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Sorry, celebrities around the world. There's really no need to bother dressing up tomorrow night.

Liv Tyler has already won Halloween 2014.

The Leftovers actress and the daughter of Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler has posted a photograph to Instagram of herself dressed like an oven, with a bun placed over her stomach.

Because Tyler is pregnant with baby number-two. Get it?!?

Liv Tyler Halloween Costume

"Halloween school dance. My favorite party!!!!!" Tyler captioned the above image, which also features her 9-year-old son, Milo, from a previous marriage.

He's dressed, we presume, as... some superhero called Garbage Bag Man?

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We're not doctors here at The Hollywood Gossip.

Are Kylie Jenner's lips real... or the result of some plastic surgery? We don't know for sure.

Was Tori Spelling hospitalized last week due to a panic attack... or as a headline-generating move to garner ratings for her nauseating reality show? We can't say for certain (even though she totally faked it.)

Are the following famous females expecting a baby in 2015? Don't bet your home on it.

However, based on our research (i.e. they're pregnancy announcements), our investigative resources (i.e. a calendar) and a few very basic math skills, it's safe to assume the Palace will have major news to break in a few months, while Kim Kardashian will have another relative to pay an assistant to Tweet about.

From royalty to reality to pure beauty, here's a look at various celebrities babies who will enter the world in early 2015:

Kate Middleton
Another royal baby is on the way! Kate Middleton and Prince William will welcome it into the world in April 2015.

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Her character barely talks on The Leftovers, but actress Liv Tyler now has something to scream about:


Liv Tyler Photo

Sources confirm to multiple outlets that Tyler is expecting her second child, though it will be her first with boyfriend Dave Gardner.

Tyler is already the mother to nine-year old Milo William Langdon, a product of her marriage to ex-husband Royston Langdon, from whom she split in 2008 after five years as his wife.

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It feels like Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have been engaged for as long as we can remember.

There have been plenty of reports that Jennifer is getting impatient and threatening to call things off if they don't make it official soon, but now it seems like she might not be the only one ready to pull the plug on Hollywood's slowest-moving relationship.

Sources say that Justin and his Leftovers co-star Liv Tyler have been "racking up a lot of alone time on and off set," and it's reportedly driving Jen crazy.

Justin Theroux and Liv Tyler Photo

One insider says the final straw was when Liv began posting photos of herself and Theroux (like the one above) to her Instagram page, and openly talking Justin's "bulge" during promotional interviews.

As you might recall, Jen's had problems with her men falling for their co-stars in the past, so she's said to be particularly wary of the "friendship" between Justin and Liv.

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Wait... who bought weed from whom in high school?!?

Which two stars appeared together on Barney and Friends?

Which modern day studs were bowling partners before they were movie stars?

In honor of Flashback Friday, we're throwing it way back once again on THG, giving fans a look at celebrities who were close friends long before they were actual celebrities.

How did Selena and Demi meet? What about Kim and Nicole? Courtney and Drew? The (surprising!) answers await! Click around and find out now:

Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake
Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake met while both were on The Mickey Mouse Club. Look how adorable they are!

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When it comes to some of Hollywood's biggest and brighest stars, many of them are quick to thank their parents for unconditional support throughout the years.

Others, however, have tales of very public estrangement from their parents, their fathers in particular. Both make for interesting celebrity gossip stories.

Since it's Father's Day, we thought we'd take a look at 9 celebrities and their dads.

Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus
Miley's dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, has always supported his daughter's musical career, for good or for ill.

It's hard to find a more supportive father than Billy Ray Cyrus. Despite any and all of Miley Cyrus' crazy antics throughout the years, Billy Ray has stood by his baby girl. 

Since it was his career which introduced her to this life, he's probably making the right call by keeping any disappointments he may have to himself.

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Move over, Shiloh, Jayden James and Suri Cruise. You don't have a monopoly on the space on The Hollywood Gossip devoted to celebrity babies!

We saw this pic of Liv Tyler and son Milo, 3, at Santa Monica's Pacific Pier Amusement Park, and just had to share it with you. So cute:

Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes Pic

That Milo Tyler is up there with the cutest celebrity babies we've seen!

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Okay, so she never actually evokes the name of the ditzy, fame-crazed, attention whore from The Hills. But Liv Tyler is one star who isn't swearing off plastic surgery.

"I'm definitely going to have some, I'm sure," the actress, who turns 30 on July 1, tells Allure. "Especially when you see what happens to your body after you have a baby."

