Lorenzo Borghese is s a prince. And used to be a Bachelor on ABC. He's a complete assclown.

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Yes, it's true!

Us Weekly has confirmed that Lorenzo Borghese has given his chosen lady love the proverbial heave-ho - and traded up for the woman he spurned on the season finale of The Bachelor.

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The cosmetics heir and dog products entrepreneur (who is of Italian nobility) picked public school teacher Jennifer Wilson over L.A. publicist Sadie Murray (below, right).

"Watching Sadie drive away in the limo was by far the worst moment of this entire journey," a tearful Borghese said during the finale.

Apparently, he came to his senses and never got over saying goodbye to Sadie Murray, a 24-year-old San Diego publicist who is proudly saving herself for marriage.

Despite having given Wilson (below, left) a promise ring on the show's finale, they were said to have parted ways soon after, and a source close to Borghese tells Us Weekly:

"Lorenzo and Jennifer are now on the rocks, and he's gone back to Sadie. They're spending time together. Sadie is moving to New York City, where Lorenzo lives, to pursue her career."

Rumors were flying that Borghese's brother, who works for the Home Shopping Network, unintentionally spilled the beans regarding this scandalous reality TV switcheroo last month. We've been unable to confirm it - until now. Go Sadie! 

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As The Bachelor: Rome concluded, Lorenzo Borghese and Jennifer Wilson made it clear they intended to approach their new, long-distance relationship cautiously. Jennifer will not be moving to New York until at least next May and has stated this more than once.

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But now, scandalous reports are surfacing that Jennifer Wilson is already dating another man in her native Florida.

The National Enquirer reports that Wilson is already "secretly dating" a fellow named Dan Herrero, another teacher at Glades Middle School, the Pembroke Pines, Fla., school at which the eighth grade reading teacher is employed.

The magazine contains a picture of Jennifer and her new beau, and claims she had been dating the guy for weeks before the Bachelor's controversial finale in late November.

"I can't believe I had just watched her accept the last rose from Prince Lorenzo Borghese on television, then only days later she was making out with Dan!," an Enquirer source told MSNBC.

"When Dan asked Jennifer about what she was going to do about Lorenzo, she told him point blank that she doesn't have any romantic feelings for him at all and has absolutely no intention of following through with their plans to start a future together."

When reached by the Enquirer, Herrero denied that he's seeing Wilson and insists that the pair are only "good friends."

Wilson didn't respond to the tabloid's requests for comment. However, three days later, photographers reportedly captured the pair frolicking on the beach together. If these developments are true, that leaves The Bachelor 0-for-9 on the marriage front. Fairy tale romance, indeed.

Meanwhile, a reader of T.H. Gossip is reporting that Lorenzo is now with Sadie Murray, the sweet, wonderful, virginal San Diego native he shunned for Jennifer. We have found no evidence to corroborate this, however. If this rumor is true, and anyone can verify it, our staff urges you to come forward with your source so that we may verify this exclusive!

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Lorenzo might have appeared confident in his decision to pick Jen Wilson over the superior, sweet, sensitive, sexy Sadie Murray during the finale of the The Bachelor.

But according to the bachelor himself, it was a last minute decision.

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"I decided about two hours before the final Rose Ceremony and it was obviously a very difficult decision because I had strong feelings for both Jen and Sadie," Lorenzo Borghese said in a post-Bachelor interview.

"I felt a little stronger with [Jennifer Wilson] just because I thought we had more chemistry. I was trying to find faults with both of them and it was almost impossible but I knew I had to make a decision and it was just that I felt a little closer to Jen and that's why I went with what I was feeling at the time."

However despite waiting so long to decide which woman to present his final rose to, Lorenzo says he has never doubted his decision.

"I'm very glad that I made my decision," he said.

But despite Lorenzo's confidence that he made the right decision, both he and Jennifer plan to approach their new relationship cautiously.

"We're still very happy and we're definitely together but we're just kinda trying to figure things out and really grow into a relationship now," Jen explained.

