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Celebrities love plastic surgery. Although in many cases, they probably should have just loved their original appearance more before they got work done.

There are always exceptions, and some stars certainly go more overboard than others. Not everyone is Heidi Montag (thankfully). But by and large?

Plastic is not as fantastic as it seems, people.

Desiring to appear younger, hotter or tighter - whatever you want to call it - is human nature. Getting surgery to make you look like a wax figure of yourself?

Not so much. Not so much at all.

Behold, 25 examples of celebrities who went under the knife in hopes of improving their bodily appearance ... often with unintended, downright scary results:

25 Heinous Celebrity Plastic Surgery Fails
The queen of plastic surgery. It's shocking how different Heidi Montag used to look and how badly this obsession turned out for her.
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Heidi Montag Boob Job!

1. Heidi Montag Boob Job!

The queen of plastic surgery. It's shocking how different Heidi Montag used to look and how badly this obsession turned out for her.

Heidi Montag Nose Job!

2. Heidi Montag Nose Job!

Yup, she had the nose job done too.

Heidi Montag Pre-Boob Job

3. Heidi Montag Pre-Boob Job

Here's a full-length shot before she altered her appearance forever.

The Princess of Plastic Surgery

4. The Princess of Plastic Surgery

And this is what happened. Unreal.

Bristol Palin Before Plastic Surgery

5. Bristol Palin Before Plastic Surgery

Well, before she reportedly had plastic surgery, anyway. You have to admit, she looks different than this now. Very different.

Bristol Palin After Plastic Surgery

6. Bristol Palin After Plastic Surgery

We don't know for a fact that Bristol Palin had plastic surgery. But she looks a lot different in the face nowadays. Just saying.

Alexa Ray Joel

7. Alexa Ray Joel

Astonishingly, that's Alexa Ray Joel on the right AND left.

Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery

8. Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery

Not a lot needs to be said about this freak of nature. But come on, what a crazy dude!

Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery?

9. Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery?

Did Lindsay Lohan get plastic surgery? Look at these then-and-now pics and decide.

Ashley Horn Plastic Surgery Pics

10. Ashley Horn Plastic Surgery Pics

Ashley Horn shows off her plastic surgery to look like half-sister Lindsay Lohan. That is wrong. Just wrong.

Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery

11. Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery

Farrah Abraham's plastic surgery is not exactly a secret.

Plastic Surgery Cover

12. Plastic Surgery Cover

Did Kim Kardashian get plastic surgery? The answer to that question is obvious, according to this tabloid cover story.

Plastic Surgery Addicts

13. Plastic Surgery Addicts

Teen Mom stars Amber Portwood, Jenelle Evans and Maci Bookout are a bunch of plastic surgery addicts. At least according to this tabloid.

Jenelle Evans Before Boob Job

14. Jenelle Evans Before Boob Job

Jenelle Evans poses in a bikini before getting a boob job. What a cute girl ... is something you might think if you didn't know her.

Jenelle Evans' Boob Job

15. Jenelle Evans' Boob Job

Check out the results of Jenelle Evans' boob job ... according to some talented photoshop artists at least. We're not sure if this pic is authentic ... but then again neither is that rack.

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery

16. Anna Faris Plastic Surgery

Anna Faris' lips got a little bigger between 2002 and 2008, don't you think? Is that the only plastic surgery this actress got?

Justin Bieber Fan Plastic Surgery

17. Justin Bieber Fan Plastic Surgery

This Justin Bieber fan got plastic surgery to look like his idol. That is scary, scary stuff.

Nikki Cox: Bad Plastic Surgery

18. Nikki Cox: Bad Plastic Surgery

Good grief, what the hell happened to Nikki Cox's lips? Ick.

Tara Reid: The Plastic Surgery Debacle

19. Tara Reid: The Plastic Surgery Debacle

Yes, she's pretty up front about it. Her chest is pretty up front most of the time, too.

Jessica Simpson Lip Injections

20. Jessica Simpson Lip Injections

Holy crap. Jessica Simpson has looked better. That's as nicely as we can put it.

