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We tried, fans. The Gossip was hoping to provide Lindsay Lohan followers with exclusive pictures from her 20th birthday bash, but the $100,000 tab was a bit pricey.

That's the sum Life & Style magazine ponied up for the rights to snap away as Lindsay and friends celebrated this absolutely momentous occasion.

Desperate for Food

The event was help at the Polaroid Beach House in Malibu. It drew such guests as:

  • Courtney Love
  • Nicole Richie
  • Kate Bosworth
  • Owen Wilson
  • Jeremy Piven
  • Jamie-Lynn Sigler

We have received word that events included Lohan butchering songs by new pal, Madonna, along with Journey, on a karaoke machine. Dustin Hoffman's son, Jake, somehow ended upp in the DJ booth.

Kerry Simon, who has previously tried to feed Lohan at his restaurant in in L.A., catered the affair. Sadly, Lindsay was too excited to eat anything.

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Wait, Lindsay Lohan isn't 20 yet?!? Then we sincerely hope her recent partying has been catered by Mott's Apple Juice.

Dressed 2 Impress

The incredibly thin diva turns 20 on Sunday, but has no plans on sharing the celebrating with the public. That selfish skank.

"I'm going to go away, out of the country," she told Harper's Bazaar in the magazine's July cover story. "Do something fun and different. They won't find me."

If that's Lohan's goal, all she has to do is turn sideways.

Lindsay said the Caribbean is her preferred spot to dodge photographers.

"No one can get a picture of you on Turks and Caicos [Islands]. I go there with my family, and it's the perfect place to go with a guy."

Sure. You can spend quality time on a hammock with mom or on your back with your latest boy toy. Lohan would know about both.

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Ah, the difficult life of an actress and her fashion styling friends. According to reports, Lindsay Lohan flew Nate Newell to L.A. for a week of partying last weekend - and it grew so out of control that Newell had to beg other friends for airfare home.

"Lindsay flew Nate out and said it would only be for a couple days," a source told the New York Post. "She flew him out, put him up, paid for everything, and they had the best time ... at first. But then Lindsay decided to stay. Nate couldn't take her constant partying. He didn't have the money to fly home, so concerned friends chipped in to buy him an immediate ticket out of there."


The Gossip found an unofficial transcript of Nate's desperate phone call:

"I need help! Lindsay keeps leaving the table every six minutes to 'powder her nose' in the bathroom ... and I spilled a free bottle of Cristal on my lap ... the stripper couldn't get it all off with her tongue and I think Diddy put out a hit on me ...

Tough times indeed. Evidently, Lohan was so angry she text-messaged some friends: "[Newell] is dead to me." She is also demanding Newell reimburse her for his hotel room, plane ticket and other expenses.

Meanwhile, Us Weekly has been kind enough to review Lohan's last couple weeks. It included:

  • A catfight with Paris Hilton over Stavros Niarchos
  • Partied at Bungalow 8 almost every night
  • Had a dance-off at P.M.
  • Partied at Marquee
  • Deejayed in the street for a Gap event
  • Downed champagne at the birthday party of Jefferson Hack (Kate Moss' baby daddy)
  • Was kicked out of the SoHo House
  • Got into a fight with Sean Combs at Butter - where she also threw glasses at owner Richie Akiva

Unfortunately, she didn't have time to eat during any of those ordeals.

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This is a tough one. Does the public believe universally despised Lindsay Lohan or complete unknown Harry Judd?

While the drummer for McFly claims he had a fling with the underweight acress, Lohan's rep is blasting the story as a publicity stunt. Judd had a cameo in the box office bomb, Just My Luck, and said Lindsay flirted with a few members of the band. They all went to a night club where she singled out 20-year-old Judd.

Cold Lindsay Lohan

"Then she said, ‘Kiss me.' I was really nervous, I can tell you, because she's so super successful and talented. I thought, ‘This is awesome," Judd told the London Daily Mail. "Then she invited me back to her hotel, I left at eight the next morning.'"

That's a lot of Parcheesy! For about a year, Judd has denied buzz that the two had a fling, but a single on the group's new album is rumored to be about her. One line of the song "Please, Please, Lindsay, Please!" goes: "You love yourself more than you love me."

"He's using these lies for publicity," Lohan's rep, Leslie Sloane, said. "It's convenient how he's making up these stories when he has an album coming out."

Oh, really, Ms. Sloane? Sort of like it's convenient that your client is a worthless piece of spoiled trash?!?

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The Gossip blew it.

Lohan in the House

While we're were on top of the Lindsay Lohan/Diddy fight, we weren't aware there was money to be made from such a dust up!

Those keen enough to visit - a site that frequently posts odds on entertainment nonsense/wagers - had a live bet entitled: "Who will Lindsay Lohan fight with next?"

The choices, of course, were numerous. Sean "Diddy" Combs was listed at 30-1, meaning a mere $10 wager would have netted for participant $300!. Other odds included:

The unofficial spread for Lohan versus a cheeseburger was 12-1.