"These [The Bachelor] shows are successful because people actually do find love in the moment and what they try and find out after the show is 'Was it just a moment of love or is this really a person who I can spend the rest of my life with,'" Lorenzo added. "I think that's the stage that Jen and I are at right now, we found love on the show -- we had a great time and I'm very happy I did it and got to know Jen and this is where we stand today."

After getting to be together only once since The Bachelor finished filming in late September, the New York City cosmetics entrepreneur and Miami area teacher plan to continue to conduct a long distance relationship -- at least until Jennifer's school system ends its school year next May.

"I'm a schoolteacher in South Florida so I have to finish the year there with my kids but when May hits and I'm looking to possibly go back or not then at that time then me and Lorenzo will make a decision that's best for us," Jennifer said.

"I save lots of frequent flyer miles right now, I love New York and Lorenzo loves Miami so in that sense it's pretty easy. We couldn't live in two better cities and a lot of people make relationships work from New York to Miami is a common, easy flight. So I think it's going to be visiting each other, talking on the phone as much as you can, staying in contact -- he's going to come down and see my [school] kids -- and you know we're just going to work on it as best as we can in any long distance relationship," she said.

Should their relationship last and an offer be made, the pair also admit that this might not be the last that reality viewers see of them. Can anybody say Nick and Jessica?

THG NOTE: Please, don't.

"I would never say no to anything until I know what it really is, I think we'd both be stupid if we said 'I'm not going to do anything else ever again,'" Lorenzo said.

"I feel the same way, I think if any opportunity presented itself we'd both probably want to take it but are we looking for a reality TV wedding at this point, probably not," Jennifer added.

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Her princess title will have to wait, but Jennifer Wilson got her prince on The Bachelor.

That's right, Lorenzo Borghese somehow chose ditzy Jen over the far superior Sadie Murray on Monday's two-hour finale.

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"I came here for one reason and that was in search for love," the 34-year-old Manhattanite and Italian noble family member told Jennifer as he informed her of his decision during the reality TV show's final rose ceremony. "I didn't want 25 women, I wanted one."

"Oh my god!," the giddy 24-year-old eighth grade teacher from Pembroke Pines, Fla., replied, as our staff members vowed to stick to Laguna Beach for our reality fix from now on.

However, Lorenzo didn't propose, or even attempt to present his network-supplied engagement ring to Jennifer as a "promise ring." No one needs to get married these days - just ask Brangelina. Instead, he presented the Florida teacher with an offer to leave the "Garden of Eden" and "take it on" with him in New York.

After meeting with both fathers, Lorenzo had his final one-on-one dates with Jennifer (below, left) and Sadie (below, right), setting the stage for the final ceremony in which each woman arrived separately learn of his decision. Sadie arrived first and, following some brief praise of her, Lorenzo cut right to his decision.

"In your wish list, you said 'I want to be with a guy that can't fathom to be with another woman' ... the truth is that there is another woman here and at this point I would rather be with her," Lorenzo told the 23-year-old from San Diego. "I don't know what else to say, Sadie."

THG NOTE: He could have invited Britney Spears to accept his ring instead, but that would have been against the show's rules.

Sadie, a classy, spunky, composed and virginal cutie, initially took the news well.

"I'm grateful for everything and thank you, really, thank you... I'm not good but I will be, I'm fine," she said.

But as the conversation continued, Sadie began to get more emotional.

"I just don't know why I did this... I feel so foolish... I thought it was real," Sadie lamented.

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When we say "the bachelor," do you think of George Clooney? Most ladies probably do.

Another single man is making his mark, however. ABC's latest, desperate hunk is an actual prince named Lorenzo Borghese. Us Weekly recently sat down with him for an interview:

Ben Flajnik: Bachelor Pic

Q: Is there more pressure when you're a prince and a bachelor? Did the girls react differently?
LB: I don't think so. I hope the girls didn't flip out more than normal. I don't think having a title has anything to do with who I am. And if it does, then I start getting a little nervous about it. I found it interesting that the girls knew who I was before the show started because ABC released it early. But if a girl is interested (in me) because of my family history, it's sort of a turn off.

