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You know the old saying: Young moms who only became celebrities because they did not practice safe sex as teens gotta stick together forever!

Yup, Teen Mom star Maci Bookout and Bristol Palin are pals.

Bristol Palin, Teen Mom

"We are good friends," says Tennessee native Maci, who forged a bond with Bristol the Alaskan Pistol at teen motherhood and abstinence events.

Maci Bookout and Bristol Palin: Who would you ... forget it.

"We're friends outside of... TV and the press," Maci Bookout says, calling it a normal friendship. "We more talk about our kids and our babies' dads and stuff."

Bet those conversations involve a good amount of venting. Their former fiances? Not on the best terms. Their sons are just a few months apart, too.

Bentley, Bookout's son with ex Ryan Edwards, just turned two; Tripp, Palin's boy with Wasilla mayoral hopeful Levi Johnston, turns two next month.

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Teen Mom made Maci Bookout an overnight celebrity.

Now the 19-year-old may be moving to Hollywood!

An insider tells OK! that the mother of two-year-old Bentley is planning to relocate from Tennessee to Tinseltown - because of her new reality show in the works!

Amber Portwood and Maci Bookout

TEEN MOM SHOCKERS: They're a dime a dozen these days.

While an MTV rep says Maci Bookout "is not considering moving to L.A.,” an insider insists a show of her own, and the move to California, are imminent.

We'll see what Ryan Edwards and Kyle King have to say about that one.

In other Teen Mom crisis news, it's been more than six days since two-year-old Leah has heard from her mom, embattled rage-a-holic Amber Portwood.

Not a single visit, phone call, text or even a simple “I love you” since the troubled reality star smacked around Gary Shirley once again last weekend.

“She’s doing her thing,” says Gary’s pal. Hopefully her thing is therapy.

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Like her co-stars, Teen Mom star Maci Bookout has been through a lot. Here, she sets the record straight about Ryan Edwards, Kyle King and little baby Bentley.

The 19-year-old star of the MTV show recently talked with Radar Online about everything going on. Excerpts from her interview with the website below ...

Teen Mom Stars: RUINED!

Baby Bentley is priority #1 for Maci Bookout.

On moving to be closer to Kyle King: "I did it for two reasons: I wanted Kyle and I to be in the same place, and I wanted to be on my own and learn about myself and Bentley. Even if Kyle and I hadn't worked out it would be worth it."

On letting Bentley spend more time with his dad: "I want Bentley to spend time with his dad because he can learn so much from him. I also don't ever want him to grow up being like, 'I never got to spend time with my dad.'"

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Teen Mom star Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards, the father of her son Bentley, are seeing more of each other than any other time since breaking up last fall.

“We are friends, but up to a point,” Ryan says, noting that a certain two-year-old is the reason. “We are trying to be nice to each other for Bentley’s sake.”

A Kailyn Lowry Picture

Sounds good, right? Not if you're Maci Bookout, according to reports ...

TEEN MOM NEWS ALERT: Maci still hearts Ryan!

Despite the fact that she's dating Kyle King, seeing handsome Ryan so often has to be difficult for the 19-year-old Maci, who many say is still in love with him.

Maci denied earlier reports that she's back with Ryan Edwards, but the cover story in OK! suggests that she was interested in giving their romance another try.

It was Ryan who put the kibosh on that idea, apparently.

The reason? A pretty 18-year-old thing named Morgan.

Poor Maci. Hope Morgan has an unlisted number ...

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Teen Mom star Maci Bookout denies cheating on boyfriend Kyle King with her estranged baby daddy, despite reports she's back together with Ryan Edwards.

Bookout tells Us she's not with Edwards, who recently told a tabloid that during their relationship, Bookout cheated on him with Kyle King, her current beau.

Yep, she's accused of cheating on both with the other at one point. But "He can say what he wants," Bookout says. "I don't pay attention to [untrue things]."

Maci Bookout and Farrah Abraham

New reports suggest she dumped King reunite with Edwards. To the contrary, she and King are "really good," and she and son Bentley moved closer to him.

"It feels right," she says of the move to Nashville, Tenn., to be closer to Kyle King. "[Kyle and I] really work because, before anything, we're best friends."

As for Bentley's dad, despite his accusations, things aren't all bad.

After a rough patch in which Ryan Edwards threatened to sue for custody of Bentley, arrangements are now "under control," Bookout says. "We've learned ways to talk to each other without being so mean," the Tennessee native said.

Hmm. Sounds promising. Should Maci and Ryan get back together?


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Is Teen Mom star Maci Bookout back with Ryan Edwards, the father of her child? OK! Magazine says so, which means it's probably not true, but that is the rumor!

According to the story, if lil' baby Bentley needs any help blowing out the candles on his birthday cake, the toddler will get it from both his mom and dad this year.

It seems like the reunion could go beyond cake, too, now that Maci and boyfriend Kyle King have broken up, while Ryan and recent girlfriend Kathryn split as well.

“I’m taking a break. I guess she wanted more,” Edwards says.

Ryan says that in the wake of the breakup, and even before, he and Maci have talked about reconciling. “Maci calls to this day and wants to work it out,” he says.

“Everybody says that [she’s still in love with me].”

Hopefully they can work it out, but only if they're willing to turn over a new leaf. The last thing we need is another Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley situation.

Should Maci and Ryan get back together?


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It was hard for Teen Mom star Maci Bookout after ending a bitter relationship with Ryan Edwards, the father of her son Bentley. But now she's moving on.

She fell in love with an old childhood pal, Kyle King!

Did Kyle balk at the prospect of romancing a single, 19-year-old mom? Not at all, Maci Bookout says: "He was very understanding of the whole situation."

"Since he wasn't scared, he put me at ease."

What makes King so special? "He's responsible, fun, and incredibly caring, and he's just a lot more mature than most guys," Bookout gushes about her man.

Once Bookout "made sure that [Kyle King] was really serious," she made the proper introductions to Bentley. After about a day, "they became inseparable!"

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Co-parenting with your ex-fiance is no picnic. Just ask Bristol Palin.

Another teen mom, Teen Mom star Maci Bookout, knows this well.

Raising son Bentley with Ryan Edwards is so hard, "We barely speak," Maci says. "I don't think it's a bad thing. We just try to avoid arguments as much as possible."

Good luck with that. The former couple have sparred over child support, his new girlfriend, even pacifiers, which Ryan gives him after Maci wants to wean him off.

"He's just going to get [his pacifier] at Ryan's house," Bookout says. "I think Ryan spoils Bentley and really has no boundaries as far as discipline. With me, I don't want Bentley to grow up and be a brat when he's 4 years old."

The stars of Teen Mom have become famous, likely sparking widespread interest in more girls becoming teen moms so as to secure a new reality show.

The Chattanooga State student and waitress adds that her ex isn't much of a hands-on dad during Bentley's visits: "As far as Bentley getting fed, his diaper changed, taking a bath, it's mainly Ryan's mom doing all of that," Maci says.

She adds hopefully that Edwards' new girlfiend will "make Ryan want to grow as a father. I don't want him to find a girlfriend who just wants to party."

Meanwhile, Bentley has a new father figure in Kyle King, Maci Bookout's beau of six months: "It's weird to see [Bentley] loves Kyle enough that Kyle can make him feel better... I like that emotional support that comes with a partner."

Unfortunately for Farrah Abraham, she lost hers far too soon.

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