We respect your opinion, Liv, but please, check out a pic of Ashlee Simpson or Heidi Montag and see what happens to a once-cute bod after too much plastic surgery.

After her son Milo was born in December 2004, Tyler tried hard to lose weight, saying "I tried to get back into shape, so I went to the gym every day, sometimes twice."

But looking good is part of the job. The Lord of the Rings star models for Givenchy and stars in this summer's thriller The Strangers.

"I have to make a living," Liv Tyler says. "I guess I could sell my house and go live a really simple life in a trailer somewhere."

But as the daughter of famous parents (Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and model Bebe Buell), she's pals with other second generation celebrities, including Kate Hudson, whose son Ryder, 3, has play dates with Milo.

Tyler and Hudson also played lovers in the 2000 movie Dr. T and the Women. We have dispatched an intern to go out and rent this girl-on-girl action right now.

"She plays a woman who is about to get married, and she's completely in love with me," Tyler tells Allure.

"We were always so shy about the kissing, but in retrospect we were like, ‘We so should have just totally made out and tongued each other.' But we never did; we were so scared."

At least Liv can make up for lost time with Kate Bosworth. But even as a teen, Liv Tyler was hesitant to push the envelope.

"I never had that much to rebel against because my parents were always so cool," she says. "I mean, what could I do? Run away and smoke a joint and go to rock concerts for the weekend? I mean, that's all they ever did."

Instead, she says, "I've always been super-responsible and hard-working and kind of a worrier."

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Okay, ladies, you've made your point. When we announced our girl-on-girl action all-star squad last month, you got slighted. We admit it, we were wrong.

In an effort to prove their worth in this department, Liv Tyler and Kate Bosworth made quite the scene at a cafe in Manhattan's West Village - that's a full-on lip lock!


Liv was lunching with "Smother" co-star Dax Shepard, and Kate was eating food (for at least the second time in three weeks) with her pal, supermodel Helena Christensen. But when Liv and Kate bumped into each other, well, they couldn't keep their hot mitts off each other.

We wonder how Liv's husband, Royston Langdon, or Kate's boyfriend, James Rousseau, feel about this picture? Probably pretty turned on.

The Hollywood Gossip can only hope for more photos such as this in the near future. Ideally featuring Hayden Panettiere and Kristin Cavallari.

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For actress Liv Tyler, losing weight after the birth of her son Milo in 2004 was no piece of cake. Pun certainly intended.

"I was not one of those women who just dropped pounds instantly when I was breastfeeding," Tyler tells Britain's You magazine.

"Actually, I got so homely I was ravenous for things like doughnuts and cakes."

Tyler, who married Brit rocker Royston Langdon in March 2003, determined she'd become be a stay-at-home mom for the first year of Milo's life.

She "hibernated" inside the house, the Lord of the Rings star says, until she had a rude awakening about her weight.

"I can remember walking down the street one day â€" I was going to the nail salon. When ... a photographer took my picture," she recalls.

"I was wearing an unflattering shirt that I had worn when I was pregnant and a pair of sweat pants, and when the picture appeared in a magazine they ran a caption asking if I was pregnant again. When I saw it I said, 'I think the holiday is over.'"

THG NOTE: It's been over for Nicole Richie since about 2001, so at least Liv will have some company if she plans on starving herself.

Fortunately, at least for now, Tyler's actions mean getting herself healthy - not losing weight the traditional Hollywood way (eating disorders).

"I did a million different things," Liv Tyler says. "I would be on a strict protein diet and then a raw diet, and then I would do colonics and fasting. And I did Pilates, yoga and working out with my trainer."

What's more, the face of Givenchy cosmetics, Tyler also admits to discussing moisturizers with an unlikely partner: her craggy-faced Aerosmith frontman father.

"My dad, Steven Tyler, and I always talk about creams!" she says.

THG NOTE: We were going to make fun of Steven Tyler here, but maybe he's onto something. Keith Richards could really use a nice moisturizer.

She's content with her life these days. But still, for all her healthy habits, Liv Tyler has one vice she knows she must conquer.

"I'm afraid I smoke sometimes. I did give up for a long time when I had Milo, but on my last film my character smoked and that was bad for me," she said. "I don't like it, but I secretly love it. I know it's terrible."

It's the same way Britney Spears feels about crotch shots. It's okay, Liv. We are here for you. Old habits are hard to break, but you can do it.

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