Q: Was it weird to have so many women vying for your attention?
LB: Yes. It's something I've never experienced in my life obviously, and it made me feel vulnerable in a way. I get scared when people meet me and they immediately start telling me how strong their feelings are for me. They don't even know me. Fortunately, on that first night, no one told me how in love with me they were.

Q: You're an animal lover, so we have to ask: Why didn't, Laura, the dolphin trainer make the cut?
LB: The dolphin trainer didn't make he cut because she was very nice, but I didn't feel like I got to know her. The twelve girls who made it are the girls I spent the most time with, that I thought I made a good connection with, and I really got to know.

Q: You've said you're not in PDA. How did you manage to escape the cameras?
LB: Well to be honest, I didn't escape it. I don't like being all over somebody like a slug. I don't think it's bad holding hands, but I've seen guys grab girls' butts while they're walking or making out like it's their last kiss in the world. It should be done in private.

** THG Note: Are you listening, TomKat?

Q: What was your favorite part of filming in Rome?
LB: Talk about PDA â€" it's accepted in Rome. At every corner someone is making out, someone is kissing. But the whole backdrop lends itself to that. You turn a corner and there's the coliseum. You're like, "Wow. This is romantic."

Q: How are Italian women different from American women?
LB: Italian women are more cautious about getting involved in a relationship. When you start getting involved with an Italian woman, one of the first things they do is introduce you to their family. In America, you don't meet the family for months. In Italy, they really want approval from their family before they go one step further.

Q: How do your parents & family feel about you participating in the show?
LB: They told me, "Just be yourself. If you do that, then we're going to support you. But if you're going to be someone you're not, don't do it."

Q: Are you "metrosexual"?
LB: I use a face cream with SPF as a moisturizer. I use cologne. And that's about it. I don't use hair gel. I take a shower, I get out and I'm ready to go. I'm low maintenance.

** THG Note: For more on metrosexualism, see David Beckham.

Q: What's the typical day in the life of a prince like?
LB: I'm just like any other guy. I get up, have a cup of coffee, work, have lunch, work in the afternoon until about 7pm, run, and then have dinner. I think about my job, my friends and my family. I'm just like anybody else.

Q: Who is your favorite prince?
LB: Prince, the singer. I'm more entertained by him. I like "Little Red Corvette." That's a fun song.

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Bill Simmons is at it again. Well, actually, it's the Sports Guy's wife we're interested in this time. But if it weren't for Bill, we'd have no Sports Gal rants to report on.

Kristin Films The Hills

Below, Bill's better, funnier half takes aim at ABC's The Bachelor, along with one of Hollywood's most talked-about foxes, Kristin Cavallari...


I can't watch The Bachelor anymore because they keep selecting guys who shouldn't need a reality show to find a wife.

I liked the first two seasons when they were just nice-looking guys who had normal jobs and seemed normal.

Now the bachelors come on to become famous; they don't care about finding a soul mate. They want to break up with whoever they picked in the Final Rose episode and hook up with Kristin Cavallari at a Sunset Strip club the next week.

It's so easy to see through them. Like, this year's Bachelor is a rich Italian prince (Lorenzo Borghese) who can't speak Italian and went to Rollins College. It's like Joe Millionaire, only without the twist at the end. Why would I root for a fake prince to fall in love?

Instead of picking princes and quarterbacks, I think ABC should go in the other direction. My friend Melissa thinks we have hot homeless guys out here in L.A.; she calls them "the hot homeless."

We can't figure out why there are so many good-looking ones. Maybe they're failed actors, I don't know. But since it's practically hopeless for single women over 30 in L.A., Melissa thinks they'd have a better chance by taking in a hot homeless guy, cleaning him up, getting him a job and trying to turn his life around.

I agree. I'd like to see ABC pick a hot homeless guy as the next Bachelor. They could clean him up and introduce him to 25 girls at once. His whole life could change, right? Although he'd probably fall for three of them at the same time, settle on the slut with the biggest rack, give her a promise ring, then dump her the next week to hook up with Cavallari.

Forget it, this could never work.

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