The star of The Princess Bride, Chicago Hope and Criminal Minds, Mandy Patinkin has compiled a pretty nice acting resume. He's also an...

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It's been a banner month for insane actors.

First, there was Isaiah Washington, whose rocky comeback-from-scandal tour has kept celebrity gossip sites on the edge of their seats for months.

Last week, NBC hired Washington, the reputedly gay-bashing star, late of Grey's Anatomy, in a deal that includes a temporary featured role on its new remake of Bionic Woman.

Executives then spent time and energy deflecting objections that this brand of stunt casting constituted a big fat dis to the gay community.

The Isaiah Washington drama was then accentuated by similarly bizarre antics from another long-running TV malcontent, Mandy Patinkin.

The day of the Washington announcement, publicists revealed that Patinkin, who unexpectedly left Chicago Hope years ago, had abruptly ditched yet another popular CBS drama, Criminal Minds, two months before the start of the fall season.

The studio seemed, initially, to be in a forgiving mood, mumbling stuff about "creative differences," but that was later disputed by the show's producer, who insisted that â€" in a rather Dave Chappelle style twist â€" Patinkin was simply a no-show at work.

By midweek, reporters were pelting CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler with questions about the odd turn of events, even dredging up the mutiny led by another suffering star, Mark Harmon, who reportedly worked overtime to get NCIS creator and producer Don Bellisario bumped off the show this year.

"'Creative differences' is a euphemism for 'personal issues,'" Tassler said, and then winked. Knowingly.

As if to say, "Actors â€" they are nuts! Whatcha gonna do?"

Well, no arguments here. Look at Lindsay Lohan.

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