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Put the women and children to bed early tonight, folks.

Lindsay Lohan is celebrating a birthday.

The troubled celebrity, who posts photos of herself with champagne in her underwear on just a regular weekday, is now 28 years old.

And although we joke about all the ways in which poor Lindsay has lost her way, she's actually remained relatively scandal-free of late. Except for that whole weird sex list thing.

Might Lohan make a legitimate acting comeback at some point? Sadly for fans of Mean Girls and The Parent Trap, that possibility seems VERY unlikely.

But might she avoid yet another stint in rehab and/or another DUI arrest? Let's hope so, folks. Happy 28th birthday, Lindsay Lohan!

Lindsay Lohan: Teeth
This is not exactly Lindsay Lohan at her best. Then again, when was the last time we saw Lindsay Lohan at her best?

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When you're a kid, a shared love of Ninja Turtles is all it takes to forge a lifelong friendship.

Sometimes it seems like it's the same way with celebrities. Stars who have nothing in common other than wealth and fame often form bonds that baffle us plebeians.

Sure, money and power tend to break down a lot of social barriers (Mick Jagger has been knighted by the Queen of England. 'Nuff said.), but even that explanation can't help us wrap our heads around some of the stranger sets of celeb-besties:

Gwyneth Paltrow and Jay Z
Gwyneth claims she's tight with Jay. Right. We're sure they do the most gangsta yoga together.

Some of these pairings aren't so shocking when you consider their backstories (Jonah Hill has a history of stalking his A-list co-stars, so it's no surprise he latched on to Brad Pitt).

Others, we're not sure we totally believe. (Gwyneth Paltrow and Jay Z? Right, keep trying to sell us on that one, Gwinnie.)

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Lindsay Lohan's long streak of brilliant decisions is still going strong!

Earlier this month, a source revealed that Lohan was "struggling" to stay sober and had fallen off the wagon several times since moving to London. The insider went on to confirm that water is wet.

Now we have photographic evidence that Lindsay is boozing again, and it comes not from the expected source (paparazzi), but rather from LiLo's own Instagram page:

Lindsay Lohan Underwear Selfie

Yes, that's Lindsay posing in her underwear, and while her upper thigh serves to discredit rumors that Lindsay is having her freckles surgically removed, the truly interesting part of the photo is the unmistakable glass of champagne in the background. 

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Like James Franco before him, Maroon 5 singer and The Voice coach Adam Levine denies that he had sex with Lindsay Lohan, as her infamous list claims.

A few months after Franco denied having sex with Lohan in a Howard Stern Show appearance, Levine also told Howard that the allegation is false.

  • Lohan Smirk
  • Adan Levine Winks

The 35-year-old appears on the Lindsay Lohan sex list, which she admits she wrote and is a virtual who’s who of actors, musicians and other conquests.

Stern, never one to mince words or beat around the bush, said "By the way, you were on Lindsay Lohan’s sex list, that you had sex with her, I didn’t know this."

“That’s not true,” he said. “I did not have sexual intercourse with Lindsay Lohan."

Noting Franco’s denial (and Terry Richardson's denial), the radio host pointed out that no one on the list has confessed to actually belonging on it.

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Lindsay Lohan moved to London so that she could avoid being scrutinized by the press.

Apparently no one told her that British tabloids are notorious worldwide for publishing total BS stories. Like this one for example:

The Sun claims that Lindsay was recently spotted running naked through high-end London department store Selfridge's.

Lindsay Lohan London Selfie
Lindsay took this selfie in London. Apparently, she thinks she looks good here.

"Lindsay took some items into the changing room," a "source" tells the paper. "Halfway through she ran out of the room with nothing on and was chased by members of staff who were trying to cover her up."

Other shoppers apparently had no problem identifying Lohan as there is not a single other redheaded, freckled ginger in the UK.

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Lindsay Lohan has been doing most of her partying overseas for over two months now.

