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Lindsay Lohan will reportedly still star as Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming biopic Liz & Dick despite the assault investigation that's hanging over her head.

Yes, the actress has caught a break. For once.

LiLo’s recent behavior, or alleged recent behavior, is NOT looking like a threat to her future projects ... partly because she's done nothing illegal. Yet.

Lindsay Lohan Coachella Photo

Even after Lindsay’s whole alleged assault of some chick at a hotel bar and her partying at Coachella, the film's producers are standing by her side.

Steve Honig, Lohan’s rep, says: "Producers have assured us everything is on track and there are absolutely no problems. Lindsay is going to star."

Pretty much what we expected ... but you never know.

Hopefully LiLo stays on track and doesn’t do anything that could possibly throw a wrench into the role of a lifetime ... or at least a role ON Lifetime.

What do you think? Can she stay clean?



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Lindsay Lohan is ready to sign on to play Elizabeth Taylor, according to reports.

It looks like she's nearing a deal to make it official, as she's also working to complete her community service faster than required to clear the way for filming.

At Lohan's probation progress hearing, she is expected to receive glowing reports as a model morgue employee. If that goes as planned, she should be good.

The plan is to sign the deal early next week, barring unforeseen setbacks.

Lindsay Lohan at Golden Globes

The Lifetime film will focus on Taylor's tumultuous relationship with two-time husband Richard Burton, and producers were reportedly keen on Lohan - like Taylor, a star at an extremely young age and often maligned - to star as the icon.

This is just one of many projects LiLo is reportedly considering.

We made fun of the notion that Lindsay Lohan Playboy photos could revive her career, but she made nearly a million bucks, and is actually getting more offers than she's received in years due to her popularity - and growing maturity.

Consider THG humbled.


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Lindsay Lohan is in "early talks" to play Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime movie "Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story," according to Entertainment Weekly.

Who better to play the a glamorous Hollywood icon than a train wreck frequent jailbird Playboy model who hasn't had a notable acting role in years!

The film will focus on Taylor's tumultuous relationship with two-time husband Richard Burton. So how on Earth did they think of Lohan for the part?

  • Lindsay Lohan Smiling
  • Liz Taylor

Like Lohan, Taylor began her career at a young age, growing up in the spotlight. Some say she made plenty of missteps along her road to icon status.

Lohan also posed for Marilyn Monroe-inspired Playboy photos which allegedly racked up record sales for the mag, resurrecting her career somewhat.

Maybe a Liz T. photo spread is next? Eh, maybe not.

Elizabeth Taylor passed away in March at age 79.


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Despite reportedly being axed from the film, Lindsay Lohan will be part of Gotti: Three Generations after all. She hustled and landed another role in the movie!

Lindsay is no longer going to play Victoria Gotti, but instead will take the role of John Gotti Jr.'s daughter-in-law Kim, according to executive producer Mark Fiore.

That role was once considered for Kim Kardashian.

Gotti Family Photo

The turn of events comes hours after Fiore pulled the plug on Lindsay over a feud with her management, but Lohan really  wanted to be part of the project.

As such, she personally patched things up with producers when she heard her peeps were being difficult. Showing actual work ethic - who would've guessed?

Lindsay also agreed to act in a second upcoming Fiore film called Mob Street. Well, at least until she gets fired from both films like next week.

Or sooner, if the producers see THIS report:

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Lindsay Lohan can't catch a break these days.

Despite rumors that she landed a role that could help resurrect her career, she was just "fired" as Victoria Gotti in Gotti: Three Generations.

LiLo wasn't officially on board, but was rumored to be starring in the biopic about John Gotti and his days running the Gambino crime family.

Absolute Mess

Doesn't look like this door is still ajar for Lindsay, either.

"I promise you Lindsay Lohan is not playing Victoria Gotti," producer Mark Fiore told E! News today. "Talks have stopped and we are done."

Fiore emphasized again that "We have no discussions with her."

Ouch! Apparently, the troubled star's management pushed for an offer that the producers COULD refuse. Quite easily, as it turned out ...

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Is Lindsay Lohan about to land a role that could reignite her career?

Today, the actress posed for photographs at a New York City press conference for Gotti: Three Generations, an upcoming movie about the mob family.

John Travolta and Joe Pesci will star in the film, with Nick Cassavetes directing. Lindsay has been rumored to be on board as a younger Victoria Gotti.

The key word there is rumored. It's not official, and even though she was on hand today, she refused to answer questions about her potential role.

Such a Freakin' Mess

Will Lindsay Lohan bring Victoria Gotti to life on the big screen?

A role in a big, prestigious movie like Gotti: Three Generations would give her career - DOA since her 2007 DUI - a boost. But producers may be hedging.

When asked what appealed to her about the film, Fiore Films publicist Steve Honig dodged the question for Lohan, calling it premature to discuss her role.

Lohan was recently fired from Inferno, the Linda Lovelace biopic, and there's no way her ongoing legal problems and train wreck status weren't to blame.

Perhaps the Gotti shot-callers are waiting to see how her real life grueling legal saga plays out in court before officially inking her to a deal. Smart move.

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