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This week on Teen Mom 3, the girls continued to struggle with relationship drama, financial problems and all around shady behavior. And then some.

The episode's title, “Don’t lie to me,” says it all. The lies are piling up left and right and the struggling young women just can't take them anymore. 

What are they referring to specifically? Find out in THG's recap!

Teen Mom Three Cast

Mackenzie Douthit is having trouble adjusting to Josh’s bull riding schedule to say the least. He's never around and that's putting a strain on things.

Her mom comes up with the idea to call Josh’s trainer and ask if she can go to one of his practices, so she and Gannon can bond with him more.

Only when Mackenzie’s mom calls the trainer, he says that he hasn’t seen Josh at practice in quite some time. So where's the guy been? Minus 100.

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This week on Teen Mom 3, it was the first Father's Day for the men of the show. Whether they were around for it is a different story. Call it a case by case situation.

For all the Teen Moms, the occasion marked a sobering reminder that these guys are in their lives for good, whether they wish they could undo that or not.

Will some have happy endings? Possibly. But they're all a part of the fabric of their children's upbringing now, even if the kids don't know the half of it.

How did the events of last night play out? Find out in THG's +/- recap!

Teen Mom 3 Cast Pictures

Alex Sekella wants to show her daughter Arabella that Matt McCann's actions will not be tolerated and that these are the effects of using drugs and alcohol.

Plus 50 for that. But it takes more than good intentions to make it right.

Her family wants her to go to the prom. Alex feels no one there will appreciate her because Matt ruined her life. It's a sentiment that's sad but understandable.

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This week on Teen Mom 3, the girls are looking ahead to the future, as one must when one has a baby, while battling an assortment of issues in the present.

Between baby care, baby daddy care, work and other concerns, there plans are very much up in the air and in flux. So what does that mean for the fab four?

Find out in THG's +/- recap below!

Mackenzie Douthit, Josh McKee on Teen Mom 3

Mackenzie Douthit worries, as usual, that she is second fiddle to Josh McKee's rodeo career. He is off riding, a lot. Absent, and risking real injury.

Not only that, Mackenzie expects more enthusiasm out of Josh for merely being able to ride again, not apathy about her being at the rodeo competitions.

She feels she’s second-best to Josh’s career, and Minus 200 for that, because she gave up a lot just so she can have something she doesn't even want.

Mackenzie feels like a single mom and says she might have left Josh if it weren't for Gannon, however with the help of counseling, she'll turn it around.

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“If you’re not going to step up and help, you need to get out of our daughter’s life.” - Briana DeJesus to baby daddy Devoin Austin on Teen Mom 3.

This week on MTV, the network's newest fab four continued to struggle with relationships and motherhood. In this case, it seemed like the former.

Sad as it is, it looks like the dads are packing up or moving out or getting downright thrown out of the girls’ lives and homes with alarming speed here.

Teen Mom 3 Cast Pics

What did all that mean for them, and for the girls? Read THG's recap!

Briana DeJesus explains to Devoin Austin that he has still not paid for anything he promised to, and her family notes that he has no skills with Nova.

It's like an awkward encounter with a stranger, not a child. Minus 100.

It's sad that Briana is already contemplating making it 18 years without this guy, but she seems confident she can get it done. She may not have a choice.

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The girls of Teen Mom 3 came to grips with losing part of their teenage years this week. Much as they love their kids, life will never be the same.

Katie Yeager wants her body back. Mackenzie Douthit wants her guy back. Alex Sekella wants her guy gone. Briana DeJesus just wants to be normal.

What did all that mean for the new fab four? Come along for THG's recap!

Teen Mom 3 Cast Pic

Katie Yeager has a friend, obviously, who asks her to take part in a bridal and lingerie photo shoot and fashion show, because that happens all the time.

Not feeling confident in her post-baby body, she starts taking Zumba classes to get herself into shape, making you wonder how anyone over 30 does it.

Plus 50 for the effort, Minus 50 for the clearly contrived storyline.

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The men of Teen Mom 3 are not impressing us so far.

The second episode of the young season featured Joey Maes blowing up at Katie Yeager. Last night? It was Matt McCann losing it on Alex Sekella.

Anger issues, guys. Time to get a handle on them.

Come along for THG's official +/- TM3 recap ...

Matt McCann, Alex Sekella

Alex, like all the other 16 & Pregnant turned Teen Mom 3 stars, has been forced to grow up fast, but her relationship with toxic Matt is holding her back.

She caught Matt texting another girl. Minus 50.

Alex blew up at him, which was understandable but just made matters worse. Minus 50 because you can't change people like this. Just yourself.

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The stars of MTV's Teen Mom 3 are growing up fast.

The second episode of the season proved this again and again Monday night as the fab four struggled with bullying, debts, birth control, laziness ... you name it.

Come along for THG's official +/- recap!

Teen Mom 3 Cast Picture

Mackenzie Douthit's boyfriend Josh McKee decided not to move in with her after all, instead working out a deal where he stays over once per week.

He does this to help out with son Gannon, but Mackenzie’s mom set down the rules: the pair sleeps in different rooms, and no sex before marriage.

A little late for that. Minus 70.

Realizing the error of her ways - not boning, but unprotected boning - Mackenzie considers birth control. Plus 100. Of course, that's hard to bring up with mom.

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Mackenzie Douthit, Katie Yeager, Alex Sekella and Briana DeJesus are all different young women in different situations, but have one thing in common.

The show is called Teen Mom 3. You know what that is.

Teen Mom 3 Cast Members

Their stories began on Season 4 of 16 and Pregnant. How are they faring now that they're no longer with child (well, except in Mackenzie's case)?

Let's find out in THG's recap of the series premiere!

Mackenzie Douthit is doing what she can to balance her junior year of high school, cheerleading, Type I diabetes, son Gannon and fiance Josh McKee.

That's a lot on a girl's plate, to be sure.

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