We talk a lot about Lucy Pinder's boobs on this site.

But it turns out we're not alone: in the video below, the British model herself - and her mother! - speak at length about the pros and cons of possessing such large breasts.

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Can you not wait for our next posting of Lucy Pinder naked pictures?

Granted, new ones emerge almost every week, but the British model is thinking about those fans who need to see her giant boobs and bare body even more often.

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Another week, another round of Lucy Pinder nude pictures.

For everyone out there who doesn't understand what Vanessa Hudgens was thinking by posing naked, here's a hint: perhaps she simply wanted a Pinder-like career.

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Lucy Pinder, Michelle Marsh
Lucy Pinder has enormous breasts. That's pretty much all the British model has to offer, but it's also all you really need to be famous... More »
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