President Obama's time in office is soon to come to an end, and though the most powerful post in the country surely has its allure, we imagine the man will be somewhat relieved to bid the White House farewell.

For one thing, he'll no longer have to carry the hopes of the Western world on his shoulders and keep Joe Biden from choking on a Lego.

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Summer may be over for college students all over America, but Malia Obama wisely decided to take a year off between high school and her first semester at Harvard, which means the only thing she'll need to cram for is an introductory course on getting blazed.

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Ray J is not sending lew texts to Malia Obama, and did not get threated by the President himself, he claims. Ray J went so far as to debunk the rumors on Instagram.
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Barack Obama's second term as President of the United States is soon to come to an end.

This being 2016, it stands to reason that he couldn't leave office without one more trumped-up mini-scandal.

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