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We talk frequently about celebrity look-alikes who we swear have to be distantly related, but this set of mind blowing photos has us questioning everything.

Somewhere in a bygone era, was there a historical figure who looked JUST like us? Are we all reincarnates of others who walked the Earth ages ago?

The similarities between these 19 celebrities and their long (long) lost doppelgangers are simultaneously hilarious, eye-popping and somehow real.

From U.S. Presidents to war heroes, Popes to works of Renaissance art, and regular folks whose names we'll never know, these look-alikes will astound you.

Who knew Jay Z was a fixture of Harlem in 1939, or that Nicolas Cage fought in the Civil War? Or that Keanu Reeves really travels through time a la Bill & Ted?

Now you do, people. Now you do.

Alec Baldwin and Former President Millard Fillmore
Former U.S. President Millard Fillmore and Alec Baldwin may be from the same bloodline. Or so these photos would have you assume.

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When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got together, we gave them our best side-eye, but it didn't seem that far-fetched that people so in love with themselves and attention would gravitate toward each other.

Not so with some of the other big couples in Hollywood, particularly those of the May-December varieties where the age gap is so great one could be the other's parent.

Then there are those pairings that inspire the public collectively asking "what could they POSSIBLY have in common?" Besides fame, that is. (And likely an affinity for kink.)

Some of Hollywood's best and brightest change significant others like normal people change underwear, so it's no surprise that some couplings are pretty bizarre.

Nevertheless, here are 17 weird celebrity couples we can't even believe:

Macaulay Culkin and Mila Kunis
Before becoming Ashton Kutcher's Baby Mama, Mila Kunis dated Macaulay Culkin...for EIGHT YEARS. Speaking of Ashton...

And speaking of those (sometimes) fleeting May-December romances, check out our gallery of some celebrity couples with big age differences between them.

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Macaulay Culkin probably wishes he spent this weekend home alone.

At least then he could have just worn his Ryan Gosling shirt in peace.

Instead, however, the actor and his band The Pizza Underground, performed as part of the Dot to Dot Festival in Nottingham, England. Much to the chagrin of those in attendance.

This Velvet Underground cover group scarcely got through a few tracks before the audience booed and actually threw beer bottles on stage.

Culkin tried to joke about the rude behavior at first ("Why are you throwing those?" hr asked. "I'd rather drink them."), but the unruliness would not stop.

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Prepare to have your minds shattered, people.

What we have here is a photo of Ryan Gosling ... apparently wearing a shirt emblazoned with a photo of Macaulay Culkin wearing a shirt of Ryan Gosling.

Wearing a photo of Macaulay Culkin. Trippy.

Ryan Gosling Macaulay Culkin Shirt

You're probably wondering at this point:

  1. How many levels of Ryan Gosling-Macaulay Culkin Inception one can descend into before one falls into a semi-permanent limbo
  2. Whether this is Photoshopped

Answers? We don't know, and probably, based on the fact that Ryan's expression, stance and the angle in which he is seen in both images appears identical:

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Macaulay Culkin has just gone meta, and won the Internet.

The former child star turned musician, who's made more headlines due to his changing appearance than his career lately, has done so again here.

In an epically positive way this time. Check out his shirt ...

Macaulay Culkin Ryan Gosling Shirt

His band, The Pizza Underground, Tweeted the pic, captioned: "Let's get meta #ryangosling #macaulayculkin #shirt #pizzaunderground #mug"

Yes, that is a t-shirt featuring Ryan Gosling. Who is wearing a t-shirt featuring Macaulay Culkin. Someone get Leo D. on the phone ... unless he's behind this.

We don't know what more we can add to this greatness, except to caution that if you die on the third level of Macaulay Culkin Inception, you fall into limbo. 

Will Ryan Gosling follow suit with another Culkin shirt emblazoned with this pic? Was Home Alone all a dream within a dream? Is the top still spinning?

So many questions. Heck, Inception Cat is tired just thinking about it ...

