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Lindsay Lohan's OWN network series (the creatively-titled "Lindsay") has been mostly a carefully orchestrated BS-fest, but on occasion, the actress/professional trainwreck lets her guard down.

On last night's episode, for example, Lindsay admitted she's basically teetering on the brink of a relapse at all times.

"I do love the nightlife and hearing loud music and laughing and having fun," Lohan told the cameras. "I'm sober, but it's been very close. It came very close and it's scary."

Yes, Linds still goes out partying at the same Hollywood hot spots where she got into trouble in the first place. But don't worry, this time she has a sober coach in tow.

Or at least she did...

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The alleged Lindsay Lohan sex list was among many topics discussed when the troubled star sat down with Ellen DeGeneres for an interview airing Monday.

On more than one occasion, the talk show how appeared to light-heartedly throw shade on LiLo, beginning when they discussed her past appearances.

Playing a clip from Lohan's visit in 2004, when she performed her single "Over," Ellen said she did not even recall Lindsay having a music career at all.

"I don’t remember you actually ever singing. Did you sing longer than just on my show?" DeGeneres asked the 27-year-old after watching the clip.

"That’s great. That’s probably why I’m not singing right now," Lohan said.

Lohan went on to say she was really nervous performing that day, since "Over" is a "really emotional song" and she had just broken up with someone.

When DeGeneres teased her and asked if she remembered who,Lohan jokingly responding while rolling her eyes, "Apparently there's a list of many guys."

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Lindsay Lohan made headlines and raised many an eyebrow earlier this month after a list of celebs she slept with was published by a celebrity gossip magazine.

A list, according to In Touch, allegedly penned by LiLo herself.

One of her supposed conquests, James Franco, addresses this claim in an interview with Los Angeles magazine, saying the Mean Girls star lied about him.

Franco, who talks about his new collection of poems, is asked "You wrote about several celebrities in this book, including a couple of poems about Lindsay Lohan."

"Have you gotten any response from any of these people?"

The actor then answers, "No, I didn't write anything bad about them. And Lindsay herself has told lies about me with her 'people she's slept with' list!"

"So I feel like what I said is much less than what she's said."

The Lindsay Lohan sex list was reportedly penned at Beverly Hills Hotel in 2013, with LiLo trying to impress pals with her "personal conquest list."

Some of stars' names were blurred out due to "legal reasons," while a rep for Garrett Hedlund, another supposed conquest, called it "completely not true."

Scroll through and see the Lindsay Lohan sex list below ...

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Oprah Winfrey may have reached a new low by trying to use Lindsay Lohan for ratings, but at least she straight up OWNs her when she starts acting out.

Yes, OWNs. See what we did there?!

During last night's installment of Lindsay, viewers saw Lohan refusing to let the production crew into her apartment to film, which Oprah didn't take kindly to.

When she learns that the recovering actress is causing drama, the talk show queen goes to New York to confront her about this recurring behavior:

"When you change a schedule, you know what happens. You're a professional woman," Winfrey said to Lindsay, who likely has no idea what happens.

"And it's not just for you. You've got a whole team of people who are relying on you right now for this particular experience, creating this documentary."

Does LiLo even want to continue this?

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In news that has nothing to do with the Lindsay Lohan sex list, the actress is under fire today for allegedly not taking her sober life and recovery seriously.

Sparking rumors that her "sobriety" is just an image-remaking PR effort, the actress fired her sober living coach after her reality show was done filming.

Michael Cormier, seen on camera supporting Lohan as the OWN docu-series Lindsay chronicles the star's life after rehab, was canned shortly thereafter.

Lindsay Lohan Sideboob

“Lindsay immediately hired Michael to be her sober living coach/companion. He moved from L.A. to New York City to be with her 24/7,” says an insider.

“As soon as the cameras were packed up, Lindsay gave Michael the pink slip, and he hasn’t heard from her since,” a source close to the production told Radar.

“This wasn’t cheap for Lindsay, as Michael charges up to $1,500 a day.”

“But it was important for Lindsay to show the world she was sober. Having Michael there gave her a lot of credibility and support when she needed it.”

Needed to act like she cared, at least. For the sake of her career?

