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In keeping with its tradition of putting Heidi Montag or the Spears family on the cover for the 235th consecutive week, Us Weekly proclaims that Mother of the Year Lynne Spears destroyed the lives of daughters Britney and Jamie Lynn.

That's a bold statement. Not. Just call her Lynne $pear$.

As the shock of the huge Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy story slowly fades, questions of responsibility and blame have landed on her mother / manager, Lynne.

Jamie Lynn Spears' own co-star is speaking out against Lynne, who is said to have pushed the 16-year-old in directions she wasn't comfortable with.

"Jamie wanted something different for her life, and her mother put her in situations she didn't want to be in," Alexa Nikolas, Jamie Lynn's co-star on Zoey 101, said.

Unanimously, multiple friends and family members say that unlike Britney, Jamie Lynn never wanted to be a star. "She never cared about celebrity," says one old family friend. "She preferred life back home in Kentwood [Louisiana]."

Destroyed By Lynne Spears

A family friend says Lynne Spears "treats her girls like a piggy bank."

As soon as Jamie Lynn, 16, confided in her mom, 52, about her pregnancy, Lynne convinced her introverted daughter (to the displeasure of her father, Jamie Spears) to break the news via the cover of OK! Magazine. The price: $1 million.

"Lynne knew OK! would pay the most," a source said. "It was her decision."

Which is why even Jamie Lynn's older sister, Britney Spears, was kept out of the loop at first: "They didn't want her to run her mouth and screw up the deal."

Instead, Lynne told K-Fed, which further confused the "singer."

From the start of Britney Spears' career in 1998, Lynne, a former teacher, made sure she received a percentage of money off both her daughters' deals. Shocking.

"Lynne got all her money through those girls and loved it when it started rolling in," a source says. "She's the only one with a Land Rover in Kentwood."

Lynne Spears even managed to get someone to publish a parenting book, written by herself, entitled Pop Culture Mom. It is indefinitely delayed now, however.

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The Christian publishers of Lynne Spears' "indefinitely delayed" memoir, to be entitled "Worst Mom Ever Pop Culture Mom," are still going forward with the book, but insist it's (wait for it) not a parenting how-to - but rather, a warning!

Thomas Nelson publishing released the following statement on its website:

A Jamie Lynn Spears Image

"Lynne Spears' memoir will provide a window into the world of fame and worldly success, including the toll it extracts (sic) from some who aspire to it. It will provide a much-needed corrective to a world obsessed with the wrong priorities."

Hmm. Sounds like a perfect gift for, you know... Britney Spears?

Lynne Spears has done a bang-up job with Britney and Jamie Lynn.

The statement issued by Lynne Spears' would-be publisher continues:

"We believe in redemption and are standing with Lynne and her family. Though the book is delayed, we believe God is at work. The story is still being written, and we are confident in His ability to turn ashes into beauty (Isaiah 61:3)."

It is good to see that Jamie Lynn Spears' pregnancy can still be salvaged by the spin doctors over there at the publisher. While they are still going forward with the book, a rep for Thomas Nelson told celebrity news site TMZ that, "(the) Book is still delayed indefinitely with no set release date."

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Just when you thought the Spears family couldn't get any weirder.

A source close to Kevin Federline and his family has told the New York Post that the FedEx man was told that young Jamie Lynn is with child before Britney!

"Kevin knew before Britney that Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant," said the insider. "In fact, Britney's mom Lynne, who has become tight with Kevin in the wake of her many troubles with her daughter and grandchildren, told Kevin about it on Monday, because Lynne wanted Kevin to be prepared when Britney found out."

Kevin Federline apparently knew Jamie Lynn Spears was pregnant before his crazy ex-wife, Britney Spears, had a clue. Then again, she has no clue about most things.

Lynne Spears, who's in the running with Dina Lohan for worst celebrity mother of this (and every) year, famously sold the $1 million story to OK! Magazine earlier this week, upsetting her ex (and Jamie Lynn and Britney's father), Jamie Spears.

We're just waiting for the inevitable rumor that Federline himself impregnated Jamie Lynn. After all, the FedEx man has already delivered four "packages" in his day, if you know what we mean. We mean sperm. Dude has four kids!

And speaking of Jamie Lynn Spears gossip, The New York Daily News is reporting this morning that JLS has been dating fellow Nickelodeon star Lil' Romeo. Could it be that Lil' Romeo, too, has been tapping that 16-year-old booty? We doubt it... which is too bad, because we'd love to see Casey Aldridge fight his ass.

