Mandy Moore became famous as a teenager in the early 2000s with her crappy teen-oriented pop albums So Real, I Wanna Be with You, and...

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Mandy Moore turns 29 years old today. Yes, she's 29.

She burst onto the pop scene in 1999 with "Candy."

Do the math on that one!

Mandy Moore Photograph

Alongside fellow pop princesses Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, Moore dominated the early 2000s, yet also maintained her good girl charm throughout.

She also memorably starred in A Walk To Remember with Shane West, followed by rom-coms like Chasing Liberty, The Princess Diaries and Because I Said So.

In 2009, she married singer/actor Ryan Adams.

Happy birthday, Mandy! And Shay Mitchell!

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It's a celebrity fashion clash of cuties from the Academy Awards.

Cuties may not even do these two justice, based on the dresses they donned Sunday night. Black Swan star Mila Kunis' gown can best be described as head-snapping for reasons we don't even need to get into here. But seriously, wow.

Britney Spears, Plaid Shirt

Mandy Moore, meanwhile, was also on hand to perform "I See the Light" from her hit animated film Tangled, and looked so beautiful it was hard to believe this was Mandy Moore. No offense to Mandy Moore, it's just ... wow again.

Who dressed best at the Oscars? Vote and decide:

Fashion Face-Off!

Who looked better at the Oscars, Mila Kunis or Mandy Moore? Vote in another edition of THG's Academy Awards Fashion Face-Off series now! View Poll »

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We haven't heard from Mandy Moore since she agreed to marry Kellan Lutz.

In a move slated for production later this year, that is. They're not dating or anything. In fact, last year, Mandy Moore married Ryan Adams in real life.

Mandy Moore Picture

Today, it was announced that the actress-singer-songwriter is making a TV splash, slated to guest star on the two-hour Grey's Anatomy finale May 20.

Details surrounding the super-secret gig are being kept under wraps, at least until Shonda Rhimes drops Grey's Anatomy spoilers to spark interest.

It should be fun to see this cutie on the medical drama. But given the amount of people to die on its season finales, we'd better be prepared to cry.

MANDY'S ANATOMY: Moore's coming to Grey's this month.

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Kellan Lutz is set to marry Mandy Moore...

... on screen, that is!

The Twilight Saga hunk has signed on for his next movie role: he'll play Moore's husband in Love, Wedding, Marriage.

In the romantic comedy, Moore stars as a marriage counselor whose parents have recently separated. She puts her own relationship in jeopardy by trying to reunite them.

Actor Dermot Mulroney will direct the film, which starts shooting next month in New Orleans.

Mandy Moore Picture

Lutz has said he wants to become the next action star. But this seems like a solid career move for the actor, who looks REALLY good with his shirt off.

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Former pop star Mandy Moore and current rocker Ryan Adams have wed, reps for both stars confirm. They tied the knot Tuesday in Savannah, Georgia.

The secret wedding should come as no surprise.

After confirming her engagement to Adams in February, Mandy Moore said she wanted the wedding to her beau to be "less ... of a big deal."

"Hopefully, it can happen and slip by unnoticed by everybody," said the singer, 24, who has dated Adams, 34, off-and-on since March 2008.

"I guess we have to be sort of sneaky about it."

Mandy Moore Engaged!

She added that she has never been "that kind of girl" who obsesses over her wedding day and added that she hadn't even thought about a dress.

"I kind of feel like, because I've been able to get married in a few films, I kind of got the whole giant wedding fuss out of my system," Moore said.

Mandy Moore calls Adams "a good egg. I'm in awe of him - his brain, his passion. He's truly one of a kind." Congratulations to the happy couple ...

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Mandy Moore will tie the knot with musician beau Ryan Adams, her publicist confirms.

Details on the engagement weren't immediately available. Moore, 24, and Adams, 34, have dated off-and-on since March, although there was a brief break in there.

Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre and Michael Buble

Moore supported friend and ex-boyfriend DJ AM in the wake of his surviving a plane crash, and was even rumored to have gotten back together with AM briefly.

She has also been linked to singer Greg Laswell, tennis star Andy Roddick, and actors Zach Braff and Wilmer Valderrama in the past. But Ryan Adams won out!

Adams, a popular singer, songwriter, producer and author, is perhaps best known for his song "New York, New York." Mandy Moore's next album, Amanda Leigh - a follow-up to 2007's Wild Hope - will be released May 26.

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DJ AM and Mandy Moore dated for only two months in 2007, but since his plane crash last month, "It's back on," a source close to AM tells Us Weekly.

"Since the accident, it's blossomed into something again."