Lindsay Lohan Lips

21. Lindsay Lohan Lips

They're not small or non-plump. Good grief lady.

Lara Flynn Boyle Photo

22. Lara Flynn Boyle Photo

Lara Flynn Boyle has had some plastic surgery it would appear. That face? Not looking so natural.

Vienna Girardi Nose Job Pic

23. Vienna Girardi Nose Job Pic

Yes, Vienna Girardi got a nose job. Check out the before-and-after shots of the reality star now.

Ashley Tisdale Nose Job Pics

24. Ashley Tisdale Nose Job Pics

Ashley Tisdale has a new nose. Job well done, surgeons. Look at the High School Musical star before and after she got all hacked up. The difference is like so obvious.

Lisa Rinna, Husband

25. Lisa Rinna, Husband


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Lindsay Lohan had her return from a recent vacation ruined this week, as the actress singer trainwreck Tweeted about an important item that suddenly went missing from her possession:

Her laptop.

Lindsay Lohan, All Smiles

“It was great to be in China and I want to thank everyone for their hospitality, however someone has stolen my computer at the airport," Lohan wrote yesterday. "offering a reward for anyone who can retrieve and rtn it, bummer to go home w/o it. xo L.”

No word yet on the amount Lindsay will dole out, but there is talk about why she wants the computer back so badly.

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Barron Hilton's criminal accusations against Lindsay Lohan and her friend Ray LeMoine have been shelved by cops after Paris' little brother stopped cooperating.

LiLo's pal LeMoine punched Barron's face in at an all-night rager at a mansion in Miami this month, which Barron says the actress was responsible for.

  • Barron Hilton Beatdown Photo
  • Waste of Space

Ray admits getting physical with Barron, but says Hilton was the aggressor, and Lindsay denies putting a hit on Barron for talking smack about her.

She and Ray both claim she saw and did nothing. Video shows she was pretty close by, but her involvement in what happened is very much unclear.

Barron immediately filed a police report after the December 6 incident, and Paris Hilton threatened Lindsay, but he has not cooperated with police since.

Officials investigating what happened have asked for a meeting, and he has not obliged. Moreover, dude hasn't even answered the phone in the aftermath.

As a result of that twist, The Florida State Attorney's Office is done with the investigation for now, and will only reopen it if Barron shows any interest.

Lindsay dodges another bullet.

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Is Lindsay Lohan destined to be the next Amy Winehouse?

Now that she's finished her latest stint in rehab, LiLo is looking to resurrect her music career.

And when we say career we mean "those two songs she had that one time before she got all strung out and became a frequent flier at rehab facilities all over the country."

LiLo's first attempt at a music career had her singing such songs as "Rumors" and "Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)." This time, she's taking a page from Lady Gaga's handbook and wants to be an EDM artist.

She is not currently signed with a record label.

Lindsay Lohan in the Studio

Click through to hear more of Lindsay' Lohan's lyrical genius.

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Lindsay Lohan has reportedly met with a literary agency as part of negotiations to pen a tell-all book about, well, anything you could possibly imagine.

Heck, that could be an anthology.

Where would she even begin with such an endeavor? We have no idea, but we recommend the use of this animated GIF for the cover. So cutting-edge!

Lindsay Lohan Through the Years

Between her arrests, drug abuse, acting career, romances and dysfunctional family, her memoir could be epic if she told an unabridged, unfiltered version.

The book began, according to insiders, as a series of journal entries, which the actress wrote during her latest (seventh or eighth, by our count) trip to rehab.

It was a therapeutic exercise for a troubled celebrity more than anything, and as a result, the book is in its early stages and doesn't have a clear focus.

Lindsay Lohan "wants to open up every part of her life," however.

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Ray LeMoine, the man who knocked out Paris Hilton's brother Barron Friday will be arrested, according to reports. Looks like a matter of when, not if.

LeMoine admitted he assaulted Barron Hilton, punching him in the face during a mansion party in Miami last week, though he says Barron struck first.

He also denies Lindsay Lohan was involved in the whomping.