Hypothetically, if he were the one who got his unprotected game on and got Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant, Lil' Romeo (born August 1989) would be legally in the clear!

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The news never stops when 16-year-olds get knocked up. Here are more excerpts from Jamie Lynn Spears' $1 million interview with OK! about her pregnancy...

On the sex of the baby: I want to find out as soon as I can because I'm impatient. I just want a healthy, happy baby, so the whether it's a boy or a girl really doesn't matter that much to me.

A Jamie Lynn Pic!

On names: I haven't thought about names yet. I have to hear some options!

On morning sickness: I definitely had morning sickness, but it's getting better. It was at its worst a few weeks ago.

On not having cravings: I haven't really got much of an appetite right now. I mean, I eat, but I'm not going crazy or anything.

On believing she'll be a good mom: I love babies, and I have two nephews (Sean Preston and Jayden James) that I love. I have a great mother and she has raised three kids, so if I take lessons from her, I think I'll be great.

Casey Aldridge got Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant. Way to go man!

On marriage: Right now, [Casey Aldridge and I] are focusing on the baby and making sure we do all we can to have a healthy baby. We're trying just to think about that right now, so we haven't really talked about that.

On Casey Aldridge as a father: He's always been good with babies. He's like a big teddy bear, especially around babies, so I know he'll make a good dad.

On her hopes for 2008: Just to have a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy and for everything to fall in place and to become a stronger person from here.

Follow the jump for some more comments from mom Lynne Spears ...

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Lynne Spears' book about raising her famous daughters Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears has been put on hold, the publisher confirmed to People.

"The book is delayed indefinitely. It's delayed, not cancelled," says a spokeswoman for Thomas Nelson, which publishes inspirational books and Bibles.

What on Earth they are doing publishing a book by Lynne Spears is beyond us, as she may be the least inspirational mother of all time. But no matter.

It had been set for a spring 2008 release but was put on hold when news broke that 16-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant by her boyfriend Casey Aldridge.

A Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears

Lynne Spears is such a good parent, she should write a book on it!

Publishers' Weekly described the book as "Lynne Spears' personal story of raising high-profile children while coming from a low-profile Louisiana community."

They use the term "raising" loosely, we assume.

The publisher declined to comment on whether the focus of the book would be altered in light of Jamie Lynn Spears' pregnancy announcement.

"We are standing behind Lynn at this time and understand that she needs time with her family - we support that," says the spokeswoman.

Again, we're not sure what's harder to believe - that this book was even given consideration by a publisher, or that Lynne Spears may have done a better job with Britney Spears - who at least made it to her early 20s, and was married for like 20 months - than she did with Jamie Lynn Spears.

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This hot piece of celebrity gossip has been bandied about before in recent weeks, but we're just coming across it - Britney Spears apparently thinks her mother, Lynne Spears, may be sleeping with Kevin Federline.

Earlier this fall, it was reported that Britney Spears suspected her mother of sleeping with her ex-husband. Now the rumors are being rehashed.

A friend of the younger Spears tells Star Magazine: "In a fit of rage, Britney accused her mom of sleeping with Kevin!"

"Britney doesn't know up from down right now. She's so confused and angry, she told [Lynne Spears] that she was backstabbing, that she was probably sleeping with Kevin Federline just to hurt her feelings. Lynne is deeply hurt that her own daughter would viciously accuse her of something so terrible."

Britney Spears and Lynne Spears have a very normal relationship.

Many of Britney Spears' friends (possibly Alli Sims, Sam Lutfi, Lucy Walsh), feel that these accusations further prove her mental instability of late.

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If it weren't for Dina Lohan, she'd have the title wrapped up easily. But Lynne Spears is still one of the frontrunners for that (dis)honor.

The mother of Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears will have no shortage of material as she pens her personal tell-all of trying to whore out raise famous daughters.

Lynne and Britney had a falling out in June, when Britney delivered an upsetting letter to her mother following months of erratic behavior and a brief stay in rehab - which Britney blames Lynne Spears for.

Having only recently reconciled with the troubled "singer," the divorced Lynne has inked a lucrative book deal with the publisher Thomas Nelson, according to People.

Publishers Marketplace describes the new book as "Lynne Spears' personal story of trying to exploit and make tons of money off raising high-profile children while coming from a low-profile Louisiana community."

Thomas Nelson also publishes Bibles, as well as inspirational (Christian) books and some celebrities' work including Bill Cosby, according to

The book is set to be published in spring 2008, right around the time we expect Britney Spears to land back in rehab after overdosing on meth.