Mandy Moore rushed to DJ AM’s side after the September 19 crash that left him with burns on his arm and face, injured Travis Barker and killed four others.

Added the insider, "Mandy said, 'I like this guy a lot and I want to see where it can go again. Life is too short to not be with someone you really care about.'"

A witness who saw them at the October 18 Friendly House event in Beverly Hills says, "He was holding her hand, and they were rubbing each other's backs."

So after romances with other celebrities - DJ AM, 35, was once engaged to Nicole Richie, 27, while Moore went out with Scrubs star Zach Braff, 33, and tennis pro Andy Roddick, 26 — can the reunited couple make it work this time?

Says a DJ AM pal, "When you go through what Adam went through, you need people you love and people who love you. He will never stop loving her."

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We've already learned that she can bust out a ridiculous o-face, but which hair color works better on Mandy Moore while doing so?

Recently, the pop singer and actress lightened up her traditional brunette locks to a warm strawberry blonde - and she looks great!

But tell us, celebrity hairstyle critics - which color is best for Mandy?

  • Mandy on the Carpet
  • Ohh, Mandy

Mandy Moore: Hotter in strawberry blonde than as a brunette?

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Mandy Moore has managed to transform from innocent singing virgin to hot, sexy sensation - all without a single DUI or revealing crotch shot on her resume.

How did she do it? TV Guide asked the star this question and more...

TV Guide: How have you been able to sidestep the troubles that have plagued [Britney Spears] and [Lindsay Lohan]?
Moore: I think it all sort of comes down to family and having this wonderful support of people in your life. I know this sounds Pollyanna-ish, but it's not. I don't relate to that kind of lifestyle and exposure. That is never really the situation I've been in. And I feel lucky for that.

TV Guide: There's a scene where you're reading the lyrics to "Candy" on your BlackBerry [in the Oxygen special, I Am Mandy Moore]. Have you really forgotten them?
Moore: [Laughs] I don't know the lyrics anymore! It's something in my brain that blocks it out on purpose.

TV Guide: [New album] Wild Hope is a departure for you, and you've openly dissed your past work. Did you have any reservations about alienating old fans?
Moore: No, because I feel like people who were fans of the music before have grown up. I think there's something to be said for maturing. I would never hold it against someone if they liked my previous music, but I hope that they're willing to give this record a shot, too.

TV Guide: You and Kelly Clarkson have had similar experiences with your latest albums, in that you both strived to write your own material. But yours seems to be better received. What do you think you did differently?
Moore: Well, to give Kelly credit, I think she's incredibly talented, and I also feel there's more focus on her music and this record in particular because she's had such success. I didn't have any of those expectations to live up to. I don't know if it's fair to compare the two, but I feel like I lucked out because I've been absent from the music scene for a couple of years and no one was sort of anticipating me coming out with another record.

TV Guide: Prior to this CD, you've focused primarily on acting. What do you have coming up?
Moore: I have this little indie movie that got sold at Sundance coming out [on Aug. 24] called Dedication, with Billy Crudup and Tom Wilkinson. I play a children's-book illustrator to Billy's children's-book author, and we're sort of forced to work together.

TV Guide: How was it playing "yourself" on Entourage?
Moore: Oh, man. It was so much fun. It was kind of nice to be the girl with all the guys.

TV Guide: So... would you date Vincent Chase?
Moore: [Laughs] He's very handsome, but I don't know if I would want that sort of attention on my private life again.

Paris Hilton, of course, is fine with it.


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Wow. We guess Mandy Moore wasn't joking when she said she wanted to start dating celebrity gossip bloggers dressing more like a woman!

The new gal of Greg Laswell has always been a cutie (see photo at left, at an event for Saved), but when the License to Wed star hit that film's premiere in a sexy, cut-out Jenny Packham gown with gold bangles (right), well, this celebrity news purveyor dropped what it was doing to bring you the scoop.

Mandy on the Carpet

Yikes. Zach Braff, you were one lucky guy for a time. And you are one giant idiot for letting this get away. Although you did hook up with Rachel Bilson in The Last Kiss, and no one can take that away from you.

At the premiere, even Mandy Moore's hair made her look like a 1960s sex-kitten, while her golden makeup absolutely glowed. Whew! This is a whole new side of Mandy we never thought we'd see. And one we'd very much like to see Moore of.

Moore, who also briefly dated Adam Goldstein, a.k.a. DJ AM, for reasons unknown to anyone, is a knockout. Now if someone could just get Britney Spears to...

  • Keep her frickin' clothes on
  • Pick out some decent ones

Then we'd be all set.