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James Franco has made no secret of his literary ambitions. The actor, artist and nude selfie enthusiast has already published multiple volumes of fiction, and his latest work is a gem of a short story about "a fictional Hollywood girl" who just happens to be named Lindsay.

  • Franco, James
  • Lindsay Lohan: Looking Good at Cannes!

In "Bungalow 89," Franco introduces his totally made-up character thusly:

"I ran my fingers through her hair and thought about this girl sleeping on my chest, our fictional Hollywood girl, Lindsay...I hope she gets better. You see, she is famous. She was famous because she was a talented child actress, and now she's famous because she gets into trouble. She is damaged."

Yeah, that doesn't sound anything like the cracked-out Lindsay we know.

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Lindsay Lohan loves getting drunk in London, and several weeks into her overseas bender, she shows no signs of slowing down.

Last night, Lindsay went out partying with Sienna Miller and Kate Moss (who of course kept their distance when the paparazzi showed up), and well, we think these photos speak for themselves:

Lindsay Lohan: Loaded in London
Lindsay getting some assistance in London. Hey, walking is hard!

While Lindsay might be too broke to move to London, she's apparently not too broke to get sloshed in the city's many pubs. 

You'd think she'd know by now not to wear giant heels on days she's knows she'll be getting s--tfaced. Which is every day. Really, Linds, just throw out all your heels and maybe invest in a walker.

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A major uproar broke out this week after Interview Magazine published a picture of Kendall Jenner topless.

But let's be honest: this reality star wasn't the first famous female to ditch her shirt for a national magazine spread... or the second... or the third... or the fourth...

You get the idea.

Kendall is only 18, of course, yet plenty of celebrities have gone half-birthday suit style in order to leave their racy mark on readers.

Some might be obvious (hi, Miley Cyrus!), some might be surprising (really, Celine Dion?!?) and some might be cast members on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

So sit back, try to control your drool and click through 43 steamy images of well-known women going topless in various publications:

Miley Cyrus Topless Cover
Miley Cyrus isn't wearing a shirt for this cover of Rolling Stone. What do you think of the racy pic?

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The steady stream of Lindsay Lohan selfies designed to remind us she is still around continues with a shot of her workout sesh Monday. Just riveting stuff.

Rocking a hot green sports bra and black leggings, her tiny waist was on display for all. Looks like someone's trading in the booze for the gym.

At least during the day anyway.

Lindsay Lohan Gym Selfie

"How many reps does it take to get that summer body!!! Rocking my @puma with @vasjmorgan," Lindsay captioned the shirtless, soaking wet shot.

"Endorphins gave me another great day #workhardplayhard," the celebrity added, clearly not having trouble with the latter half of that hashtag in recent years.

The former? An issue.

It's a bit of a mystery what Lindsay's career actually consists of these days, but if she's working hard at the gym, at least that's something positive.

Better that than starting a new Lindsay Lohan sex list, getting arrested for shoplifting, having her goons rough someone up or moving to London to blow lines.

Take what you can get, people. Take what you can get.

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Lindsay Lohan loves getting drunk in London. So much so, in fact, that she apparently wants to make it a full-time gig.

There's just one problem: she hasn't had a real acting role in years and, as a result of her "party hard, work never" lifestyle, she's completely broke. 

In fact, Lohan is so broke that she's reportedly asking London friends to allow her to live in their homes rent-free until she can get back on her feet.

"Lindsay's been telling everyone she wants to rent in London, but she's lacking the funds," says a source close to Lohan. "She's asking friends if they have flats here that she can use, but so far everyone is saying no."

But why?! Lindsay seems like the ideal roommate! Who wouldn't want to live with a broke, desperate party girl who constantly attracts paparazzi?!

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Between the Kim Kardashian wedding and the Cannes Film Festival, all of Hollywood is in France this week, which means it's a good opportunity for Lindsay Lohan to do some networking. 

Usually, "networking" for LiLo means getting black-out drunk and posting topless photos to Instagram, but in pics from a party she attended last night, it looks like Linds at least showed up sober and she looks - dare we say - good!

