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Lindsay Lohan reportedly swore under oath that she'd suffered a miscarriage as part of her defense in a $5 million lawsuit against her 6126 clothing line, but the troubled actress now says she won't tell her story a second time.

Originally, Lindsay failed to respond to the suit within the appointed time and the court decided against her by default.

Now, Lindsay is claiming that she was in no mental state to cope with the lawsuit due to her miscarriage.

While many have expressed their beliefs that Lohan made the story up in order to gain sympathy, she has sworn under penalty of perjury that she really did suffer a miscarriage during that time period.

Her lawyer made clear today, however, that Lindsay will not talk about that incident or her supposed sobriety when she takes the stand in her own defense.

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Self-portraits, aka selfies, have been around since the dawn of cheap photography. But now, thanks to the Internet, the selfie has become something of an epidemic. Or a favorite pastime? 

Taking selfies can totally be a hobby. Or at least that's what we'll tell ourselves. Even if Katy Perry says selfies are a disease.

For some people in Hollywood, the selfie can be a resume builder, cheap publicity, or the very downfall of a career. 

Celebrities LOVE their selfies. LOVE. And we love that they love their selfies because it really does make them feel just like one of us.

After all, we all use the same filters, right? Right.

The Cleavage Selfie
Cleavage and boob selfies abound on Instagram and Twitter. Kind of like Courtney Stodden's boobs abound in this selfie.

From The Duckface Selfie to the Douchebag, take a look at these 19 types of celebrity selfies and then go congratulate yourself on all the ways you're the same.

Or just hide your head in shame. Your choice.


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Lindsay Lohan has been getting drunk in London an awful lot lately and now there are reports that LiLo is looking to binge-drink across the pond on a permanent basis.

Yes, Lindsay is reportedly moving to London and there are two very different theories as to why.

The first explanation is offered by an "insider" close to Lindsay. The source tells London's Daily Mail that "Lindsay prefers the way people in London treat her."

This anonymous friend adds, "Here she is a big star as opposed to a trashy party girl, which is how people in the US see her. She's more in demand in London than she is in the US."

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Lindsay Lohan has now sworn under penalty of perjury that she did in fact suffer a miscarriage, as she said on the finale of her OWN series Lindsay.

Maybe people doubted the Lindsay Lohan miscarriage claim, believing she invented it to win sympathy and explain away some of her erratic behavior.

If it is bull$h!t, she's doubling down on it and then some.

Lindsay made the declaration in response to the $5 million lawsuit against her clothing line 6126, which she failed to respond to and lost by default.

Lohan got a reprieve from responding to the lawsuit while in rehab, but even after getting out, did not contest it and a judgment was issued against her.

Now she's looking to undo the damage and using her alleged miscarriage as an excuse, however, listing it as one of many struggles she's had to overcome.

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Despite rumors that she'd returned home to vomit on American soil, Lindsay Lohan is still drunk in London and, man, is the actress' 27-year bender starting to take a toll on her looks.

Lindsay Lohan London Selfie
Lindsay took this selfie in London. Apparently, she thinks she looks good here.

Just last week Lindsay's drugged-out Instagram photos raised eyebrows amongst concerned fans, but these pics of Lindsay attempting to look her best but still looking aged well beyond her years may be even more upsetting.

Lindsay attended a charity ball called Gabrielle's Gala last night and reportedly stumbled onto the red carpet in a way that made onlookers feel that the troubled starlet could use a bit of charity herself.

No doubt Anna Wintour took one look at these photos and instantly congratulated herself on not inviting Lindsay to the 2014 MET Gala.

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Lindsay Lohan has been hanging out in London ever since news came that Oprah had canceled her reality show.

As you can tell from the pics below, Linds has been doing a lot of, um..."partying" across the pond, leading many to wonder if her latest bender was triggered by feelings that she'd let down Queen O.

Lindsay Lohan Drunk In London
Lindsay looking rouch in London. Think she's been partying too hard?

Lindsay got drunk at Coachella a few weeks ago, but other than that stateside binge, she's been doing all of her boozing spending most of her time in the UK. 

So why would the reportedly cash-strapped star do her partying so far from home? So that Oprah doesn't find out!

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The now-infamous Lindsay Lohan sex list made the rounds online back in March and one alleged member of Lindsay's bang gang was less than pleased to learn he'd been included. 

James Franco insisted that Lohan lied on her sex list shortly after it was made public. Now he's elaborating on his past flirtations with the Mean Girls star.

James sat down with Howard Stern yesterday and explained that while he did hook up with Lohan several years ago, the two then-rising stars never even came close to sleeping together.

"I will swear on everything you ask that I have never had sex with Lindsay Lohan," Franco said. 

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With today being the tenth anniversary for the release of the high school cult classic Mean Girls, we thought it would be a good time to check in on what the cast of the iconic film is up to a decade later.

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan has been all over the tabloids in the 10 years since she starred in Mean Girls. While she remains in the news, her career has been in the gutter.

While all the principal cast members are still working actors with varying degrees of success, boy did they choose some different paths with regard to their lives and careers!

Obviously Lindsay Lohan remains a tabloid mainstay ten years later with new reports of bad behavior seemingly surfacing every day. (Today's nugget: Lindsay is banging a married man!)

Conversely, Amanda Seyfried has avoided Hollywood excess and carved out a successful career for herself, at one point even stealing a part that was planned for Lindsay in the film Lovelace.

Amanda is dating actor Justin Long these days and she's earned a reputation as a reliable actress and down-to-earth star.

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Lindsay Lohan admitted in a recent interview that she's currently dating a married man

This being Lindsay, the comment was overshadowed by the other ridiculous things she said that day, like her claim that Jennifer Lawrence has sex for movie roles.

  • Lindsay Lohan Waving Photo
  • Domingo Zapata Photo

Now that the dust has settled and everyone has dismissed Lindsay's J-Law comment for the BS that it clearly is, we're left wondering: who is this wealthy family man who's banging Lindsay on the side?

Radar Online claims to have the answer to that question, reporting that Lindsay is dating Domingo Zapata, a respected artist and longtime denizen of the NYC club scene.

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Anyone who knows Lindsay Lohan figured a relapse was in her near future after her reality show was canceled by Oprah.

What's surprising fans, however, is how soon Lindsay went back to the bottle as well her total lack of concern for who knows that she's partying again.

Lindsay Lohan: Cocaine Nose?
Some Instagram users have suggested that Lindsay has visible cocaine in her nostril here. Sadly, we wouldn't be surprised.

Lindsay still lies about her drinking when she's sitting down for a TV interview, but she seems to have no qualms about exposing her own hard-partying lifestyle online.

Some of her Instagram followers have become fed up with Lohan's double life and they've taken to calling Lindsay out for pics in which she's clearly under the influence.

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