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More self-proclaimed conquests from Lindsay Lohan's alleged "sex list" have been revealed, and there are certainly some big names on there.

Last week, the purported Lindsay Lohan sex list hit the web, supposedly ratting off 36 famous men she had done the deed with through the years.

The story was that she scrawled this down to impress friends during a night out on the town, then left her dirty laundry (so to speak) on the table.

While Justin Timberlake and Zac Efron were among those outed, a certain number of names were blurred out by celebrity gossip tabloid In Touch.

Until NOW! Check out the updated gallery of LiLo conquests here:

Justin Timberlake
Lindsay Lohan claims she got it in with Justin Timberlake back in the day.

As for the new celebrities whose identities have been un-redacted?

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Kat Dennings is slamming rumors that Lindsay Lohan was difficult to work with on the set of 2 Broke Girls, the latest TV show to have her guest star.

After her guest appearance was filmed, reports surfaced that Lohan is a "train wreck" who could not remember her lines and caused drama on set.

Dennings chimed in to set the story straight.

Lindsay Lohan, Kat Dennings

Apparently, things went well ... for once.

"This article is bulls--t. Lindsay was prepared, sweet to everyone, & professional," Dennings tweeted of Lohan on 2 Broke Girls. "Not nice to spread lies."

Dennings' co-star Beth Behrs sang a similar tune, Tweeting that the troubled 27-year-old "was very kind to everyone, professional and knew her s--t."

That's very good to hear.

Follow the link to watch 2 Broke Girls online if you're into that show (or want to give it a shot), then check out some vintage LiLo pics after the jump:

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On the heels of Lindsay Lohan's list of lovers being leaked to the Internet comes a demure shot of the star in a wedding dress. How's that for irony.

The actress shot scenes for her upcoming guest spot on 2 Broke Girls on Wednesday, posing alongside Kat Dennings on Instagram. Peep it:

Lindsay Lohan, Kat Dennings

LiLo's "bridezilla" character Claire Guinness opted for a timeless bridal gown, while Dennings' alter-ego Max rocked an over-the-top dress and a dramatic veil.

Posting the shot on her Instagram page, Kat, 27, wrote: "

"S**t gets real in upcoming episodes of 2 Broke Girls."

Lindsay Lohan also excitedly took to her Twitter to share the pic, writing "sharing with you guys a preview wedding moment on set #2brokegirls xo L."

Will her star power help get more people to boost watch 2 Broke Girls online? It can't hurt, especially as she continues to make non-work-related news.

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Lindsay Lohan apparently kisses and tells, and the actress' list of sexual conquests is not a short one, to put it mildly. She is rather proud of this too, in fact.

The 27-year-old supposedly wrote down a list of the all people she has had sex with, including many recognizable celebrities, during a night out in January.

She shared this with a group of girlfriends, according to In Touch, but (of course) left the "been there, done that" list behind on a table at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

According to the magazine, LiLo was "giggling and talking sh!t about people in the industry" before busting out her impromptu "personal conquest list."

"She was trying to impress her friends, but then tossed it aside," the source said.

See the gallery below for some of the names Lindsay named ... as well as the list itself, which has TONS MORE names blacked out. It's pretty crazy ...

Justin Timberlake
Lindsay Lohan claims she got it in with Justin Timberlake back in the day.

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Lindsay Lohan's hopes of reinventing herself as an actress on the mend and a sober, calm and pulled together person are largely tied to the new series Lindsay.

At least after one episode, the jury is still out.

The 27-year-old was filmed for a new eight-part Lindsay reality series last year for Oprah Winfrey's OWN network, chronicling her life and experiences post-rehab.

On many cases, that life still looks turbulent.

Lindsay Lohan Miscarriage Confession
Lindsay Lohan confesses that she had a miscarriage on the season finale of LINDSAY.

She states her desire to live with integrity and be in control, yet seems awfully unsure of how to achieve that, despite moving back to her native New York.

"Coming back to New York I needed a change, a fresh start, a clean slate and I needed to be close to my family," she revealed during the hour long show.

"Life can be chaotic and it's keeping myself calm in the middle of that which I didn't do before and I'm learning to do," LiLo added ... but is she learning?

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