Marcia Cross has gone from Melrose Place to Wisteria Lane. She's great at playing beautiful... and crazy. The Desperate Housewives star...

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Marcia Cross looks awfully happy to be holding twins Eden and Savannah in the photo below.

But the adorable tykes don't look too psyched to be sporting matching, flowered hats, do they?

Tiger Woods' Son

What do you make of this fashion accessory?

The Marcia Cross nude photo scandal is behind this actress. But she now faces questions about her children's fashion.

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In October 2006, Marcia Cross nude pictures were allegedly leaked when the photos - taken by her husband as she showered outdoors - were "mistakenly thrown out" with the trash and subsequently, her garbage men found them.

Figuring those pictures of Marcia Cross naked had to be worth something, the dudes shopped them around. David Hans Schmidt, the celebrity sex tape kingpin who took his own life in September 2007, ended up in possession of the photos.

Needless to say, Marcia Cross was not happy and fought the photos' release. The story died down... until now, when those very nude Marcia Cross pictures have somehow finally hit the Internets. has scored them somehow.

ABOVE: A photo of Marcia Cross nude, and showering outdoors.

As for why these pics have surfaced only now, and why they say DO NOT COPY on them, well, we have absolutely no freaking clue. But you can see the rest of the uncensored pics by following this link and heading over to Egotastic.

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A lot of buzz was made a few months ago about Marcia Cross nude photos possibly being leaked. But nothing came of it.

Now, the focus isn't just on this Desperate Housewives actress in clothing - but in similar clothing as another popular TV star.

Minka Kelly Emmys Dress

Take a look below at Cross and Kate Walsh rocking a yellow dress. The same yellow dress. Perhaps they planned this two years ago when their shows both aired on Sunday night on ABC.

Now, of course, Walsh is leaving Grey's Anatomy for her very own Private Practice. She's fortunate enough to exit at a good time, as tensions on the former show are running high since Isaiah Washington was released from his contract.

Cross, meanwhile, recently gave birth to a pair of celebrity babies and will be attending the wedding of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker next month.

As you can see, the paths of these actresses won't be crossing again any time soon. So they won't come to blows after you let us know what you think of Katie Holmes' new hairstyle and then vote on which beauty above looks better.

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Sorry, Patrick Dempsey.

You're not the only one with cute twin celebrity babies.

Same with you, Kim Porter. It's time to welcome a new member to this exclusive and oh-so-cute club.

In People magazine, Marcia Cross introduces us to her two new bundles of joy - fraternal twins Eden and Savannah, who were born on February 20.

There was a time when nude Marcia Cross pics (possibly in possession of David Hans Schmidt) were the constant focus of her life. But since the twins' birth, the Desperate Housewives star is getting used to a new routine.

"I feed, I burp, I change diapers," she says.

Plus, the new wife of Tom Mahoney is getting to know her girls. She probably has already spent more time with them than Britney Spears has with Jayden James.

"Savannah kicked all the time, and Eden was really quiet," Marcia Cross said. "Now Eden's the feisty one and Savannah's a little more Zen."

While Cross has mastered dividing her attention between both girls â€" and even simultaneously breastfeeding the two! Wow!

The new mom shares a moment with Eden.

"I wanted to be a member of that club so badly, and now I'm in and it's so much better than I even imagined," Cross, 45, says of motherhood.

"Even before I was 30 I started thinking about (it)."

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The latest trend in Hollywood?

No, it's not shaving your head and ditching rehab, sorry, Britney Spears.

It's giving birth to twins.

Just ask Kim Porter, for starters. The lovely lady friend of Diddy recently squeezed out Jessie and D'Lila. They're a couple of cuties for sure.

Then, there's Patrick Dempsey. Or, to be specific, his wife Jillian. They welcomed twin boys into the world a few weeks ago.

Now, continuing the pattern with pride, Marcia Cross just gave birth to Eden and Savannah. They are the first children for the Desperate Houswives star and her husband, Tom Mahoney.

"Mother and babies are all doing well," said Cross's rep, Heidi Slan.

So, which celebrities are next in line to add a couple of tots to the world? Trista Sutter just announced that she's pregnant. So did Naomi Watts.

They might as well go purchase two cribs each right now.

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Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross, who is expecting twins in April, has been put on bed rest by her doctor, her spokeswoman said Wednesday.