For his part, Barron claims the star ordered the "hit" on him and watched it go down, and his famous older sister Paris put Lindsay on blast on Twitter.

In any case, Ray could end up in cuffs before too long.

Law enforcement sources say officials now believe they have "probable cause" to arrest Ray and will most likely make their move in the near future.

Barron claims Lindsay orchestrated the attack because she thought he was talking smack about her at the party. LeMoine claims Lindsay is innocent.

Barron not only wants to press charges, but wants to sue both Lindsay and Ray. Lohan's father, Michael, claims she is innocent. Why? See below ...

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Paris Hilton's brother Barron is on the verge of taking Lindsay Lohan to court over the alleged beating he believes the actress had a friend administer.

An associate of LiLo's, Ray Lemoine, assaulted Barron Hilton Friday morning, and according to TMZ, Paris' brother plans to file suit against both.

  • Air Head Photo
  • Barron Hilton Beatdown Photo

Paris herself met up with a lawyer Saturday afternoon, before threatening Lindsay on Instagram, and hooked him up with Barron to get the ball rolling.

For his part, Ray admits he punched Barron, but says Lindsay is totally innocent, and that he only did it after the Hilton family member got physical first.

A rep for Lemoine claims that his fists only started flying after Barron refused to leave the mansion where they were partying, and became disorderly.

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Paris Hilton has a message for Lindsay Lohan and the dude who reportedly beat the crap out of her little brother Barron: Watch your back, you're gonna pay!

NO ONE messes with her family, proclams Paris on Instagram ... and yes, unlike that hilarious fake Paris Hilton Tweet about Nelson Mandela, it's her.

  • Barron Hilton Beatdown Photo
  • Paris and Lindsay

Barron Hilton posted a photo of his face Saturday in the aftermath of the serious beating he claims he took after Lindsay Lohan put a "hit" on him.

According to Barron, Lindsay felt he was talking smack about her, so she had a friend of hers pound him into submission as she cheered him on.

Lohan denies this, but Paris commented on the pic, saying, "They both will pay for what they did. No one f--ks with my family and gets away with it!!"

Lindsay said she had nothing to do with the incident involving Barron Hilton, while her father Michael says she had already left by the time it took place.

That last part is a lie, though, as there's video of her being confronted about it moments later (and denying any role in the alleged Barron smackdown).

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Paris Hilton's brother Barron Hilton was jumped and beaten up pretty badly Friday morning, and he thinks none other than Lindsay Lohan ordered the hit.

Lohan is claiming she wasn't even on the scene at the time, but this is false, as video (below) shows his friends confronting LiLo right after the attack.

She says she saw nothing, and maybe that's true, but the troubled star was totally there when Barron Hilton attended a party at a Miami mansion.

Lindsay has been staying at that very location while she's in town for an art festival, and the party reportedly lasted until well after the sun came up.

At the party, someone accused Barron of talking smack about Lindsay, and not long after that, someone mysteriously went all Sharkeisha on him.

He took a pretty serious pounding, as TMZ proves in this photo of his face, and Barron, 24, spoke with police following the incident that went down.

He claims Lohan "orchestrated" the beating.

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Lindsay Lohan just can't put it away. Her camera, that is, and her chest. Just when you think she's looking and acting pulled together ... this happens.

This would be her latest Instagram selfie, complete with nipple action:

Lindsay Lohan Nip

At this point, we've all seen Lindsay Lohan nude more than we'd probably like. The Canyons, her latest film, showed almost intense amounts of her body.

It's not new, and it's not at all shocking. It's just quietly sort of desperate.

With efforts like this, she really puts the "self-absorbed" in selfie. Yes, girl, we see your nipple. You have nice breasts. You're allowed to cover 'em up, though.

Our advice? Focus on gaining attention for work. Actual acting, or maybe something harmless and fun like Dancing With the Stars, a career rebuilding factory.

Until then, just keep those things to yourself, for your sake and ours.

Because this is us, every time we see such shameless stunts:

Lindsay Lohan Crying