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Hollywood has a bit of a Peter Pan complex sometimes never wanting its child actors to grow up. But grow up they must as people do.

Occasionally, the actors and actresses we love as children make the transition to adult stars ... sometimes making a pit stop as amateur porn stars ... before going on to transition successfully into adult actors known for more than just their childhood roles.

Sometimes those transitions are less successful and we spend their infamous adulthoods wondering what happened?

(Drugs and alcohol happened, that's what. Looking at you, Lindsay Lohan.)

Others, like second-time mama Drew Barrymore, go through seriously rough growing pains and emerge on the other side bigger and better than anyone could have imagined. Maybe there's hope for LiLo yet.

And then there's Leonardo DiCaprio who just gets better and better with age. Seriously. He's a fine wine.

Take a look at these 21 child actors who grew up and stayed famous. Or infamous. 

Anna Paquin
Anna Paquin won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in The Piano. She went on to play Rogue and Sookie Stackhouse. Not too bad.

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Remember when Kevin was left Home Alone and he ordered pizza and used a movie to tell the delivery driver to "keep the change, partner..."?

Macaulay Culkin didn't forget Kevin's love of pizza, apparently. Now he has a cover band dedicated to everyone's favorite cheesy pie and Velvet Underground.

They call themselves, wait for it...The Pizza Underground. And they only sing about pizza.

Macaulay Culkin Has a Band

"I'm Waiting for Delivery Man" features such lyrics as "Comes from Domino's 1-2-3 / More than 30 minutes and that pizza is free!" And yeah, it's actually kind of catchy. 

Domino's should probably license that and put it in a commercial.

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As Macaulay Culkin once proved, slapping after shave on one's face can be a traumatic experience.

But that's nothing compared to the jolt fans received over the weekend at New York Comic-Con when this reclusive actor made a rare public appearance... rocking some serious scruff, long hair and bunny ears.

The star was on hand for the Robot Chicken panel Friday and is unrecognizable from his role as Kevin McCallister in the Home Alone franchise. Granted, those films debuted 23 years ago.

But prepare to be taken very far aback when seeing what Culkin looks like these days in the following video:

Culkin also surprised attendees at a concert in Great Britain in April when he helped sing a rendition of "Kokomo."

Prior to that sighting, there had been unfortunate rumors of Culkin on drugs, sad, depressed and lonely. So we'd glad to see him out, about and looking to be healthy.

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We know he can place his hands on his cheeks and scream.

But can Macaulay Culkin sing?

We sort of have the answer to that question after an unexpected duet this week, as the actor joined friend Adam Green on stage during a concert in Great Britain.

Watch them team up for a cover of The Beach Boys' "Kokomo" now:

Culkin should probably stick to the big screen.

But this is a guy who kinda recently broke up with Mila Kunis, so don't be too harsh on him, people. He needs all the positive reinforcement he can get.

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Macaulay Culkin may not be on drugs, but he is not doing so hot. A friend describes him as depressed, sad, lonely and attempting to recapture his childhood.

Weeks after the National Enquirer called Macaulay Culkin a heroin addict and said he was at death's door, reports say the Home Alone star is very depressed.

An insider close to Culkin says he is not doing well and has been attempting to relive his childhood and has been engaging in increasingly strange behavior.

Macaulay Culkin Photo

That includes hosting costume parties where guests are invited to come dressed as a movie character or dinosaur. "He likes to live as a child," says the source.

"Growing up has not been good to Macaulay."

A former colleague says Culkin is a "sad and lonely figure," and attributes his depression to his inability to land roles in recent years; he last acted in 2010.

The actor denies he's on drugs, but the Enquirer stood by its initial shocking story and encouraged the 32-year-old actor to seek help for his problems.

In February, his reps also denied allegations that the actor was gravely ill after gaunt photos of Culkin emerged. He looks healthier in recent months, though.

In fact, Culkin has been working on several paintings which he'll be exhibiting this week, and has been using his New York apartment as a studio. So that's good.

Here's hoping these are just rumors and that Mac is back and better than ever.