"This is a precautionary measure only," publicist Heidi Slan said.

Producers of the hit ABC series, on which Cross plays that uptight biatch Bree Van De Kamp, have decided to move production at the end of this week to the actress' Los Angeles home for two days.

David Hans Schmidt is probably scheming right now about how he can get into the house and start combing around for nude Marcia Cross pictures. Maybe he can show up and pretend he's one of the grips or production assistants.

The show's producers did not write Cross' pregnancy into the show's plot, and the actress will film only two more shows after February 11 since it's becoming too difficult to hide her pregnancy.

Cross and husband Tom Mahoney, a stock broker, married in June 2006 after a two-year courtship. The two announced they were expecting a baby only a few months thereafter.

We love all celebrity babies here at T.H. Gossip, but twins are double the fun. They sure are all the rage these days, huh? First, it was Kim Porter and Diddy. Now it's Marcia Cross. And in another month, Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey!

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First, the Dustin Diamond sex tape rocked everyone's innocent, Screech-like world.

Now, the man responsible for publicizing such sordid behavior is back - and he's got nude Marica Cross photos to show off.

Indeed, Phoenix-based agent David Hans Schmidt claims he has naked photos of the Desperate Housewives star.

Of course, he also claims he has a life, but it's based on such information as the red-haired actress' "carpet does match the curtains."

While this would mean Lindsay Lohan has competition for the Firecrotch team captain, it also means Schmidt is a complete loser.

The waste of space says he is representing the owner of a garbage hauling firm that found over 200 personal pictures of Cross - including her showering in the buff outside - in her garbage. Even though the actress is demanding their return, arguing that they are the copyrighted property of her and her husband, Tom Mahoney, porn king Schmidt says that the pictures "were not stolen."

"When you throw something away, you forfeit that property," he said.

Of course, Schmidt is not all a bad guy. He claims he also has the actress' tax returns, but "out of respect for Ms. Cross," won't discuss how much she makes.

That's sweet. Out of respect for our younger audience, we won't refer to Schmidt but all the names we'd like to. But we will say he makes Stavros Niarchos seem like an important part of society.

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"Can I really make a difference? That's what I like to wonder to myself when I put on my diamond bustier and have my assistants oil my buttocks before each and every show."
- Madonna

"My mother taught me two things. Never talk about politics or money."
- Nicky Hilton (right)

Jesus Luz and Madonna Pic

** THG Note: She couldn't have taught you how to bludgeon your sister with a baseball bat, huh?

"Jennifer and I are so much alike as far as our drive, our determination, what we want to achieve. That's why we're connected. But I could never go forward and finish the relationship with Jennifer because I was still in love with Kim [Porter]. She still had my heart."
- Diddy, on why his relationship with Jennifer Lopez failed

"I always knew on some level that I was not going to come into my own until my late thirties."
- Matthew Fox, on becoming famous later in life

"She's gorgeous. She could have my babies. I'd do her in a heartbeat."
- Janice Dickinson on Angelina Jolie

"I have no ill will towards him, but a lot of times I'll hear, ‘They're really interested in you, but they're after Peter Sarsgaard."
- Bobby Cannavale

"I'm actually in those shots, but you can't see me because I'm three miles behind them."
- Actor and avid cycler Will Ferrell, on why there aren't shirtless photos of him biking alongside Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey

"I was really sick in the beginning, and I thought, ‘What the hell have I done?'"
- Pregnant actress Marcia Cross on morning sickness

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There's a lot of sex on Wisteria Lane. As the baby inside the tummy of Marcia Cross can attest to, there's also many romps in the sack for the Desperate Housewives themselves in real life.

But creator Marc Cherry has had enough!

Eva Longoria recently made an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," and explained the situation. Here's the actual exchange:

Ellen: You're going to postpone if you want to get married [to San Antonio Spurs star, Tony Parker] and start a family like in a couple of years? You can't do that while you're working?

Eva: Well, no you can - it's just difficult because our work schedule is so crazy and you know Marcia Cross is pregnant and so Marc Cherry came on the set and he was "like no more pregnancies this year ... they're really hard to write in."

Ellen: So you can't do it yet. How many kids do you want?

Eva: As many as God will give.

God? Or Madonna? The Material Girl did just say she's doing exactly what Jesus would do if He were alive. So talk to Mads, Eva.

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