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Twerking is so over, according to Jimmy Fallon and Lindsay Lohan.

Maybe they've never seen Miley Cyrus Twerking. Or maybe they've seen too much of Miley Cyrus Twerking. In any case, they say it's totes played out.

On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Thursday, LiLo appeared and participated in a sketch about a fake Teen Nick show called Ew. It's about stuff that's ... ew.

Take a look at their comedic collaboration below:

"I'm Sara," Fallon said, getting into character as your standard American teenage girl. "And if you're wondering, that's S-A-R-A. No H, because H's are ew!"

Sara then introduced her BFFLFR - best friend forever for life for realsies - Stephanie Sullivan (Lohan), a big fan of One Direction singer Harry Styles.

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This Public Service Announcement is brought to you by a Drug Free THG.

And the genius who created and posted this gem of a meme on Reddit:

Lindsay Lohan, Cocaine

Let this comparison of Lindsay Lohan, 26 going on 50, and Patrick Stewart, 72 going on 50, serve as a cautionary tale - not that it's the first of its kind.

Exhibit B: Notable female Mean Girls cast members then and now.

Exhibit C: Lindsay vs. Glee's Dianna Agron, also born in 1986.

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Liz & Dick was kind of a pretty terrible movie, and Lindsay Lohan really phoned it in as the lead, with her performance as Elizabeth Taylor bordering on laughable.

Okay ... not bordering on. It was laughable. Lohan's chemistry with co-star Grant Bowler was non-existent, her accent inconsistent, her tone unconvincing, and her voice raspy.

In short, it was impossible to see her as ... not Lindsay Lohan.

See our Liz & Dick review for further analysis ... or just watch some of the most (unintentionally) hilarious scenes from the Lifetime film in this awesome montage:

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Dania Ramirez and Mena Suvari have teamed up for one of the funnier, most random videos of the year.

The actresses star below in "Ass & Titties," which makes fun of female celebrities who really have nothing to offer the world except... their ass and titties.

In one scene, Suvari is dressed like Lindsay, enters a store and proceeds to stuff various jewelery items into her clothing. Watch the whole thing for yourself here:

Sources tell TMZ that Lohan finds the parody "pathetic" and believes Ramirez and Suvari are simply using her name to remain relevant. Both will appear in American Reunion, next year's American Pie follow-up, and Ramirez is coming off a long run on Entourage.

Unlike her actions with Pitbull, however, Lindsay is not planning to sue.

No word from Kim Kardashian, meanwhile, who gets mocked a lot harder than Lohan in the video. How so? Consider the following screen shots from it.

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Whether this is true or not, we have no idea, but it was reported by Perez and Radar, and is too good not to pass along. Sometimes a girl just needs her Coke fix!

Sources say Lindsay Lohan attempted to break out of the Betty Ford Center, where her troubled a$$ is seeking treatment for drug abuse, and escape into the wild.

All in the name of a good, old-fashioned caffeinated soft drink.

Lindsay in Familiar Surroundings

FIEND: An addict will go to great lengths. [Photo:]

The alleged actress and an accomplice supposedly hoped to hit up a soda machine at a nearby medical center, but the diabolical plan was foiled ... why, you ask?

The friend's clothing got caught on the fence and they couldn't move. That's either the funniest celebrity news item in awhile, or really creative BS by Radar.

Hey, what's that on the fence? Oh, it's just Lindsay Lohan!

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By now you pretty much know all there is to know about the Lindsay Lohan saga. Well, if you live in the U.S., anyway. For viewers in Taiwan, a news station decided to sum up the celebrity scandal with an animated reenactment.

As with their interpretation of Tiger and Elin Woods' fight last December, Taiwanese News Channel's take on the incarceration of Lindsay takes some (hilarious) creative liberties. Michael Lohan was not next to her in court, for example.

Michael makes two cameos in this dramatization for some reason, throwing a shoe at Kate Major in the other. Meanwhile, TNC's vision of Lindsay's life in jail - prison yard fights, dropping the soap in the shower - is LOL material.

Check it out below ...

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It's been a busy week at Lynwood Correctional Facility, the women's prison lucky enough to count Lindsay Lohan among its residents for 10 days and counting.

Yesterday, Lindsay's mom Dina visited with sister Ali, lamenting that her daughter is just a common criminal in the eyes of Lynwood guards and administrators.

She also met with lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley, and then things got interesting ... on Holley's way out, when she fielded questions from reporters.

One person she didn't expect to see? A protester claiming to be Lindsay's #1 superfan, wearing a "LINNOCENT" sweat shirt and screaming out "LOmania!!!!"

Boom box (?!) in hand, the fan asked LiLo's lawyer, "Do you represent public urination victims?" Holley responded by saying, "funnest jail parking lot ever."

Wholeheartedly agreed:

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In LOL news, Samantha Ronson got hit with a drink over the weekend. In even more LOL news, Lindsay Lohan is supposedly retiring from the club scene.

No word if she'll come out of retirement in about nine hours.

We'll start with SamRo. Whatever really happened at Hollywood hotspot Trousdale may never be known, but she took to Twitter to post this right after ...

Sam Tweet

Eyewitnesses say Ronson, who Linds accused of doing Miley's ex last week, was sitting at a table when Lindsay Lohan stormed up "like a bat out of hell."

That's when she reportedly tossed her drink Sam's way.

"Everyone was shocked," says a source. "The night was going fine, and all of a sudden, for no apparent reason, Lindsay walked up and caused a scene."

LOL. No wonder all her friends say Lindsay is a lost cause. The girl really needs to seek help, ASAP ... but maybe, just maybe, does she realize that?

Lohan had no direct comment on the alleged cocktail assault, however, she did respond with what appears to be a retirement from partying (LOL) ...

LL tweet

Yeah, right, Lindsay. We'll believe it when we see it.

Clearly you'd be overly optimistic to assume this lasts more than a few days ... even hours. But here's hoping she sees the error of her recent waywardness and seeks professional help ... without another sheriff's department visit.

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