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Two Hollywood unions are scrutinizing worker safety and welfare on Lifetime's Liz & Dick movie set following Lindsay Lohan's exhaustion incident last week.

Lindsay reportedly passed out so hard after four marathon days that a doctor found her unresponsive and called 911; paramedics found her to be just fine.

Lohan later joked about exhaustion and cute paramedics on Twitter, but two unions aren't laughing. Rather, they're concerned about workplace safety.

Lindsay Lohan on Glee

Larry A. Thompson, producer of the Lifetime movie starring Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor, said Wednesday that no violations were found in one union’s review.

The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of TV and Radio Artists confirmed it visited the production and “will continue to visit” to enforce guild rules.

“We spoke with representatives from the production company, and they are fully aware of their contractual obligations,” the guild said in a statement.

"We will ensure that all applicable penalties will be paid."

IATSE, the stage employees union, said it’s keeping a watchful eye on the production’s working conditions following Lohan's four-day, 85-hour claim.

“We have had union representatives on the set since last Friday and will continue to monitor the hours and working conditions there,” the group said.

Filming has been rocky for Lohan thus far, to the surprise of no one. The star also was involved in serious car crash on her way to the set on June 8.

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She may be a hot mess, but at least Lindsay Lohan has a sense of humor.

It's back to the grind for the troubled actress, who was found unresponsive and treated by paramedics Friday after a 911 caller reported she was unconscious.

Back on the set of her new movie Liz & Dick the same day, Lohan - whose rep said she suffered from exhaustion and dehydration - was laughing it off.

"Note to self..." the 25-year-old actress Tweeted afterward.

Lindsay Lohan, Yellow Sunglasses

"After working 85 hours in 4 days, and being up all night shooting, be very aware that you might pass out from exhaustion & 7 paramedics MIGHT show up @ your door."

"Hopefully they're cute. Otherwise it would be a real letdown."

Hopefully they were indeed. Well played, Lindsay Lohan.

Her rep Steve Honig said that Lohan "was examined and is fine" and said her condition was due to her "grueling schedule" on set of the Lifetime movie.

Honig added that no drugs or alcohol were involved in the incident, which is probably true ... but it tells you something that he even needs to say so.


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Paramedics rushed to Lindsay Lohan earlier today after she was found unresponsive at a hotel by the ocean in L.A., but she is reportedly fine now.

According to TMZ, Lohan had been filming Lifetime's movie Liz & Dick non-stop without sleep for two days and was on the verge of exhaustion.

Lohan has been shooting parts of her movie near the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Marina del Rey, where she went this morning to try to get some sleep.

Lindsay Looking Sober

Emergency personnel determined nothing was wrong with Lindsay, and left without transporting her to the hospital. She's now back on set.

As for how paramedics found her, the actress had called someone from the production team early this morning, complaining of exhaustion.

The team sent a private doctor to check on her. Before arriving, the doctor called the hotel and asked someone to check on Lindsay Lohan.

Someone from the hotel went to her door and determined she was "unresponsive," and the hotel then called 911. Obviously, she woke up.

False alarm in any case, and a good thing too.

But still ... how does this stuff happen to Lindsay Lohan all the time??! This and pal Jacob Anthonisen implicated in a murder in one day?

UPDATE: "Lindsay has been working a grueling schedule for the last couple of days," Lindsay's rep Steve Honig told E! News moments ago.

"Last night she worked from 7 p.m. to 8 a.m."

"She was exhausted and went back to her room to sleep. Producers were concerned and called the fire department and paramedics found her sleeping but they determined that Lindsay was fine, just extremely exhausted and slightly dehydrated."

"She is on her way home now to rest and will be back on set later today," added Honig, who said no drugs or alcohol were involved in the incident.


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Partying, acting and having your every whim and desire waited on by a team of of professional supports can be tiresome. Heck, it can be downright exhausting.

No wonder Lindsay Lohan was therefore hospitalized Wednesday in Los Angeles. The minute was suffering from exhaustion, an epidemic which only seems to plague those in the entertainment world that weigh under 100 pounds. We wonder why that is.


The actress was in the area filiming Georgie Rule when the episide took place early Wednesday morning. It's unconfirmed whether the stress of having her Blackberry password stolen, the sight of her 16-inch waist or lack of a soul were to blame for the incident.

"She was overheated and dehydrated," Lohan's rep, Leslie Sloane-Zelnick said. "She was filming in 105-degree weather for 12 hours."

Lohan's will to simply appear on set must be admired - although anyone that watches Entourage knows how well movie sets are catered and how pampered stars are. Why didn't the boom mic guy suffer a similar fate?

A friend of the actress told People that prior to her hospitalization, Lohan was at the Chateau Marmont and then the nightclub Guy's. The Gossip can't believe that. Lohan has a friend?!?

Another friend claimed the waste of oxygen had been "shooting in 120 degree weather. She told me it was hotter than when she was shooting in the Herbie (Fully Loaded) fire suit."

Gosh, we didn't think it could get any hotter than that. Construction workers everywhere should take time out of their day and say a prayer for this spoiled skank.

The 20-year-old was given a Vitamin B shot, which we can only assume she threw up later in the hospital bathroom. She's expected to return to the set Thursday, according her rep.

"She is fine," Sloane-Zelnick said.

That's too bad.

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