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Even with Madonna on her side, we're not sure if Lindsay Lohan can handle her latest feud. You simply don't cross the man (currently) known as Diddy.

Us Weekly that the pair engaged in a shouting match on June 16 at a Prince concert. The location? New York City club, Butter. The reason the hot spot is called that?We have no idea. The set up? Read on.

  • Lindsay Smiling
  • Puff

Sean "Diddy" Combs apparently took a seat with Lohan's pals at her table. When the emaciated one returned from the bathroom, she jokingly asked Diddy "You're sitting at my table?"

It may have been an attempt at humor, but it missed its mark by a long shot. Diddy flipped out. Sources say he screamed at this talentless excuse for a singer, proving once and for all that more money (and more anorexia) does lead to more problems.

Another source recalls the fight as follows: "Lindsay was in party mode. When he ignored her, she became rambunctious." According to an eyewitness, as Lohan walked out, she yelled, "No one can treat me like that! I don't care if you are Puffy!"

Lin, he hasn't been Puffy in years. We don't care if you're hooked on shopping or spoiled beyond belief, but get your Diddy monikers correct!

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Before she even appeared on Dateline as an utter hot mess, Britney Spears had been having a bad week. It began when she was dumped as a friend by Madonna.

Now, it looks like the Material Girl has gone shopping for a buddy a few rows down on the same talentless hack aisle. The rumored replacement for Spears? Lindsay Lohan.

Too Anorexic

After ditching Brit the Twit because she strayed from Kabbalah, Madonna has grown closer to Lohan. The two supposedly share religious beliefs, but, of course, never meals.

Lindsay recently acknowledged that she was "looking into Kabbalah," and now may have an opportunity to sing a duet with Madonna, according to In Touch Weekly.

"Madonna's giving Lindsay advice on her music career, and she wants to work on a film with Madonna, too!" an insider told the mag. The very excited source says the two talk a few times a week and are planning a "spiritual journey" once Madonna's current tour is over.

Neither Madonna's nor Lohan's rep had a comment on the duo visiting the Holy Land. The Material Girl, after all, was busy singing while being crucified on stage; while Lohan was avoiding every parcel of food in sight.

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Maybe if they could go back to the future, they'd change this idea. For now, however, members of the band McFly are proud of the song they've written about Lindsay Lohan.

Titled "Please, Please, Lindsay, Please!" the ballad was penned in honor of this narcissistic wench after her alleged fling with drummer Harry Judd Included among the lyrics are:

I wanna put my hands on your skin. Underneath the clothes that you're in. I wanna get with you ... You love yourself more than you love me.

The Skankiest

Lead vocalist Danny Jones told the London Mirror that while Judd "bloody loves it . . . I'm not sure she'd like it, to be honest. She hasn't heard it yet, and we've no intention of playing it for her."

In a recent interview, Lohan had no comment. Or brains of any sort.

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Lindsay Lohan reveals a lot in an interview with Harper Bazaar. The issue will be available June 20, but Hollywood Gossip readers needn't wait that long for a few excerpts:

- "I need to focus on my career and getting my life in order ... My mom married young, but it was a different time." Back then, people actually honored their movie commitments.

Lindsay the Loser

- "I've heard that guys are intimidated by me even though I'm not an intimidating person. I'm honest and straightforward, and people aren't used to that."

- "I've become like the guy in relationships. Lately I just cannot be in a monogamous relationship. But there are people I want to date." Just not exclusively. How else would she compete with rival Paris Hilton for most guys toyed with?

- "I don't need to do any more kid movies. The word `kid' makes you feel like a child. Someone I dated called me `kid' all the time. I hated that." Wait, Lindsay relates the terms kid/child with one another? Crazy.

- "People like to think that just because I'm young and like to enjoy my life, I'm some crazy party girl. I hate the term `party girl' �" I hate it." In response, Lohan threw an anti-party galla.

- "I'm in this career for the longevity of it, not just for doing everything too fast and then running out of steam." The clothes don't hurt, either.

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Okay, so maybe Linday Lohan isn't addicted to shopping. But that doesn't mean she can't anger the fashion gods.

According to the good people at Us Weekly, Vogue editor Anna Wintour was prepared to unleash limitless wrath on Lohan Monday night. The skinny, spoiled actress was a guest at Wintour's table at the CFDA awards and "got up to use the bathroom to powder her nose six times in two hours," a witness told the New York Post.

Base Head

During Lohan's final trip to the ladies' room, Wintour whispered to a Vogue staffer: "Tell her, if she gets up one more time, she will never be invited to one of my events again."

Lohan's date, Karl Lagerfeld, was then scolded, "Karl, this is your guest, control her!"

The truth, however, is that Lindsay does what Lindsay wants to do. Remain seated for more than five minutes in a row? Yeah, right! Work on a movie with a new director? As if!