Mams Taylor is some random British guy. He wants to be a rapper and is trying to make it big by dating little known actress Taryn...

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This weekend was a legendary one for random celebrity weddings.

Perhaps the most random of 'em all: Krista Allen and Mams Taylor!

George Clooney's beautiful ex-girlfriend, an actress with dozens of notable credits from soaps to movies to borderline soft porn, and the British rapper made it official.

MEET MISTA: Mams and Krista are married!

Mams, who gossip readers may also remember as the guy who cold cocked Jesse Metcalfe for moving in on his girl back in the day, confirmed it on Facebook.

"10.10.10 was a beautiful day I will remember forever! My wife and I got married in a ceremony with just her mom and son (step son-Jake) and my nephew!"

"So HAPPY and GRATEFUL! Bigger celebration to follow!"

Congratulations to the latest of the week's celeb newlyweds. You can catch Krista on an upcoming episode of Life Unexpected, the popular new CW series!

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Come on. Taryn Manning isn't even that hot.

Nevertheless, a fight supposedly broke out last night over the little known actress. A one-sided fight, really.

Jesse Metcalfe, Cara Santana

As TMZ reports, Desperate Housewives actor Jesse Metcalfe was punched to the ground outside a Los Angeles club Thursday night.

The culprit? Some dude named Mams Taylor. He's a wannabe rapper from England whose been dating the aforementioned Manning. According to sources, Metcalfe told friends that he was jumped because he had been talking to Manning that night.

When Mams Taylor attacks... this happens!