But while British paparazzi might be thrilled to have a drunk Lohan stumbling around London, some (or most) city residents are less than thrilled to have the "actress" and professional trainwreck vomiting on their sidewalks.

  • Lindsay Lohan London Paparazzi
  • Moss, Kate

Kate Moss for example was reportedly displeased from the moment that she heard Lindsay was planning to set up shop in the UK.

The reason? Linds has had past dalliances with Kate's ex-husband, Jamie Hince, and since both women are notorious for their love of drugs partying, Moss knew it was only a matter of time before they encountered one another.

Well, according to witnesses, Kate and Lindsay finally crossed paths over the weekend, and things immediately turned ugly:

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The now-famous Lindsay Lohan sex list that was leaked online in March featured the names of a few dozen celebrities LiLo had slept with.

Lindsay publicly admitted the list was real, and the whole thing was sorta sad and even made us feel brief flashes of pity for Linds.

Pity that we now regret, as it turns out Lohan basically made the whole list up.

Lindsay Lohan and Terry Richardson Photo
Lindsay poses with the eccentric photographer. If he's the photographer...who took the picture?

First James Franco denied having sex with Lindsay. Now famed creepy photographer Terry Richardson says that despite her claims to the contrary, he never slept with Lohan either.

"LiLo," Richardson said in a recent interview with New York Magazine. "Somehow she said we spent a romantic night making love at the Chateau Marmont. Which never happened. Then, on the Internet, people are like, 'He did this and that.' But it's totally untrue."

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The best news for America since VE Day was the recent announcement that Lindsay Lohan wants to move to London (the Brits call it VD Day). 

Sadly, paparazzi are now a global phenomenon, so we're still forced to see Lindsay at her cracked-out finest on an almost daily basis.

Proving once again that you can take the girl out of Hollywood but you can't take the cocaine out of the girl, here's Lindsay publicly pleasuring herself and giving new meaning to "red carpet" during a fashion show over the weekend:

Lindsay Lohan: See through Skirt Photo
Lindsay rocks a see-through skirt in London. The placement of her hand in this photo is...unfortunate.

Reports from London have indicated that Lohan is "struggling to stay sober." Well, judging from these photos, the struggle is over and drugs have declared a decisive victory.

No word on why Lindsay thought she could get away with groping herself like a bored right fielder while wearing a see-through skirt, but we're guessing she long ago killed off the part of her brain that controls logic.

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Lindsay Lohan is nearly as famous for being a pale-skinned ginger as she is for being a drunk, so the news that she's reportedly having all of her freckles surgically removed is as surprising as if we'd found out she was entering rehab (okay, maybe not that surprising).

Lindsay Lohan Drunk In London
Lindsay looking rouch in London. Think she's been partying too hard?

Radar Online reports that Lindsay is looking into surgical options to have her head-to-toe freckles blasted away.

Family and friends are said to be shocked by the decision, not only because  the actress has always professed a fondness for her Irish complexion, but also because Lindsay is so broke she can't even afford to move out of LA.

"She's always loved her freckles - well, pretended to, anyway," says a source close to Lindsay. "But now she's decided it's time to get rid of them and she's looking into either having them bleached or lasered away."

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Lindsay Lohan is in London in hopes that she'll able to get as wasted as she wants every night without being hounded by the paparazzi.

What Lindsay apparently didn't realize is that cameras exist overseas, and when you're famous and stumbling through the streets of a major metropolis every night, people tend to take notice.

Lindsay Lohan: Cocaine Nose?
Some Instagram users have suggested that Lindsay has visible cocaine in her nostril here. Sadly, we wouldn't be surprised.

So even though she's fled to the UK, we still get regular updates about Lindsay's bad behavior, including a new report from Radar Online claiming that (You may want to sit down for this.) Lindsay Lohan is drinking again!

"Lindsay was off the wagon, everyone has their stumbles, everyone will go out for a drink," says a source who apparently doesn't understand this whole "sobriety" thing.

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