing" for five days because he was not-so-secretly cheating on his wife, continuing an affair he started about a year ago.

Now that makes a lot more sense!

"I wanted to do something exotic," he said, regarding misleading his staff with the hiking ruse, adding that he decided to head to South America instead at the last-minute to "recharge" after a grueling legislative battle.

Mark Sanford told the State newspaper he's done this before, taking trips to Greece and Turkey, either with friends or alone, as a way to clear his head and chill out.

So, it was merely an exotic getaway. How nice.

Well, until the news conference today when Mark Sanford admitted that during his journey he had an extramarital affair with someone in Argentina and said he would resign from his position as head of the Republican Governors Association.

He did not resign as Governor of South Carolina.

As for his wife Jenny, he said they had been working through this for months, an odd statement considering he just got back. He and his wife have four boys.

“I hurt her. I hurt you all. I hurt my wife. I hurt my boys,” he said.

As for the affair, Sanford said he and the woman had met innocently - he used that word more than once - until a casual acquaintance evolved into something more. How this impacts his future with Jenny Sanford (below) is unclear.

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