Lindsay Lohan Cannes Party!
Lindsay at a party in Cannes. Looking better than usual!

Granted, these photos were taken early in the night and rumor has it Linds later got so drunk she was hanging on to her brother in an effort to remain upright, but hey, for a brief, shining moment she looked better than she has in years. It's about baby steps, people! 

No word on whether Linds later treated everyone to a rendition of the famous Lindsay Lohan drunk dance, aka "The Serpentine Cowgirl," but we're told she did show off her skills in the DJ booth. 

Yes, Lindsay is apparently a DJ. Perhaps she's created her own sub-genre: dub-stumble.

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Between Channing Tatum's admission of alcoholism and a never-ending stream of glassy-eyed Lindsay Lohan party photos emerging from the actress' time in London, we thought it would be a good time to run down a list of celebs who have struggled with excessive drinking.

Some of the stars on this list consider themselves alcoholics, but have sobered up and now speak openly about their years of heavy boozing as a cautionary tale.

Others are still hitting the bottle and thus tend to be more secretive about their imbibing ... well except LiLo. Who else falls into each category? Let's take a look.

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato held little back at the 2012 People's Choice Awards. Including her cleavage. Comment on her dress now.

Hollywood and hooch have a long history together, dating back to Humphrey Bogart sipping real bourbon while shooting barroom scenes, reportedly never seeming to mind if he had to do 15 takes. 

But as times have changed, so have American attitudes toward excessive drinking.

We now know that for every amusing anecdote about a sloshed celeb stumbling down the red carpet, there's a far more grim story such as Derek Whibley's near-death experience.

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Lindsay Lohan has never been shy about revealing everything for the public.

Lindsay posed for Playboy in 2011 and when the pictorial didn't skyrocket her back to the A-list as she'd planned, the troubled actress revealed herself in a different way.

Unfortunately, Lindsay's OWN reality show turned out to be an embarrassing ratings disaster that also did little to boost her career.

Since being paid for showing us more of herself than we ever wanted to see hasn't worked out LiLo has apparently decided to do it for free:

Lindsay Lohan Topless Photo

Yes, that's a topless selfie Lindsay took while hanging out in a bathroom with some dude. Even more baffling than the pic itself is Lindsay's decision to share it with the world by posting it on Instagram.

Like many desperate D-listers hoping to schmooze with the right industry folks, Lindsay is in Cannes this week for the city's famous film festival. Unfortunately, it seems Lindsay's strategy for making business contacts involves hosting naked get-togethers in hotel bathrooms.

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In her ongoing effort to prove that we should never, ever believe her when she claims to be sober, Lindsay Lohan posted the video below to Instagram last night.

Behold, the dance move of the summer...the Serpentine Cowgirl:

Yes, we heard reports that Lindsay moved to London so that her drunken exploits would be in the headlines less often, but apparently no one told her that in order for that plan to work, she would have to stop posting online photos and videos of herself looking completely s--tfaced!

Rumor has it that Lohan's drug of choice is ecstasy these days, but it seems like the cowgirl's got a bellyfull of good old-fashioned moonshine in this clip.

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Remember when Lindsay Lohan moved to London so she could party privately without the tabloids tracking her every move?

Well, it's not turning out so well, because much like herself, Lindsay's friends love drugs and will therefore sell stories about her at bargain rates. Take this gem, for example:

Lindsay Lohan: Cocaine Nose?
Some Instagram users have suggested that Lindsay has visible cocaine in her nostril here. Sadly, we wouldn't be surprised.

"Lindsay is of course still partying," a friend of Lohan's tells Radar Online. "She never won't use drugs and drink. Right now she is on a lot of Ecstasy and Molly because with the psych meds she is on, if she's tested, it will only show up as amphetamine, which is prescribed to her so it's 'safe.'"

That's right, in addition to her recreational self-medication, Lindsay swallows a fistful of prescribed anti-psychotics every day. Sounds safe:

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