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The Dancing With the Stars cast has yet to be revealed, and won't be until Thursday, but rumors are flying left and right about who will join the cast.

Number one on the show's wish list? Lindsay Lohan. She is "in talks" to join Season 19, though the two sides are reportedly far apart in the negotiations.

Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Image

“They are still scrambling before the weekend to sign a big name that they are in negotiations with,” a show insider said, and we've learned that person is LiLo.

Reportedly, producers are looking for a Mean Girls cast reunion with Jonathan Bennett, who played Aaron Samuels and has signed on for the new season!

Cady Heron and Aaron Samuels getting another shot at the "dance" so to speak?

Fans would love it, though we all know Lindsay is more into women these days.

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Despite stunning court costs and debts that have left Lindsay Lohan broke or close to it, she's turned down a HUGE offer from Dancing With the Stars.

She needs money. She could desperately use an image makeover. DWTS could provide both in a heartbeat. But she doesn't wanna do reality shows.

Lindsay Lohan Chins

The actress was made several offers to join DWTS this spring. The final offer was $550,000, or 4-5 times what most DWTS cast members make.

Given the IRS seizing her accounts, one would think she'd snatch that up in a second, but no, she says she'll NEVER do reality TV. Only movies.

The irony/stupidity of that statement is that after Liz & Dick and The Canyons, her film stock is going down faster than a drunk Lindsay on Max George.

Good luck, LiLo.

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Despite interest from producers and support from her fans, Lindsay Lohan has turned down an offer to appear on Dancing With the Stars.

"We are huge fans of the show and think it's incredible," terrible mom Dina said. "We'll watch it, but it is not going to happen this season."

Plugging herself, Dina adds, "Lindsay actually told the woman at Dancing With The Stars who made the offer, 'you need to take my mom!'"


HOLD UP: Dina and Lindsay have put the brakes on DWTS.

Lindsay gave the offer serious consideration, but decided to keep her focus on drug and alcohol rehab, which is a very mature decision.

"Lindsay is a great dancer, but she's taking a break right now. She has been through a lot," Dina said, before talking about herself again.

"Our family loves the show. I'm a dancer, and I taught dance when Lindsay was growing up. I dragged her from one studio to another."

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We're reported the rumor already, but it looks like Lindsay Lohan is really in talks to be a contestant on the hit show Dancing With the Stars.

After what seemed like endless legal problems that landed her in jail and rehab, the ABC hit wants to give LiLo a chance to rehab her image.

“Lindsay has been talking with the DWTS people,” a source close to her said. “She is definitely interested and considering being on the show.”

Beautiful Redhead

We may see Lindsay Lohan bust a move!

While the troubled star remains in rehab at the Betty Ford Center, she has the full support of her treatment team behind her for this gig.

"Lindsay's treatment team actually thinks that Dancing With the Stars would be a perfect transition back to work for her," says the insider.

"She would have a set schedule, she would be occupied and would be very productive. Lindsay wanted their approval before proceeding."

She got it, too - it's a far cry from Lindsay Lohan nude in Inferno - and it could be a good fit. DWTS producers have wanted her for a while.

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THG Asks!

Welcome to THG's new feature, in which two of our celebrity gossip experts debate topical issues in the entertainment world and you decide who wrote the winning argument!

Today, THG Asks: Should Lindsay Lohan Appear on Dancing With the Stars?

YES by Free Britney

Dancing With the Stars has resurrected careers for years. With Lindsay Lohan, they'd not only have a buzz-worthy star, but a lock for the redemption angle.

When I heard DWTS was courting LiLo, I was skeptical. Is she ready for the spotlight so soon, I wondered. But what better start to her post-rehab life?

This is a girl once known for family-friendly projects. Now that she's really turning a corner in her troubled life, she can endear herself to 20 million people.

Whether it's fans' first look at Lohan 2.0, or a welcome comeback by the adorable Parent Trap star, she can actually dance, giving her a leg up on Bristol!

The Dance

NO by Hilton Hater

Lindsay Lohan should not go Dancing with the Stars for one reason: she'd win in a landslide. Seriously, check out "Jingle Bell Rock" choreography in Mean Girls.

But even more seriously: DWTS is viewed by over 20 million people a week. While the resumes of its "Stars" may often be thin, at least these contestants are known for SOMEthing in their professional field. (Okay, except Bristol Palin.)

Sadly, Lindsay isn't known as anything but a train wreck at this point. The acting boat sailed about two drug arrests ago. How would ABC even describe her? Lindsay Lohan, Professional Rehabber? Not an example such a popular show should set.

THG Asks you ... should Lindsay go on DWTS? Who made the winning case?


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Despite getting fired parting ways with the Linda Lovelace biopic Inferno, Lindsay Lohan may have a new project on the horizon: Dancing With the Stars!

"Dancing with the Stars producers have actually had Lindsay Lohan on their wish list of cast members for a very long time,” a source told Radar Online.

That we can see. She'd be great for generating buzz if nothing else. But would they actually pull the trigger given that ... well, this is Lindsay Lohan?

Looking Pretty Good!

DANCING QUEEN: Will Lindsay Lohan dance with the stars?

Though Lohan’s past has been a sticking point for the show, her current stay at the Betty Ford Center is producing positive results ... at least so far.

“The producers were concerned about her erratic behavior, but they are taking another look at asking her to come on next season,” the source added.

“She would be available because she isn't going to be filming Inferno," and not only that, “The girl can dance. Lindsay is actually wicked talented.”

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