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Lindsay Lohan is free woman, at least until her hearing November 2.

The actress posted $100,000 bail after being handcuffed and jailed earlier Wednesday for violating her probation. In three weeks, when she must return to court to really face the music, girl could be looking at more than a year in jail.

Scary thought ... maybe that's why she dressed like a ghost today:

Lindsay Lohan, Ghost

LiLo gets into the Halloween spirit ... for court. Nice look.

The actress' severely-underpaid publicist tells TMZ in a statement:

"Lindsay is hoping this matter will be resolved on November 2 and the Court will reinstate probation and allow her to continue fulfilling community service."

Could be wishful thinking. Either way, who dresses up like a corpse for court??

She'll be getting plenty of exposure to such things, as it turns out, since the actress has been ordered to the L.A. County Morgue for community service.

Linds will clean tables where autopsies are performed - and various body parts and fluids often remain for disposal - per Judge Stephanie Sautner's orders.

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Former movie star Lindsay Lohan actually secured a paying job as the face of a new fashion collection from German designer Philipp Plein, according to reports.

Bizarrely, Lohan admitted the collaboration came about so “spontaneously” that she had not met Plein or even seen the line until her shoot this weekend.

Makes you wonder if Plein knew what he was getting into when he hired this hot mess. Anyway, here's LiLo at her new modeling gig on the shores of Lake Como, Italy ...

Lindsay Lohan For Philipp Plein

Aside from this, Lindsay has kept herself busy attending New York fashion week, being Vikram Chatwal's home wrecker and sucking face with her mom.

It's no wonder, then, that she's fallen well behind in her court ordered community service, having completed just 60 out of 480 mandatory hours so far.

Judge Stephanie Sautner ordered Lindsay to do 380 hours of community service at the Downtown Women's Center, and 100 at the L.A. County Morgue.

"Lindsay has completed about 60 hours at the Downtown Women's Center. Lindsay hasn't done any time at the morgue,” a source close to her said.

Lohan did complete her shoplifting class, but we don't suspect the community service stats are going to sit well at her progress hearing next month.

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Lindsay Lohan has finally found a job! That pays actual money!

The troubled starlet took a break from making out with her mom and Vikram Chatwal to sign on as the face of designer Philipp Plein’s Spring 2012 collection.

LL will jet over to Milan for the runway show this weekend, according to celebrity fashion blog Fashionista, following in the waifish footsteps of Mischa Barton.

Pretty Lindsay

Founded in Munich back in 1998 as a furniture company, the fashion line was introduced in 2004 and the brand has expanded around Europe since.

“Lindsay is a beautiful, highly acclaimed actress and model," the brand said, possibly confused and thinking they hired someone else for the project.

"We will be able to create unique images: Refined and luxurious, but also full of such sensuality,” the company said, presumably without irony.

Lohan will be present at Milan Fashion Week as the Spring 2012 collection is unveiled. Here's an old clip of Lindsay advancing her "modeling career":

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Lindsay Lohan did her best Kim Kardashian last night, flaunting her chest in a major way on an evening excursion following a New York Fashion Week event.

The 25-year-old and her twin girls, plus her mother Dina, hit Le Bain at the Standard Hotel in NYC, where they hosted a party on behalf of Lovecat magazine.

In related news, Lovecat magazine apparently exists.

Meanwhile, Kim wore a leather blouse to the Sherri Hill Spring 2012 show, not offering much in the way of cleavage, but showcasing her chest nonetheless.

Who do you think was the best dressed? Vote below!

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Lindsay Lohan stole the show, and fortunately nothing else, on Friday night.

At Cynthia Rowley's Fashion Week show, New York Magazine's fashion bloggers The Fug Girls wrote that Lohan showed up and "nearly caused a riot."

Not because she was wasted and hysterical, for once. But due to the fact that she is still kind of a celebrity that can turn heads like that apparently.

Lindsay Lohan at Fashion Week

To hear the Fug Girls describe the madhouse:

"The entire room sat up ramrod straight and let out excited, disbelieving, four-letter expletives as we all realized this was actually Lindsay Freaking Lohan."

Wearing tiny shorts and a flowing white top, Lohan was escorted to her front row seat by security. Some photographers wanted Lindsay Lohan pictures so badly that dude actually went out on the runway (a big no-no) to get a closer shot.

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Lindsay Lohan goes to court so much and looks so FINE doing a perp walk, we can't help but analyze her courtroom couture every other month or so.

Our last Lindsay court fashion breakdown featured outfits that were more "bend me over a bench" than "may I approach the bench." Not this week.

While she failed an alcohol test (she blamed it on tea), Lohan actually had no obligation to be tested and did not break any laws or probation terms.

Here are photos of Lindsay yesterday and during her previous visit. She looks pretty, yet pulled together in both, but which outfit is your fave? Vote:

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For today's court appearance in her felony grand theft case, during which she again turned down a plea bargain, Lindsay Lohan went for a neutral look.

Well, neutral as in no cleavage, unlike last time. Her Raquel Allegra dress - paired with Chanel shoes and Dior shades - was skin tight. Damn, girl ...

Neither can quite compare to the white dress from her arraignment, but at least designer Judith Ripka lent LiLo a necklace today. She can be taught!

What her best courtroom look from this winter? Vote:

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Judging by the way she dresses for court, one can understand why the D.A. and judge aren't exactly going easy on Lindsay Lohan during plea bargain talks.

Topping the sexy white dress from her arraignment earlier this month was a tall order for the accused felon, but she gave it a nice run with a low-cut top today.

Pretty amazing that this is how she dresses to go get berated by a judge who may well throw her in jail, but it's not like she has a career to get dolled up for.

This is the only exposure she gets these days, and she might as well enjoy her nice clothes now before the prison-issued jumpsuit is her only option. Right?

Right. So what's Lohan's best look as she looks to avoid lockup? Vote!

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Want to dress like an accused jewel thief?

You don't need an orange jumpsuit, although Lindsay Lohan may be donning one of those soon enough. A tight white dress she wore to her Wednesday arraignment on grand theft charges has become the talk of the celebrity fashion world.

It's also sold out at online retailers. God bless America!

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MAKING A STATEMENT: We don't mean her not guilty plea, either. Lindsay Lohan pictures from court this week? Not un-hot! [Photos: Pacific Coast News]

While we don't recommend it at your next arraignment, the "Glavis" dress, by Kimberly Ovitz, retails for $575 and is from the designer's pre-fall collection.

Lohan's choice of white was inspired, she says, to represent her innocence. Deep. It also made it her stand out in all the outside-the-courthouse mayhem.

Some are claiming Lohan was paid to wear the dress to give Ovitz some exposure and a jump in sales. If so, she may or may not have stolen that too.

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Given that she's been in and out of courtrooms, jail cells and rehab centers for a good month now, it's amazing how many random Lindsay Lohan photos keep surfacing. Where does our girl even find the time for all these shoots?

Last week it was for her 6126 line. This week? Italian Vogue!

What these pictures are trying to tell us, we have no idea, and we don't mean because we can't read the text. We understand that fashion photography is supposed to be artistic and all, but can someone please explain the point here?

We can say she makes a better brunette than blonde, though ...

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