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Is Maci Bookout of Teen Mom engaged?

She has been dropping major hints about a wedding, then denying it's happening, but in her latest picture she’s wearing some bling on her ring finger.

Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney

The Teen Mom star attended a We the Kings concert, met singer Travis Clark and posted an Instagram pic of her big night out - showing an obvious ring.

Maci had sent a few Tweets that raised speculation about her relationship with boyfriend Taylor McKinney getting more serious after she wrote:

“I think i found the ‘one’! Now checking out these #TV wedding gowns."

“I know the 7 people i won’t invite to my wedding. Do you?”

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Teen Mom star Maci Bookout broke up with Kyle King after two years of dating this winter, but sources report that their relationship is NOT over.

Bookout, 20, moved out of the home they shared with her son Bentley, 3, and into a bachelorette pad in Chattanooga, Tenn., with some friends.

Much as that would signal that she and Kyle were over for good, Maci, 20, is on the brink of reuniting with Kyle, 24, a source tells Us Weekly:

"They still hook up, and lately they've been inseparable."

Maci Bookout and Kyle King Photo

Why the change of heart? A wake-up call courtesy of the Teen Mom season premiere, when she watched a now year-old fight with King play out.

"It made her realize how crazy she'd been acting," says the insider.

The MTV reality star isn't opposed to a long-term relationship with King, but realizes that the key to a lasting bond is a bit of distance short-term.

"I think Kyle and I could make things work right now," she says. "But we'd rather figure ourselves out first and then try to make a life together."

"I'd be lying if I said I didn't think [Kyle was The One]," Maci Bookout says of her man. "But I'm only 20. There's no need to rush into anything."

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