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Lindsay Lohan? Not thrilled to be posing for a new mug shot apparently.

The star was booked today by the Santa Monica, Calif., Police Department, after pleading no contest to reckless driving and lying to a police officer.

Behold, the latest in a LONG line of Lindsay Lohan booking photos:

Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot 2013

Even though Lindsay Lohan's plea deal allowed her to escape jail (she's off to rehab soon), it required to appear within seven days to be processed.

Which she duly did, after hitting up nightclubs Monday night obvi.

  • Sexy makeup? Check.
  • Disheveled, hot mess hair? Check.
  • Meticulously groomed eyebrows? Oh yeah.
  • Fatigued, hung over, strung-out, rage-filled b!tch-stare?

Legendary. Compare it to some of her past modeling work:

Lindsay Lohan Mug Shots

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We may as well rename our celebrity mug shots gallery the Lohan gallery.

Michael Lohan's hilarious arrest this week (the second of two) has set the family bar really high/low. It's hard to top his daughter's antics, but getting stuck in a freaking tree after jumping off a three-story balcony to flee the cops? Incredible.

Come to think of it, this explains a lot about Lindsay ...

Michael Lohan Mug Shots

As the ol' saying goes, like father like daughter ... making excuses, having zero respect for authority, keeping lawyers in business and entertaining the crap out of THG.

What the heck is wrong with these miscreants? How hard is it to read a restraining order or show up for community service? These mysteries boggle the mind.

Our question to you, readers, is a much simpler one:

Which Lohan has the better mug shots?


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Lindsay Lohan mug shots are a dime a dozen.

Okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but when we can compare four of them and still not even use all of the ones in our celebrity mugshot gallery, you know there's a pattern developing ... and that the girl needs a reality check ASAP.

Train Wreck and JV Train Wreck

After Lohan was jailed briefly last week, she was ordered back in court Nov. 2. If the judge decides to yank her probation, the big house (and another booking photo) could come a-callin'. In the meantime, which of the mug shots below is hottest? Vote!

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Yesterday was not Lindsay Lohan's best day ... aesthetically or legally.

After showing up for court with her makeup applied haphazardly and dressed like a ghost for reasons unknown, she was briefly jailed for violating probation before posting $100,000 bail ... standard operating procedure for LiLo.

Before her release, she joined our celebrity mug shots gallery again:

Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot (New)

Most mugshots don't tell you a whole lot about the person, but if your impression was that Lindsay is a whiny, pouty brat ... this isn't gonna dissuade you.

She'll be back in court for a full hearing Nov. 2, at which point Judge Stephanie Sautner could reinstate her probation, or send her to jail for a long ass time.

Short story: Linds is on probation in her necklace heist case, but is a Class A f*%k-up who cannot even do community service without getting kicked out.

She was handcuffed and thrown in jail yesterday mostly to send a message. If she can't convince the judge Nov. 2 that she has it together, watch out.

Should Lindsay do hard time?


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Samantha Ronson joined our celebrity mug shot gallery with authority after her DUI arrest at 10:30 a.m. Monday morning, smirking up a storm.

Also an esteemed member of said gallery? Lindsay Lohan!

Lindsay Lohan Boobs

The actress' troubles with the law are so numerous that we can't even recall which of her many booking photos corresponds with which offense.

That's when you know things are going well for you.

How does this particular smug shot of LiLo compare with that of her former lesbian lover? Vote for your favorite booking photo in THG's poll:

And the Winner is?

Whose mug shot is better, SamRo or LiLo? You decide in this epic showdown of former lovers and train wrecks! View Poll »

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