Teen Mom 3 has been canceled by MTV after its first and only season.

While Teen Mom has been a very successful franchise for MTV and has turned a number of its stars into household names, the third iteration never really took.

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This week on Teen Mom 3, the kiddos celebrated their first birthdays, while the drama continued with the moms as they tried to define their family units.

Briana DeJesus, Katie Yeager, Mackenzie Douthit and Alex Sekella all struggled with their baby daddies - or lack thereof - this week on the reality show.

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Teen Mom 3's Mackenzie Douthit McKee is facing some criticism for posting a photo of herself, her family and a dead deer that they killed on Instagram.

While the shared pic is pretty graphic and may upset those with weak stomachs, some people have accused her of "exposing her toddler to violence."

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This week on MTV's Teen Mom 3, the girls' parents laid down the rules and their ex-boyfriends continued to add undue amounts of drama to the mix.

Exhibit A: Joey Maes, Katie Yeager's baby daddy. This guy is a handful, which we've suspected from the beginning, but he showed his true colors last night.

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The girls of Teen Mom 3 are doing their best to thrive as single ladies on this week's episode. How will that work out as things progress in their daily lives?

Would they be striking out on their own in search of a better life for themselves? Or just striking out period in their bids to get back into the dating game?

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This week on Teen Mom 3, the girls continued to struggle with relationship drama, financial problems and all around shady behavior. And then some.

The episode's title, “Don’t lie to me,” says it all. The lies are piling up left and right and the struggling young women just can't take them anymore. 

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This week on Teen Mom 3, it was the first Father's Day for the men of the show. Whether they were around for it is a different story. Call it a case by case situation.

For all the Teen Moms, the occasion marked a sobering reminder that these guys are in their lives for good, whether they wish they could undo that or not.

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This week on Teen Mom 3, the girls are looking ahead to the future, as one must when one has a baby, while battling an assortment of issues in the present.

Between baby care, baby daddy care, work and other concerns, there plans are very much up in the air and in flux. So what does that mean for the fab four?

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“If you’re not going to step up and help, you need to get out of our daughter’s life.” - Briana DeJesus to baby daddy Devoin Austin on Teen Mom 3.

This week on MTV, the network's newest fab four continued to struggle with relationships and motherhood. In this case, it seemed like the former.

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