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After a long period of of estrangement, Britney Spears finally grabbed the phone and called the one person she needed most: the Domino's delivery guy her mom.

Lynne Spears immediately went into action, hopping on a flight on October 5 to L.A. from Kentwood, La., along with 16-year-old Jamie Lynne Spears.

Insiders say Britney Spears was "a bundle of hard drugs nerves" that night as she waited for the arrival of her mother and l'il sister.

"She was extremely excited," says a pal. "She was shaking."

T.H. GOSSIP NOTE: That might just be withdrawal from crystal meth.

Regardless, Britney Spears has been in better spirits with mom Lynne Spears and sister Jamie Lynn Spears in town. Kind of funny that the pic of them together on the People Magazine cover here is actually two separate photos, however.

The Britney Spears clan: back together at last. Minus Britney's Spears kids, who she can't see because she's a chronic user of alcohol and drugs, of course.

"It must have taken a lot for Britney to let down her guard," says Spears' friend Robert Baker, head of the Millennium Dance Complex.

"She felt betrayed by her mom when she first went to rehab. But there are times when you just need your family more than anything."

If anyone needs a mom right now, it's Britney, who can perhaps appreciate Lynne Spears' own pain at being separated from her own flesh and blood.

Spears, who was labeled "a habitual, frequent and continuous" user of drugs and alcohol, is estranged from children Sean Preston and Jayden James, who are living with their father, Kevin Federline, until further notice.

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Who, you ask, is that masked woman behind the wheel? That's the one and only Britney Spears, of course, rocking her new look: Taliban chic!

Spears was spotted driving around L.A. Sunday night. No one has ever spoken her name in America's Best Mom discussions, but hey, she keeps a memento of Sean Preston and Jayden James handy - see that cute lil' shoe hanging from the rear view mirror? Awww.

Cold Day in September

Also, check out that sneaky photographer lurking in the background. He clearly takes his job - snapping celebrity photos for us to analyze - seriously! Good man!


Back from her short-lived Vegas debacle - in which bodyguard Julio "JC" Camera got into a melee with a photographer, Britney returned to the L.A. scene Saturday, hitting up Winston's.

Spears showed up with a female companion (who wasn't Alli Sims, that's for damn sure) and flashed the cameras - with a peace sign, not a nipple slip - on the way out.

Where was Britney Spears‘ mom on Saturday as this was going on? Throwin' it down in the VIP at PURE nightclub at Caesars in Las Vegas, of course!

Yeah. Lynne Spears, according to Vegas Confidential, went to Sin City to try to patch things up. Lynne even took Brit's little sis, Jamie Lynn Spears, with her.

But, with Britney cutting her trip short, Lynne stayed around and headed over to PURE with "a few friends, taking a spot on the VIP main stage."

Rumors that Jamie Lynn Spears, 16, is pregnant continue to surface. Rumors that Lynne Spears is giving Dina Lohan a run for her money are coming true before our eyes.

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When a determined Britney Spears served her mother with mystery legal documents last week, as we reported, she also delivered a stinging message along with them.

In prose.

The beleaguered "singer" has been angry and feuding with Lynne Spears because she felt her mother and others ambushed her into a bogus rehab trip.

Now, Britney wrote a poem, bitterly entitled "Dear Mama" and delivered it to her mother during her strange run-in last week, according to several publications.

In the poem, Britney Spears laments "that she doesn't have a mom anymore and she couldn't imagine a mother doing what she did to her child," a source told the tabloid Star.

Spears delivered the verse, along with legal papers, to her mother on June 28 on the set of "Zoey 101," the TV show starring Britney's sister, Jamie Lynn Spears.

Britney and Lynne Spears are reportedly also battling over the affections of Jamie Lynn. Have we mentioned that Britney and Jamie Lynn's dad's name is Jamie?

"Britney said, ‘Here Momma, I just wanted to see your face,'" a source told Star. "Then she got into her car and drove off. [Lynne Spears] went into the trailer and broke down in tears."

The CD reportedly contained private recordings of phone conversations between Lynne Spears and Britney Spears' estranged husband, Kevin Federline.

Spears is forbidding her mother from seeing her two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, and in one conversation, Lynne is said to be arranging to meet K-Fed and the boyz.

"I have to be careful that Britney doesn't find out," she conspires.

The recordings were allegedly made by a private investigator (!?) and in another call, Kevin Federline assured Spears' mother that his divorce battle was "going well."

"Kevin told Lynne that he had everything under control," adds the source. "He was just going to let Britney hang herself in court."

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