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Another week, another round of Lucy Pinder nude pictures.

For everyone out there who doesn't understand what Vanessa Hudgens was thinking by posing naked, here's a hint: perhaps she simply wanted a Pinder-like career.

Nude Lucy Pinder

Sick of acting and singing, the High School Musical star might be jealous of British beauties such as Lucy and Keeley Hazell, models who simply roll out of bed every morning, take off their shirt and make lots of money.

It's not the worst job ever. Just ask Sophie Howard.

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Tennis, anyone?

Even those who aren't fans of the Roger Federer-dominated sport may change their minds once they check out the photos below. For once, Lucy Pinder is wearing clothing... but we don't mind so much when she looks like that.

Lucy Pinder, Michelle Marsh Go Nuts

Typically, of course, Pinder is one of a handful of British babes that refuses to put on a shirt. She even posed that way alongside Michelle Marsh recently.

Not that we're complaining. But the lingerie model may need to get naked once more if she hopes to win this picture battle. After all, she's up against tennis modeling sensation Anna Kournikova. Known more for her body than her skills on the court, the possible wife of Enrique Iglesias is triumphant in most cleavage contests.

For that reason, we advise Pinder to stick to the nudity. Leave the sports up to athletes. As Tila Tequila can attest to, one needs to accept one's role in society.

And for Pinder, Marsh and Keeley Hazell, that role is to pose topless and make sex tapes. It isn't so difficult.

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The Hollywood Gossip tells it like it is.

As a celebrity gossip provider, that means you've occasionally got to get down, dirty, explicit and profane in covering the famous people that make the news.

That's been our philosophy since our first post (about Lindsay Lohan) 13 months ago.

Nonetheless, according to a new blog rating system, which rates gossip blogs the same way as movies, T.H. Gossip has been given parental guidance suggested, "PG" status.

How, we're not sure. It was a close shave. Not unlike that recently given to that shank Paris Hilton. Man, that thing was given a serious waxing!

Despite a consistent deluge of raunchy articles and censored nude / sexual photos, we were able to dodge the more risque "PG-13" or "R" designations.

Guess all those shots of Britney Spears wearing no underwear and all that talk about Amanda Beard and Garcelle Beauvais nude wasn't enough. Oh well. We'll work harder, we promise.

Here are a couple of good celebrity photos from our (apparently PG) archive.

Lucy Pinder, Michelle Marsh Go Nuts

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Nuts is crazy about breasts.

The publication has printed photos of a half-nude Lucy Pinder before, but now its really giving its male audience bang for its, well, balls.

Joining the lovely British model in a photo spread of an upcoming issue is… another lovely British model. And neither is wearing a shit! That's Michelle Marsh and her large boobs smiling seductively next to Pinder.

And that's a member of The Hollywood Gossip staff running to change his pants. He didn't think it got any hotter than Amanda Beard nude.

Someone should notify Britney Spears, meanwhile, and let her know that you needn't dress all trashy or climb over car seats in order to be attractive.

Just take off your shirt and it's all good.

Lucy Pinder, Michelle Marsh Go Nuts

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Forget Nuts Magazine for a minute.

While a half-naked Lucy Pinder may have posed for that publication in the past, she's making it obvious in this spread just which pages she hopes to appear in someday.

Lucy Pinder Nude Pic

Are you reading, Hugh Hefner?

The British babe is making like the Playboy bunny below, an obvious attempt to follow in the footsteps of Holly Madison nude and numerous other lovely women that have donned their birthday suits for Hef's creation.

There's no question that Pinder is suitable for the magazine.

But we're curious: if Lucy and other English beauties, such as Gemma Atkinson, were to pose, would their pictures be placed on the left-hand side of the page?

And would tea or crumpets be served during the photo shoot?

Whatever the answers are, we just hope Pinder asking to be included in Playboy doesn't start too much of a British trend. No one wants to see Amy Winehouse nude.

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Lucy Pinder is a lingerie model.

So the fact that she's gone topless in a magazine shouldn't be shocking.

Lucy Pinder, Michelle Marsh Go Nuts

Unlike fellow British beauty, Keeley Hazell, however, Pinder hasn't shown off her bare body in public too often.

That's why we were so surprised to come across these photos in Nuts magazine.

Almost as surprised as we were to discover that there actually is a Nuts magazine.

For an actress, model or singer, of course, showing off your giant boobs in a publication is nothing new.

Eva Mendes has done it recently.

A topless Kate Moss is almost more common than a fully dressed one.

Heck, nude Hilary Swank photos have even made the rounds.

So welcome to the club, Lucy.

Just make sure Ron Jeremy doesn't get too close to those melons.

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